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Discussion worthy? children and bod mods

ashley walker
01/07/13 12:21:52AM

I just figured this would be a good group to have this discussion on..

I'm just wondering on people's opinions on modifying their children. It came to my attention that most of the girls in my family get their ears pierced by their parents when they're babies and I wondered if this is really fair because it's not their decision even though they can take it out whenever they want to if they decide to. Then again I'm sure parents may do some other bod mods that maybe be more permanent like dreads for example. Some parents might enforce certain bod mods, like my niece didn't like her earrings but she's five and her mom makes her wear them. I realize that piercing their ears young may be less of a hassle because they won't be nervous about the pain really but I don't really know that it's necessary. I think If I had a child I'd give them the decision to comb their hair or not even though I really think dreads are great for reasons other than style as well as the decision to modify their body when they're ready to. What do you all think?

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