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Cameron Zion


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Food For Thought :)

user image 2013-03-10
By: Cameron Zion
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"The more we fall with a desire to stand, the stronger we will grow. But never forget to not only rise, but shine so that you may be seen. So they may know. That the lessons we learn are not only for ourselves. At different times, for everyone. Don't focus on the one speaking, only the words. For only our own truth and personal faith can be heard. Don't deny yourself, yourself. Receive true love. Not the kind that buys you things. The kind that can change the world. Memories do not change. Keep them with you as you grow. But remember that you are alive, and live everyday as it is so."

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Cameron Zion

Jennaleigh Moonflower
03/11/13 11:02:43AM @jennaleigh-moonflower:

Great philosophy there brother<3

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