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dreadlocks shampoo
Brett Stewart


Location: Lloydminster, Saskatchewan
Country: CA


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Cast the First Stone

Cast the First Stone

10 years ago - Comments: 0
What I Wished I Never Had

What I Wished I Never Had

10 years ago - Comments: 0
Everything As Planned

Everything As Planned

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10 years ago - Comments: 0

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Dreadlocks Day 1
Stack Attack!
Metal Drumming at its Best
The Beat Lab with new Cymbals
Thee Best Lab all Spakely
Out door Shows can be Really Loud
Playing Raining Blood by Slayer


Naomi Choate
10/01/11 06:25:13PM @naomi-choate:

just pick up some sea salt from the store. mix it in a spray bottle. spray your hair down. i'd spray outside or when it dries, you'll get salt everywhere!

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
10/01/11 05:44:42PM @soaring-eagle:
saw your comment to nami umm why would u spend 10 dolars for sea salt spray when u cabj go to any supermarkert buy 2 dollars worth of sea salt and make 300 bottles of spray

10/01/11 05:44:15PM @naturelover:

Definitely man ^-^

10/01/11 03:18:03PM @naturelover:

Yes, the waiting part is quite difficult, but it's fun to watch your locks form on their own :)

Naomi Choate
10/01/11 02:11:11PM @naomi-choate:

well cool. sea salt spray seems to help dry it out and knot up. this site helps a lot too :)

10/01/11 03:51:00AM @naturelover:

Ohh thank you, but don't wish! You'll have your own set of locks some day and you're gonna love em because they're yours man!

Naomi Choate
09/30/11 02:04:54AM @naomi-choate:
Thanks man! Have you started yours yet?

09/30/11 12:04:33AM @naturelover:

Pleasure is all mine, man. :-)

09/29/11 12:20:20AM @naturelover:

Ehh it's the hardcore drummer! Hahah, and thanks for the add man, also welcome! I hope all is well for you, Shalom!

09/27/11 08:21:56AM @exalthimx7:

Welcome Brett!!!

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