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Self ear piercing

la Renarde
08/10/13 11:20:41AM

Ok, I'm really not into self-piercing, but I have a second hole on one of my earlobes that got infected some years ago. I had to let it heal completely and the hole has since closed up pretty much (I can still see were it was, but that's about it). I live in the middle of nowhere and professionnal piercer just don't exist here. I don,t know when I'll have an occasion to go to the city (and don't particularly want to), so I was thinking about re-piercing my hole myself. I have a 0G as my main hole and this one is just beside it. Not to close, just ok for a regular piercing. I'm not sure if this would be something to do, nor how to do it (I've found alot of not explained strange tips on the web...). So if any of you have experience to share about the matter, I would be glad to hear about it.

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