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4 Month Update

By Hollach, 2012-09-13

The back has been going great but the sides are not really starting yet.

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I get it now...

By Marlee Batchelder, 2012-09-13

I had a realization today. Just a few minutes ago actually. I back combed 3 dreads myself a few weeks before letting the rest go naturally. Since then I have done no backcombing at all (besidesa little tightening of already existing knots at the roots of 2 spots in my hair I wanted to wrap). Today a friend and I did a few more wrappings in our hair. I realized (after noticing how much faster hers was dreading than mine) that my hair, for whatever reasons, may take longer to officially dread than I initially expected. Today a friend of mine also re-iterated his opinion that since my hair is the hair that it is, i really should give my dreads a head start by back combing or twist/ripping or whatever- that by itself my hair will not dread easily or quickly. So, after a day of dread-frustration, I unwrapped one of the barely dreaded segments of hair I wrapped earlier, and backcombed it into a dread and wrapped it back up. But, while semi-furiously (I'm also a little angry right now for other reasons) ripping a fine toothed comb in an unnatural direction through my beautiful hair andbeing able to literally hear my hair suffering- I realized something I thought I already knew. Dreading your hair is not about having dreads. It's not about the result, its the process. The experience. The journey. Any method other than 100% natural dreading doesn't justtake away a few miles ofyour path- it completley eliminates it. Sometimes I'm proud of the dreads that I have from previously backcombing...but now I've realized- I would be completley happy never having visible dreads, if that's all my hair is capable of.I know it's not, as many of the baby dreads I wrapped and put pics up of a few days ago were completley natural, but if it were- i would be ok with that. I am not doing this to have dreaded hair (irrelevent of my initial intentions), I am doing this to let my hairdecide what it wants to do, i am doing this to let my hair teach me things that my mind cannot, I am doing this to set myself free. And myjourney will give this to me, not my dreads.

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what did i do to my hair.

By Amanda12, 2012-09-11
I saw my Mums Mother fr the first time sence i stopped combing. I walked in her house and she was like "did you get a perm?" I said nope. " did yo cut your hair?" Nope. " what did you do?" So I told her I did nothing. Lol literally nothing. When my mum told her that i was growing dreadlocks she went off tw
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Need some advice

By Peter Kim, 2012-09-11

Ok so its been 3 and a half months since I last posted so there has been alot of progress since then. Well this is how I feel. Every part of my dreads are growing and matting perfectly fine BESIDES the roots. Its unfortunate that one time using wax (at the beginning) has an effect on my dreads but it did, mentally and physically. I simply do not know what to do. I LOVE having dreads but cant get over the fact that I used wax even one time. I recently bought the Wax B Gone product to get rid of wax but even after using it a couple times the wax buildup in the front of my hair is still there :( Its really not as bad as im making it sound, but I am all about being natural and having done research for a year and 4 months before getting dreads I KNEW I wanted to go all natural but the guy at the salon used wax on the first dread regardless of what I told him and I just said fuck it and kept going.

I need some advice

I love having dreads that I don't want to take them out (oh yea I would take them out and retry in the future)

but I hate the fact that I used wax on the initial process and is facing the consequences from it, plus wax being at the roots im pretty sure is why none of the new growth has been dreaded

At this point I don't know wether to be patient and wait it out or take them out and start over when the times right

as you can kinda see that dread sticking up at the top is sticking up because the base is stiff from initial wax use that it sticks up, even the sides stick out a little because the base is thick.

But dreads are something I will do again in the future....

Dreadlock community the mics all you...

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godaddy goes bye bye hacker takes down millions of websites

By ☮ soaring eagle ॐ, 2012-09-10

today a hacker has taken down the mega giant domain registrar and hosting company godaddy, not only websites hosted through godaddy, but domains registered there as well.

millions of websites taken down just so a hacker could prove it could be done..

our site was spared only because i have a godaddy reseller account which i registered all my domains thriugh that

otherwise wed be down as well

godaddies phone lines were also taken down so millions of websites were unavailable and no support was possible..godaddies websites are still down causing millions of website owners to panic

as well as millions who use godaddies email services are unable to receive mail

to many businesses that rely on godaddy this is costing them millions of dollars as well

its yet unknown how soon the godaddy sites will recover

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Spread the music

By Rainbow Fortune, 2012-09-09

So, I've been listening to a band I love, and felt really bad they never got the credit they deserved on a global level.

The band I'm talking about is Ekatarina Velika, a.k.a. EKV. (Named after a Russian ruler, Catherine the Great).

The thing is, if you are from Balkans, the world doesn't really know about you unless you played a major role in our wars, or play sports (Novak okovi (Djokovic) reference :D ).

But since wars are behind us, and this band's music still sounds amazing, and is a testimony of the time when there was a war (in the 90's), I wanted to share their music with you all. Some of you might like it. :)

Their music depicts a time when things here started to change. Tito died, and Yugoslavia started collapsing. A lot of nations lived here together, and suddenly, hate towards people who were not of your nationality was promoted. The younger generation (the part of it that was not brainwashed, at least) was miserable because of it.

They were hopeless, they did not want to see their friends moved to another country (a newly formed country, I might add) just because their last name was different, or because their great-grandfather was born somewhere else; let alone see them killed for the same reason.

They talked about weltschmerz (world pain) they felt, and made music to let their feelings out.

This was also the time hard drugs first came to this territory, and people had no idea how harmful they were.

