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BABYYY 12 weeks.&&2 daysss.

By: Callie-xoxox
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I am 12 weeks pregnant!My last doctor visit was very long and not fun.He did a FULL physical and it was gross.I did not like it at alll..Baby is getting big and growing very fast!It it about 15 grams and 5 inches(not to sure)The dad is still not being to nice. I just hope he starts to think better about it.Thats all I really have to tell for right now.Oh and my Ultra sound is on Fed 16!
01/10/10 05:09:42PM @harlene:
your pregnant ? goodluck.

12/20/09 01:16:46PM @callie-xoxox:
Thank youu! I am no longer with him, He drinks to much and I cant be in a living situation like that, not healthy for me and my baby. I have thought of a few names.Lyric Marie for a girlTrace for a boy!

hippie mama
12/17/09 06:55:35PM @hippie-mama:
Awe Congrtaulations lady!!!! im so happy for you. guys can be wierd about babies especially if it was an unplanned pregnancy but all that really matters is that your gonna love this lil guy/girl. having a baby and everything before it all the exams and what not are pretty gross and makes you feel like everyone has looked at ur junk ya know. but all the uncomfortableness is well worth it in the end. have u thought of any names?

12/09/09 05:38:56PM @callie-xoxox:
Yess itss kinda gross what they do but they have to when you have a so I will have to deal with it!I think he will come around but if not I can do it alone I have so much support I will be able to do it!

12/06/09 03:49:55PM @iain:
oof, yeah I've heard about the...thoroughness they do at those >.<<br /> kinda of that feeling that makes u wanna cringe, lolah man, thats crap, He should fucking help you out at least some,maybe when his thoughts settle he willsweet u get to kinda see the baby then!

12/05/09 03:52:30PM @callie-xoxox:
Thanks!I am hoping he starts to not be a Jerk!he is just scared that his life is over but its just a new beining!

12/05/09 12:48:54PM @christopher:
sorry about your doctors visit not being fun. i go to the doctor 3 or 4 times a month and they are never fun. the good news is your gonna be a mom though! i hope things pan out between you and the dad by the way

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