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dreadlocks shampoo


dying the dread locks!

By Javon "Kidd Apollo" Porter, 2012-09-30

I want to dye my dreads lighter..just a bit...i want a natural look to them as it is in my picture althou it doesnt show the lightness unless i am in the sunlight. I want to only die the tips also...let me know of great ways that are not bleaching or dying but more of lightning..i know of lemon juice..i do not want peroxide tho

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Brushing Out Dreads Question *Just Curious*

By Kayla Jensen, 2012-09-30

so I was just curious about something i thought of this morning.. since your hair shrinks when you dread it when you brush it out do you get back thelengthof your hair or does it stay short?

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Got my shampoo

By Shamra Lucky-Rose Chapman, 2012-09-29

Got it finally and used it also got my neem seed oil lavender and tea tree by the way neem seed oil smells super yuk xp my kids told me as well thats okay it will do its job and thats the main point I love the shampoo nag champa liquid and cant wait to use my bar soap godess should be great also go the gel so I can control my natural curls that are up front without having to use something I really dont want near my hair like moose yuks.

Also using the liquid on my son to help his little head dread up a little quicker very very nice and he likes the smell as well so thats good.

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2 month old dreads

By DJ Gord, 2012-09-29
Hey, i've had my dreadlocks for 2 months i am african american my hair is extreamly curly and thick . It seems every time i get my hair retwisted it crawls back aloose? The only part what doesnt come loose are the tips i used the 2 strand method . Any tips or advice about what to expect in the next month?? Help im starting to think this isnt gonna work.
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How I came to the point of dreading: Enjoy loves :)

By Dee4, 2012-09-27

I had lost track on how long I have been dreading had to look back on my calendar to check on the date. April the 9th 2012. Wow I remember thinking about it for a long time till that day I said it shall be done. I was going thru so much stuff that now I can talk about with out becoming emotional and breaking down to pieces. On October 12th 2011, while at work I started feeling chest pain and as a nurse you know that chest pain is not normal or a good sign specially followed by numbness of the limbs. My 12 hour shift started out as usual at the local hospital, then at noon my heart rate went all crazy and my chest began hurting. I spoke to my manager at that time and was sentdownstairs to the emergency room and was seen by the doctor real quick then I strated to become foggy and dizzy.The top of my scrubs were split down the middle and I blacked out for what felt like hours. I woke to the sound of an EKG machine beeping and with an oxygenbeing fed thrumy nostrils.I turn to look at the machine and my heart rate was at 142 bpm. Surounded by nurses I asked what was going on and they toldme to relax I closed my eyes and could feel my heart beating in my head. I though I was having a heart attackuntil the doctor walked in and told me to sit up. He explained that what had just happened was not a heart attack but, a severe anxiety attack. I was so scared because it had never happened before so many questions raced thru my head why me why now why with out a warning what triggered it. So the doctor decided to give me a pill to slow down my heart rate n calm me down. I began to ask so many questions he told me to relax and lay down. Which I did and the pill that was given to me (xanax) knocked me out for two hours I woke up again and my heart rate was at 68 which is in the normal range. Soon after that I was having anxiety/panic attacks several times a day lasting about 2 hours at a time. I tooksick leave for2 months after the2 months were over, I went back to my job and wasconstantly having to leave the floor to relax or take a pill. Soon after that I quit my job and was home for 7 month trying to figure out how to control what my body wasdoing. Eventually I figured I needed a change while meditating I pictured myself with dreadlocks, a state of well being and at peace with myself. Soon after I looked up a person who said" I can make dreadlocks" not really knowing much about the subject I went to see this person. He used back combing and wax in my hair I just let it be as I knew I was starting a journey on a path that I would be walking down on my own. Soon after that I found this site removedthe wax using dawn dish soap and hot water (so glad the wax was not the thick kind but, more like vasaline) soon after I removed therubber bands. Nowmy dreads have been free forming for a little over 4 months I think time really does not matter when it comes to dreading is something I have learned from people that have dreaded for a long time. Now my med intake has reduced drastically and I carry a pill with me just in case and knowing that I have it eases my mind a bit. I rarely feel anxious now and when I do I run my hands thru my hair and I automatically become relaxed. I found a new job whenmy dreads where at a very young stage my boss really did not mind as I control the frizz as much as possible. I love how people take second looks at me when I wear my scrubs and have my dreads down. My patientsget a kick out ofthem. I feelthatI am very happy with myself, my job and my life. I at that point where I know exactly when my body will decide it is going to freak out lmao.. You know I just do not worry about it (anxiety/panic attacks)any more I know what is going on and know it will go as quick as came. Today we had very heavy rain and I stood outside in the middle of the yard anddid standing meditation while the rain poured down on me (glad I was not hit by lighning) I felt at ease and sort of felt like my body was being cleansed of some stress I was holding on to from work. My dreads feel awsome and so soft right now I feel great.. Beliving in a higher power (not just God) helped me a bunch, knowing that my body is just a vessel for my spirit andundertanding myself has changed me so much in a year. It was not just about the dreads or the meditation or medication, this is me at my true form a child of the planet roaming free I constantly tell myself I do what I want to do with out holding back. I have met new friends let go of negative people. I am now know as the free spirit. Ok well to whom ever took the time to read all of this thank youfor your time and may your higher power (which exists with in you) take you to a place of freedom as it has taken me...

