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Brandi Leigh


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user image 2012-12-11
By: Brandi Leigh
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I have totally broken up with the post office, we are no longer on speaking terms.

Looks like they lost my order of shampoo bars.

*frowns ALOT*

Brandi Leigh
12/12/12 11:15:43AM @brandi-leigh:

Ty Baba and Cupcake, I'm awaiting response from the USPS, it's pretty obvious it got to my city and then they didn't scan it for delivery. I hope they are just being slackers and I will get it today or something.

Won't bug Vicki til all hope is lost as I've got the tracking right here :)

Baba Fats
12/12/12 07:44:38AM @baba-fats:

Contact Vicki. She might have a conformation number. You'd be able to find out where they are and call that location

ღHippie Loveღ
12/11/12 10:48:25PM @hippie-love:

So not cool.. :'(

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