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So Here We Are: Disabled Homeless Musician: Where Has A Sense Of Community Gone

user image 2012-01-10
By: Cameron Zion
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It's been a while since I have written a blog on this site and have felt the need to do so again. I have been struggling with Fibromyaliga that is severe due to an already damaged nervous system. I've talked about all those reasons in other blogs I have posted. As the weather has become colder my ability to function has dwindled down to my music. I came across some people who promised great opportunity as well as financial stability. To only realize in the end that some people will say anything to bring some hope and happiness into the moment. Regardless of whether or not they can provide and fulfill their promises. It's been a year now since I started my dreadlock journey and finally have a nice set of locks that I couldn't be happier with. The reason that I strayed away from this community had all to do with the death of my best-friend. We had talked almost everyday since we were five (recently turned 23). She was my closest friend, first kiss and the only constant I have ever had in my life. On Halloween day she was buried in our home town and I haven't been able to make sense of my life from that afternoon. Dreams and reality feel no different because I have never known this life. So here I am, about the lose my home again and moving back into my car. My pursuit of my music has been met with road-block after road-block. There comes a time when your passion or drive isn't haltered, but you just grow tired. The saying "needing a break" couldn't be more true in this case. The only reason I write this is to reach out to this community again for some support in the matter. I have posted a lot of music on here and feel bad at times as it doesn't always relate to dreadlocks and I feel that's what this site should be used for. But if you wouldn't mind taking a listen I simply want to share what I have to offer to the world. For what it's worth here is a link to my soundcloud page for any interested.

I hope all is well and that everyone is enjoying the journey. Thanks for your time, it's the most valuable thing we have.

More love,


01/18/12 07:42:46PM @exalthimx7:


Cameron Zion
01/18/12 07:30:50PM @cameron-zion:

Just wanted to update: I found a job doing finishing work at a house so between that and side-work (whatever I can make money at) I have been able to save my house. Completely wrecked all the time but not homeless. Thanks everyone.

ashley ✿
01/12/12 01:16:58PM @ashley:

just wanted to say that i like your music & i know how it is to deal with illness. i barely have had to deal with any myself (mild things). but my mother and brother are both sick and that's dealt with every single day. life has an interesting way of working out though, the hard things are going to happen, but then so are good things. i've had my share of hard times, that's for sure.

Cameron Zion
01/10/12 04:16:51PM @cameron-zion:

Thank you. Faye I don't know if you listened to "Honesty/Letters From A Locket" but that was written for my friend though you might appreciate it. Thanks for the kind words and support. Wish I knew where things were going but I guess we never do

01/10/12 10:34:54AM @exalthimx7:

xo & prayers

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