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user image 2012-10-03
By: Brooke McGibben
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My roots are not dreaded for about and inch and a half 2 inches should they be like that and will it dread eventually also if it isn't suppose to be like that what can I do to fix it. I have a picture of the top of my head with my dreads up so you can see what im talking about. But it's a little had to see.

Baba Fats
10/03/12 07:14:34PM @baba-fats:

Not worries. Baby locks should have between 1-3 inches of straight hair at the roots. It's completely normal. They will tighten up on their own. The loose hair at your roots is what snags and tangles with new growth. This helps develop a strong base for your locks. if you tighten your roots, you take away everything they need to tangle with. That will thin out and weaken your roots. Eventually leading to them not being strong enough to hold the weight of the lock itself and then they can just fall out.

No maintenance should ever be done to your roots. There should always be a constant state of messy tangles near your scalp. As they grow, just separate them as needed. i posted a tutorial on how to separate, on my page

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