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I Love this!!!

user image 2012-04-23
By: brittany leigh
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I love my hair now! I love how it looks, I love how it changes all the time, I love that it has begun to dread entirely on its own. I have done nothing to it. Most of my sectionsnow aremostly loopy and crazy, some flat some round. But I have got probably 4 or 5 sections that are perfectly dreaded from the top to about half way down. And again, I have done nothing but let them be (:

Now that you can see my sections a lot better, more people have started to ask me "So uhh... What's going on with your hair?" And that has mostly started within thelast month or so. (Keep in mind, I still have a ways to go before they are mature.) But the minute I tell people I havent brushed my hair since June, they laugh. Not to be rude I don't think at all, but most people think I'm kidding. And once they realize that I am totally serious they ask why and I tell them that it is dreading. Almost everyone has said "well those dont look like dreads" or "dont you have to put wax in to do that?" or "why does it look like that?" or something like that.
This is exciting in a sense that people are starting to notice that something is happening. But in another way it is very frustrating.I have to explain to people all of the time that the way they usually see dreads, the perfectly round, thick, all the same length...Those are not natural and are not real, nor are they what dreads were intended to be. That you don't need anything but to throw away your hair brush. And even still, most people dont understand that this could take years for my hair to look anything like what they are used to seeing.They think its instant or something.
My hair is still very fine and silky. It will take a long time for it to totally knot up and hold. I still have some loose hairs on the sides by my ears and underneath of all of my hair. And then I have some parts of my hair that look totally dreaded. I guess most folks dont realize that this is a process. That any hair type can dread, it's just a matter of time and patience.

Hair care lately has been switched from Bronners to baking soda/water mixture that I keep in an old bronners botter. Basically cover the bottom of the bottle with baking soda, a good layer. Then fill up about 3/4 with water, shake it up real good and thats all I do. Wash with that once or twice a week, depending on how my hair feels and looks. I still have my bangs which arebrushed whenever they need it. Sometimes I straighten them. But other than that, everything else has been left alone.Hopefully I will get some more recent photos of my hair up here soon.

Loving the journey so far. So glad I took the advice I got from this site to just stop brushing. I dont think that I would love my hair as much as I do had I gone about this any other way. (:

brittany leigh
04/26/12 08:02:06PM @brittany-leigh:

Thank you SE! I didn't know that, I was only making a new batch every two or three washes, so like 2 weeks. Now that I know I will make less for each wash so I don't waste when I make a new batch.

This is why I love this site. Always learning. (:

oostan heimach
04/24/12 10:53:25AM @oostan-heimach:
Nice blog! I feel the same way it is an awesome joyous journney!

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
04/23/12 02:24:52PM @soaring-eagle:

awesome but question are u mixing the bs and storing it or making a fresh batch every wash? u should make it fresh every wash as it breaks down quickly actualy thats part of how it cleans as it breaks down into gasses

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