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Cameron Zion


Location: Blacksburg, VA
Zipcode: 24060
Country: US


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Love and Liberation

user image 2012-07-31
By: Cameron Zion
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This weekend I headed down the road to Floydfest. Being only 40 minutes from my home and a ticket purchased by my boss I was destined to arrive. A lot of people attending had been at the Rainbow Gathering in July and were truly incredible. I went with the intention of fun but had a life-changing experience. I've come to realize that the only truly important thing in our lives is our own happiness, and I believe the universe would feel the same. I met some amazing and inspiring people who I know will be in my life until it's end in this form. If we all strive to love our own lives we will be capable of loving the live's that surround us. Everything is changing but only if we are. The moment we quit learning, growing and experiencing new things is when our lives come to a halt. I hope that you all may see the beauty in the day and embrace this life to the fullest. Bless

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