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Came across this site literally at the best time!!!!!!!!

user image 2013-02-06
By: Bob Ngarly
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I have been wanting to dread my hair since i was in middle school. Im 21 now. I started a set with my mom backcombed when i was a freshmen in highschool. I let my dad talk me into combing them out when I went to stay at his house. I made this set using twist and rip by myself I made sections with a mirror and rat tail comb. they range between 1-1.5 in sections.

I planned to use a crochet hook after i started them but after reading lots of posts on this site and seeing how much people love the natural route, I decided to let mine go the more natural route. My CROCHET hook and my LOOSE HAIR TOOL (DHHQ) are in my bathroom, still in their packaging. Im gonna throw them both away and go the natural route with you guys.

Thanks for all your posts it took a lot of research on my part to stumble across this website. I know i would have messed my dreads all up.

Will post pictures of my progres. there a week or so old.


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