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Preface...This blog is mostly just for me to track my progress...

By: brittany leigh
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I backcombed my first dread on April 15th, 2011. Stopped brushing my hair around June 8th, 2011. Backcombed my second dread around the end of June. I started using bronners liquid soap, recently got a bar, just thought I should try it. Lately have been using the bar soap from bronners. I was washing my hair everyday at first, it was always so greasy. I slowly cut back on the amount of times I washed my hair a week. I think the longest I have gone was just recently I think it was a week, but I lost track. I love not having to fuss with my hair every day. At first I was worried about how it would look, not brushing it and all. But it has grown on me, I love it more everyday... how wavy and beautiful it is. A lot of people don't like it, but surprisingly it hasn't really bothered me (:


It is getting close to 3 months since I stopped brushing my hair. I think it is pretty well sectioned, without my help at all. I can tell in 2 or 3 "dreads" [that I found] that they are starting to lock up in parts. Seems like just above half way up is where they are starting to lock. I took the bead [or it fell out] out of my oldest dread [dread #1] and it is starting to get cute little loops in it. In dread #2 I have a bead at the base instead of a rubber band, like I have on dread #1. The way my hair isseparating it looks like my dreads will be really small unless I backcomb them, and even then they won't be much bigger. But we will see what happens with them (: It has been interesting so far.

Peoples thoughts:

I didn't realize that most people didn't know that you could do dreads just by not brushing your hair. My aunt seemed really surprised. At first I didn't think she believed me.


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