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Shampoo Bars

user image 2013-01-05
By: Brandi Leigh
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After testing a variety of shampoo bars I'm starting to think that they aren't for me.

I have tried rubbing the bar directly at the roots, lathering in my hands applying to roots only ( which was great and set off a flare up of my eczema, my hands hate any change), rubbing the bar all over, etc etc.

It makes hair just too oily no matter what I do. After washing my hair with a natural shampoo bar, after it dries it looks like I haven't washed it for a week.

So my plans now are to use up my bars and really give each one the good old college try and then I will move to the liquid version I see on the dreadlock shampoo site. Hopefully changing the method of delivery will give me results I enjoy more.

I won't be doing a baking soda wash because literally everytime my skin has come into contact with it I've had a horrible reaction and I'd prefer not to be washing my hair and having to wear a hazmat outfit at the same time.

It's all a learning process and I'm kind of entertained. I never planed to be gaining such an intimate knowledge of my hair's likes and dislikes.

01/06/13 07:45:05AM @gingerrose:
Sometimes the skin reaction is an indicator of an internal imbalance like a gluten sensitivity, food allergies, or other digestive issues. I'm not sure if that's the case for you, but if you have not already explored that route, it may be worth it. It's generally a "stress" reaction... But finding out the many sources of stress, in different body systems, can be a chore. Best of luck with the experiments - I'm sure you'll work out a solution!

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