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Only when you find out your dying do you realize your alive

user image 2011-08-20
By: Cameron Zion
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So lately I've had to come to terms with the fact that a medication I take has been causing other medical problems to grow worse. Without the meds though I am in debilitating nerve pain and cannot walk or sleep. So after three days of dry-heaving, cold sweats, horrible nerve pain I decided to stay on themedication. Even though it has been causing piercing heart pains, numbness in my left arm etc. I had a minor heart-attack when I was 19 because I was very lost and addicted to hard drugs. This life may last forever but I have toacknowledgethe reality of thesituation. I have begun to realize that nothing in life aside from your personal happiness really matters. You have to come to terms with yourself and be at peace with yourself and know that at the top of the mountain (whether it be children, a job, love, etc.) it is still you at the top of the mountain. We spend so much time trying to distract ourselves from our own problems. Exercise, work, relationships, TV, other people's lives. When in the end all you truly own is your own soul which you can decide to give to good or bad. Or decide not to make a decision at all. Through my faith in Rastafari I know where my heart lies. I know there is nothing to fear and that my soul will never die. That this life isn't the most important thing in "life". The reason Jah doesn't come down from the heavens and save everymortally wounded human being is because Jah and the Devil do not place as much importance on this life. This life is very important in a way don't get me wrong. But it is in a spiritual way not a physical way. I hope you too can find Heaven on Earth and find peace of mind. It is a wonderful thing to have. We sheep have been trying to lead ourselves for far too long and have slowly been getting closer and closer to the cliff. I know my shepherd, I am just a sheep under a lion's mane. Don't fuel the fires of Hell, let them burn themselves out. One Love, Jah Bless

Cameron Zion
08/20/11 10:37:33PM @cameron-zion:

SE- I am uninsured and have been denied coverage for having a pre-existing condition. Their working on fixing that because it should be illegal but its taking forever. So going to any specialist isn't really affordable, I can't afford to live as it is now haha. A friend may do acupuncture for free though. ExaltHimx7 - I follow the Bible, the word of the Lord, but not religion. I believe that Christ appeared through Haile Selassie to teach of us of one love and unity. That if we do not unite as the children of God that we will destroy ourselves and have been confused by the work of the Devil. Pulled further and further from the Lord by our constant attempts to control our lives and this world. I believe in loving everyone unconditionally as Jah does and seeing everyone in this life as a brother and sister. My parents brought my body into this life but they are just people as well who have needed guidance as we all do. I feel the holy spirit every time I play music, every time I pray and see it working through those in my immediate life constantly. I believe in the truth that man comes from Africa and that we were created in the image of Jah. Our environment has changed us and we have also become very lost spiritually. But we can all go home whenever we wish, but Jah is not going to force us too. I pray that it won't take a tragedy for all of us to realize the reality of I an I (one energy not we (plural)). For people to respect human life simply for the beauty, mystery, and magic of life itself. Who really has more? The healthy man, or the man who sees the beauty in everything around him and doesn't take it for granted. Knowing that Jah (Jehovah) knows what's better for his soul than he ever will. If you have any more questions please ask I'd love to answer them.

jenni helloworld
08/20/11 11:16:00AM @jenni-helloworld:

That is amazing.

08/20/11 10:25:46AM @exalthimx7:
That is beautiful'] This life is surely just the beginning and you are right --God is concerned with our spiritual health more than our bodily health'] He is your strength... xo & prayers to you...I am ignorant of Rastafari...Do you believe in the Trinity, too?

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
08/20/11 10:12:30AM @soaring-eagle:

cunsult an herbalist or naturopath i bet you can slowly transitio n to safer more natural treatments

but your going to have to find a good herbalist nartturopath and probly accupunturist as weell

(often a naturopath may do accupuncture too so can do both)

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