The story I personally like the most about this band is the following.

Just before the war in Bosnia started,many musicians gathered in Belgrade, got a truck, and made a mobile concert. They stood in the trailer while the truck rode around the town, and played. They kept repeating ,,Mir, brate, mir!'' ('Peace, brother, peace!').

During the war, many young people left for the USA, Germany, or wherever else they could, in order to save themselves and their families.

But many artists, Milan and Margita, a.k.a. Magi (the pianist in EKV) included, refused to leave. Milan kept saying he could never leave his country (Yugoslavia, not Serbia). So he stayed.

He died in 1994 of pancreas cancer.

Magi was an amazing pianist with opportunities to go to Russia to continue her education. She decided to stay and work on EKV.

She was deeply struck by Milan's death, they were incredibly close.

She was a true bohemian, and a gentle soul. After the 90's she pretty much stopped playing, and has spent her last years in a homeless shelter. She died in 2002. The cause of her death was never public, but it is assumed she died of an infection due to heroin use.

They are the two most famous members of this band.

Most of the people who played in EKV are dead.

But their music lives on.

This is my favorite EKV video, since it was filmed in aSynagogue in my town (Subotica, Serbia) in 1992. I lived a 100m away from it at the time.

And this is my favorite EKV song of all times.

The lyrics are true poetry. I'll translate Sinhro for you.

,I will change the world by the end of this song. I will dance the drunken dance in therhythm of the wind. I will let the Sun melt the love, between the worlds, away from us. I came to take you away, so you wouldn't be afraid,so you wouldn't say 'I'm not here', so you wouldn't close your eyes, so you wouldn't forget word by word. I came to take you to the houses of my ancestors, to tell you there is no night, so you would give up. Desire is hunger is fire. I will change the language, the movement, the body. I will speak the words of someone else's songs. I came to tell you 'Keep me safe'. Your step is my name, keep me safe.I came to take you away, so you wouldn't be afraid.I came to take you to the houses of my ancestors.I came to take you away, so you wouldn't be afraid.'

If you do like this band, let me know, and I'll recommend more songs, translate lyrics, whatever you need. I'd really like to see them get as popular as they deserve to be.

They still are a voice of the oppressed youth in Balkans.

Oh, and if you people like this, I would be more than happy to share more bands from here in the future. :)

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Dreadlock site's Wax B Gone!! <3 <3

By Rebecca Woods, 2012-09-07

Wowza so about a week ago I ordered my wax b gone stuff from here, and i received it yesterday! It cam with a handwritten note a sample rosemary green tea shampoo, and a sample of the lock magic gel <3 I spent 2 and 1/2 hours applying wax b gone massaging it roughly into each dread, (i say roughly because I was a user of the infamous BEESWAX, and not just a couple times more like at least 15 times i used it,) but yeah so i got a goop of it for each one and it started to foam up and it felt and smelt so good on my dreads! After i was done with them all I took a shower and thoroughly washed it all out and then used the sample shampoo I was given which smells magical! lol it didn't smell like green tea and rosemary but it smelt better! Like nagchampa incense! mmm my hair still smells magical the next day <3 My dreads feel alottt better now, granted I know I will have to do it another time, maybe even 2 more times on some of my larger ones but I still have plenty of the wax b gone stuff. I only used like a quarter of the jar and it got all of my dreads thoroughly coated, a little goes a long way. Also the jar in general was much larger than expected, I must say the 15 bucks i spent (because of shipping taxes) was WELL WORTH IT and recommend this product to any one with wax problems! <3 I wish I had a camera that would work right now otherwise i would've documented the whole process for others to see.

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time does fly.

By Amanda12, 2012-09-06
Almost 3 months ago i set my bush free. I cant believe its been so long. I have made SO much more progress than I ever imagined. My Grandma... well honestly most of my family thinks I' ve lost my mind for good this time. But they still think that about the cloth diapers I've been using for the past two years. Lol.OMG I didnt tell you about the man I saw the other day. My mom and I (and our four kids under 4, in the back) were driving though downtown. I saw this man around my age with blonde hair and natural (and Im asuming under a year old) dreads. I waved and pointed and made a big deal.About half an hour later in Wal*Mart I saw him! I could help but look at him the entire time he walked by (you almost never see dreadlocks in Maine). He looked at me like he was descusted. I know my hair isnt dreadlocks to most people but I figured he had natural dreads he could surely tell I did too. NOT! I forgot that I had a thick headband on and my hair up to lessen the blow for my mother.Now he thinks I was either checking him out with 2 kids and a wedding ring or that I judged him. :/ oh well.Oh yeah, one last thing. DANDRUFF, ewwww. My head itched so So bad! I added litterally a drop of head and sholders to my bs and water. It stopped the flake and itch before I even got out of the shower. That was 6 days ago and I'm still itch free :)
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Dreading at Roots

By Brooke McGibben, 2012-09-06

The roots of my dreads is just non dreaded hair. What should I do to make it start to dread. And I have some flat dreads in the back of my head what should i do to make them round if anything at all.

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Loose Hairs

By Brooke McGibben, 2012-09-06

I have a ton of loose hairs underneath some of may dreads and some are about an in and a half when I wear my hair up they stick out what can i do to fix that also where my hair isn't dreaded near the root it some of my dreads are thin I have pictures of a few like that and as they grow im wondering that they'll start falling out. I also posted some pictures of the loose hairs you can kinda see them.

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