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Cameron Zion


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Truth Never Hurts

user image 2011-08-27
By: Cameron Zion
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So after 3 months of expecting my girlfriend to come home from her cross country bike trip it became apparent that although she knows who she is. She does not love herself and needs to figure that out on her own. Last nite we said her good byes and she has moved in with her sister, is going to finish grad school early and leave this town. I love her enough to want her to grow and I am more than ok with solitude. Where this is going though is that before we came to this she was angry and I reacted in defense. It's not until you get to the truth and all the lies are stripped away that you can come to terms with the situation and move on. The truth never hurts, it can be disappointing at times, but it never hurts. Lies slowly eat away and just lead to pain and agony. This is true in everything in life and the truth will always lead us home. This is a beautiful world we live in and most of us have been living in the lie that it is a corrupt evil hateful place and because we have believed this it has resembled it. Everyone I know from "state institutions" if you will, was raised or at some point taught that there wasn't any good or love here. I lived that way for a long time and thankfully had my eyes opened. When you love yourself you are able to be there for people who are not there yet. We all must love ourselves and be at peace with ourselves otherwise we will be working towards a happiness we'll never achieve. Growing locks is one of the best ways to go about this process and I know many of you who started your journey for that reason alone. I have never met a person who didn't have the potential to be beautiful. When you know your soul and are confident in your identity, your body set aside, it will shine through. "The body is just a vehicle for the soul", whats more important. The car, or the passenger. Hope you see the beauty in today regardless of the trials of life. Jah Bless!

08/27/11 07:08:03PM @hippiegal:
After reading your blogs I've been moved by how you face pain and loss with so much spiritual insight and forbearance. I admire what little I know of the Rasta way, though can't accept that Christ appeared as Haile Selassie. I've only known of HIM as a historical figure, a human being. Just asking - did you come to this belief from some insight or revelation, through study or other believers' testimony?

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