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Do quality dread extensions exist???

user image 2011-11-08
By: Breezy Monsta
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I have had dreads for 3 years, my hair started out huge and light and as time went on my dreads tightened and formed into what they are now, the tighter they got the shorter they got. i love my dreadys but i want some length and my patience has seemed to escape me. I tried tying in synthetics but they just felt awkward thin and light against my heavy thicker dreads and i couldn't wash them! does anyone have any suggestions to make my hair longer/bigger? Any salons or treatments? Thanks friends!

Breezy Monsta
11/08/11 05:28:44PM @breezy-monsta:
i know, i hated the synthetics anyways, i guess I'm just impulsive and impatient this morning and I'm taking it out on my dreadies.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
11/08/11 04:50:50PM @soaring-eagle:

a year

they shrink..then grow

wait it out

dont waste money on fake extentions just wait it out

in a year you regail alot of length

in 2 your getting long in 5 theyre longer and longer

u get the idea

dont pay for what u can wait for

what u wants cioming but theres no shortcuts worthwhile

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