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By caitlin, 2011-05-31

to my very pleasant surprise looking in the mirror today, i could actually not only see but pull apart where each lock is going to be. for me that is very exciting because i feel as though i have been trying for so long. ive been enjoying the journey and before today, before i really thought about it, i never really did like calling it a journey. however, seeing daily the changes, it is absolutely a journey. some days it looks amazing and other days i havent a clue as to what to do with it.

i have to admit i have been helping it along by backcombing slightly once in a blue moon. only at the ends though and im very gentle with it. also with the parts that have already locked due to me doing them myself in the beginning, i do crochet them. im very happy with the way they are coming out and the way they are placing and yes i know a lot whom are reading this are rolling their eyes and cursing the fact that i do in fact crochet them.. but, to each their own. again i am very pleased with how they are turning out.

today was the perfect day for this to happen, things have been very bumpy in my life and this gave me something to be excited about. i havent smiled in quite a long time especially while looking in the mirror. today has also been a rough day but seeing how they are forming and thinking about how its been about 7 months yet again its ONLY been about 7 months, gave me something to smile about along with something to look forward to. so

(here we go with some inspirational nonsense no one wants to hear)

for anyone reading this starting their jearney (again can't believe im actually ok with saying that now), be patient. don't get discouraged and enjoy and congratulate yourself time to time. eventually you will get there. and hey there have been some days i have even thought of keeping them as is just because i think they look kinda cool not even finished. especially abouut 3 months in when my hair was just a mess but very easily able to be tamed. i thought it looked phenomenal. was very pleased but even more pleased now. so hang in there!

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