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Buzz Cut to Ragamuffin

user image 2011-09-27
By: Cameron Zion
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Been seeing a lot people post about growing dreads from short hair and whether or not it's a good route to take. The truth is, is that that's how dreads grow naturally. Cavemen were not rocking bob's and your hair will look fine as it grows into locks. I shaved my head to start fresh and took my vow. Wanted to start fresh. Quit drinking, smoking cigarettes, Ital diet (medical reasons as well, Fibromyalgia), and all drug's (was a Heroin addict, clean for 3 years). So 10 months later all the hair on my head is locking nicely and the more I wash them (BS Essential Oils, ACV) the tighter they are. People say to be patient but I would recommend not waiting. If you believe your soul never dies then you have nothing to wait for in the first place and time's an illusion. But not to get on a Rastafari philosophical rant, never wait and nothings ever late. Remember too that what you put into your body you will carry in your dreads. Mind your head, and follow the voice in your heart. I pray that Jah bless's your journey and that you have or can find peace of mind. Jah Bless

P.S. - Say I was an addict because the I have been healed from the PTSD and trauma. Remembered who I am through Haile Selassie I. If you label yourself as an addict you don't allow yourself to grow and change lifestyles. Just my opinion or a topic I have endured and a topic that has taken many friends of mine in this life. Any questions comments don't hesitate.

new dreddie
10/15/11 12:53:40PM @new-dreddie:


I am glad that you have turned your life around for the better!


storm frog
10/04/11 10:18:41AM @storm-frog:

gooood man, happy for you and ur dreads

09/29/11 11:01:10PM @hippiegal:

"The roots of dreadlocks start in our hearts"

I've read many wise words about dreadlocks on this site, but that's the purest, clearest truth yet. Makes me aware I've still got a lot of heart-searching to do. Thank you. Cameron. Jah bless your journey.

Christian Cartledge
09/29/11 09:24:20PM @christian-cartledge:

your story is very inspirational. i mean thats one of those real life stories of shit to greatness. i find it amazing that your able to keep that state of mind and keep the willpower and commitment it takes to make all of those decisions. Good Luck to you, and Jah Bless.

Cameron Zion
09/27/11 07:40:13PM @cameron-zion:

Without a doubt. I've already had a stroke, gone "under" too many times,about lost my right arm and have had seizures due to the stroke. Took almost a year to get sensation back in my left hand and was cycling 6 hours a day to get my health back. But do to heart complication's don't have a whole lot of time left, (have been a few times where I accepted my transformation before coming back to my body, true serenity) but experience and age do not always coincide. My dread's are my strength and my faith. Dreadlocks are simply Jah's vines growing forth from the divine creatures we are meant to be, filling us with life and love. "The roots of dreadlocks start in our hearts" :)

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
09/27/11 02:52:46PM @soaring-eagle:

great post

and congrats on all yoiur healthy decisions

dreads may have just saved your life

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