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I combed out my dreads

By Camilla, 2012-05-15

My dread jouney has ended. Its a lillte bit sad.I startedtolose hair so I wanted to save it and I combed it out.A lot ofhaircame loosewhen Icombedit outand then some, I gottocut off. But I still have som hair of my head, but I miss my dreads.

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My hair was off

By Camilla, 2012-02-27

Just a little bit. I had a pearl in my hair and I was going to remove the pearl from my hair and aou my hair was of just there the pearl has been :( Im never gonna have a pearl in my hair again......

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My hair

By Camilla, 2012-02-24

Dreads , yes its really a journey ! When can you call your hair dreads ? When you stop comb your hair or after a year ? I dont know....

My journey its not so long yet , but it has already changed from the start...First I was thinking of everything I was doing....I washed my hair with a special soap and I used saltwater spray....But I missed so much to wash my hair with normal schampoo. I didnt think my hair was fresch...

So now I started to wash my hair with normal schampo again and it feels so great , fresch and smells good....But I dont comb my hair, just separate it and let it be ....

My hair is free , and i feel free and I am very satisfied now....

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