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dread now...or wait?

By: Breana
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I want to start my dreads now, I hate waiting. Its going to take months to form nice dreads. So part of me says go for it, why wait? But I need a job and it'd be a bit tougher to get a job if I had them, I live in a small town and it can be not so accepting. So the other part of me says to wait. I just don't know how long that wait will be.Ahh this stinks!
Tara C
05/26/12 07:03:17AM @tara-c:

Not everyone is accepting of dreads, but if you find a job that is accepting of dreads, your work life will be much happier, so I'd say to go for it, but if it is that important to you, nothing wrong with waiting if you can do that.

Justin Cross
05/26/12 04:20:49AM @justin-cross:

It's more about accepting yourself I think. No need to conform with the labelling process. Patience is always a virtue, Be Happy, Be Free, Do what You feel is Right!!

James Turk
05/26/12 02:29:01AM @james-turk:

You should be able to find a job before they really get going I think. Besides, wouldn't you want to work at a place that is okay with them anyway? Go for it!

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