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Brianna Elizabeth


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By Brianna Elizabeth, 2013-02-16
So, I personally he always wanted dreads my first attempt failed but now im on my second attempt and I have learned so much, im over a month in but after learning natural is best I have left my baby locs alone to grow freely. I knew some people who had started there journey right after me, and they were so brainwashed by the forced methods and sick with the intoxication of instant dreads so once they all fell out of these people hair they claimed they were backcombed "incorrect" when in reality there is no correct way to force dreads. After finding this site, I tried explaining that they were being fooled by.YouTube but they just didn't believe me, now there fully combed out and here I am with a month of dreadies that I love even if im fluffy, these dreads on my head are my babies, aside from my son and my guitar my dreads are my love seeing people make dreads a strictly vanity thing made me that much more determined to prove that its so much more then how dreads look I take care of my babies and I cherish them. people judge me by my tattoos and dread locs see im a mommy and almost double take in shock and im learning that, all that matters is im happy with my dreads growth, and my growth as a person.
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crinkled dreads?

By Brianna Elizabeth, 2013-02-06
okay, so my dreads are a little bit past my shoulders so I wear them up in a bun at night, it protects them fine (at least I think it might lol im not sure) but every morning when I take them out they look curly and crinkled and wild! my dreads are only about 4 weeks in and I started with backcombing before I really knew anything about dreading, im a bit confused how to like, avoid this situationany advice?
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