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God had my best interest in mind when He had my parents say no to dreads all those years ago :)

user image 2014-04-23
By: California Emmet
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Yay first blog post hahah. First off I want to start with giving a shoutout to my awesome parents who didn't let me get dreads several years back when I first wanted them because I had no dreaducation (my only source of info was DreadHeadhq) and it would have been a huge mistake to get them then. Also my heart was not in the right place and my motivation was not right I would have cracked after a few weeks of trying to deal with all the crazy stuff that would have gone into them due to being mislead by DreadHeadhq. In fact I did almost decide that I would never get dreads, because I thought the maintenance would be way more than I ever wanted to deal with. And I wanted them purely for their appearance. Of course my parents are still somewhat uncomfortable with the idea of me having dreads but I'm so very thankful they held me back.

Since then I have learned a great deal. First of all its become apparent that my interest in dreads was not just a quickly passing phase as it lasted for years while most of my passing obsessions last only a month. Secondly I have been fairly well dreaducated since and thanks to soaring eagle and some others I have realized the dangers of 'insta-dreads' and the purity and carefreeness of freeform dreads. Lastly, my motivation has changed a lot. I still want them because I think they are beautiful, but that has become one of the lesser reasons. Lately I've been getting into natural living stuff and have given up a great deal of the chemical products I used to use. I have a great desire to be natural and live naturally and I feel like dreads are a part of that. Also I feel the journey and process of it will strengthen my character, make me less self-centered as my appearance takes a backseat, help me break the self-assumed chains that society presents, and draw me closer to God as I more and more cease to seek approval from other people and seek His approval alone.

I am really so thankful to God for leading me to click the link about natural dreads that lead me to this site and for this crazy cool community that is so full of positivity and love. I can't wait to start really getting involved and making some new friends and stuff haha I'm just really excited about it all

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
04/23/14 11:20:48PM @soaring-eagle:

now thats a positive attitude :)

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