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Just a Flying Visit today

By Amber 'Blob' Orpin, 2012-09-27

Hey there all you lovley people in dred land!

Just swung by to upload some piccys of John's dreds and sort out some from of order with them. Fingers crossed i will keep up to date with putting pictures up. Quick note the ACV wash was brill, already i can see and feel an imporvment, no more dry scalp (Yippie)

Another blog is due soon so keep an eye out (hopefully by the weekend)

safe journey till next time

Blob xXx

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By Cat Telfer, 2012-09-25

I have had my dreads for about 3 months now. I used a crochet hook to make them. I just have a big problem with a huge rats nest in the back of my hair. Im having doubts now because this is what I was afraid of. Everytime I wash them they shrink up more into the knot. Its like a suction hole. I think its there because when I made my dreads I was sectioning it alone so I was technically just grabbing random pieces and I suppose I missed a huge chunk of hair or something and it just decided to mat all up. Its really bothering me and I just feel like brushing all my dreads out and starting over fresh. Should I just be patient an let my hair do its thing or brush it out? Im just thinking I cant have that knot in the back of my head forever. What should I do?

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Hair pretty dry?

By Xephyre (Nae), 2012-09-25
My hair is already fried and dry from dye. What can I use to put life back into my hair? Does it look really dry? BTW lookin good for 1 month?
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Breaking the bands

By Shamra Lucky-Rose Chapman, 2012-09-24

I have the hardest time getting my hair up into a bun for work...and then a hair net over this huge thing worst of all I keep breaking the bands I use and have to buy more constantly .....what are better ways of me getting this heap of hair up onto my head any suggestions I mean this works and all for now but I would like other ideas as well

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By Marlee Batchelder, 2012-09-23

Today I decided to go to Mass with my family. Christianity is not my religion, but I decided that I could still go any maybe get something from it, or atleast be part of a religious experience that meant something to someone else; that irrelevent of my personal beliefs, it may be a positive contribution to my life to respectfully experience a celebration of a reigion other than my own.

Well, the sermon that the priest gave made me very doubtful of the above passage. He discussed how last Sunday he and another member of the clergy, dressed in their robes and such, went downtown. While in a store, he told us, the people seemed down and sad. Not very "joyous". And that this, confirmed by some of the looks given to him and his friend also dressed in their robes, could only be attributed to the fact that these people were not religious, or that they did not have a personal relationship with the Lord. Who the fuck is this man to assume that A- those folks were not religious simply because they were not in high spirits at that moment or that B- the only thing that evokes sadness is lack of a Christian faith? or that the lack of a Christian faith unavoidably causes dissatisfaction with life?

I don't care what people believe, who they love, what god they pray to, or what color their skin is- as long as a certain level of respect (for the self, for others, and for the beliefs of others) is upheld. I don't follow a Christian faith solely because I don't agree with what it entails, I also don't follow it because somehow it's acceptable to preach that all other ways of life are somehow less full or acceptablethan one of their own religion. Fuck that. No religion can be right if it preaches disrespect for other ways of life or unacceptance. His sermon, which he wouldnot have given if he had not wanted it to represent himself and his religion, displayed ignorance and disrespect.

I was extremely disappointed and frustrated with the situation.

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