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Stop Fighting And The War Ends

user image 2011-08-14
By: Cameron Zion
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Let me preface this with I'm not a preacher, I'm a poor carpenter who is no better than anyone and this is just a statement and something to meditate on. Lately I have noticed a lot of people online, not all here, but ranting about fighting for peace and when met with aggression or misunderstanding. They become angry and the fight continues. You have to keep in mind that when you are angry at someone the anger is coming from you, there is something wrong with you not them. For instance if you're having the best day of you're life and someone cuts you off in traffic you're more likely to say "Oh they didn't see me" and go about your day. Now if you are in a horrible mood you might chase them down and ask them what the hell is wrong with them and once they retaliate, well pretty much every conflict in society starts this way. People seek out happiness through drugs,material items and love because they haven't found themselves yet. You can't appreciate things by force and its a shame I had to lose it all to appreciate having a bed to sleep in. Now I am not saying you should let someone kick the shit out of you, but resisting isn't fighting. If you can separate yourself from all the angst, it'll consume itself. Teach through the way you live, those who don't want to find bliss never will. Let Babylon continue to fall and those who want a better life will find it and we'll be a family waiting with open arms. May you find peace in your life and learn to simply be. I mean if you believe in an after-life time is just an illusion. If you can't be happy now you've got eternity to figure it out. This relates to dreads in the sense that when you have a shaved head and when you have dreads to your waist you are the same person, so what it is that you really want. Changing your appearance might influence who you are but won't make you a better person. Hope I haven't offended anyone just wanted to spread some thoughts that have really helped me. Jah Bless.
08/16/11 08:57:38PM @devon:

Wonderfully said. I have friends who are "anti-conformists" and constantly complain about society. The fact that they complain makes them no more peaceful or better than that which they rant about. I hope more people come to share your realization and that, knowing these things, you stay strong.

Cameron Zion
08/14/11 04:27:29PM @cameron-zion:

Exactly, I always say. There'll never be peace until we're all at peace with ourselves.

Patty Haynes
08/14/11 03:24:45PM @patty-haynes:

Amen brother. Those days I am feeling less than angelic I see myself doing the same things I complain about all the time. Really try changing yourself first thats a good start on the rest of the world.

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