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Just a Flying Visit today

By Amber 'Blob' Orpin, 2012-09-27

Hey there all you lovley people in dred land!

Just swung by to upload some piccys of John's dreds and sort out some from of order with them. Fingers crossed i will keep up to date with putting pictures up. Quick note the ACV wash was brill, already i can see and feel an imporvment, no more dry scalp (Yippie)

Another blog is due soon so keep an eye out (hopefully by the weekend)

safe journey till next time

Blob xXx

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By Cat Telfer, 2012-09-25

I have had my dreads for about 3 months now. I used a crochet hook to make them. I just have a big problem with a huge rats nest in the back of my hair. Im having doubts now because this is what I was afraid of. Everytime I wash them they shrink up more into the knot. Its like a suction hole. I think its there because when I made my dreads I was sectioning it alone so I was technically just grabbing random pieces and I suppose I missed a huge chunk of hair or something and it just decided to mat all up. Its really bothering me and I just feel like brushing all my dreads out and starting over fresh. Should I just be patient an let my hair do its thing or brush it out? Im just thinking I cant have that knot in the back of my head forever. What should I do?

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Hair pretty dry?

By Xephyre (Nae), 2012-09-25
My hair is already fried and dry from dye. What can I use to put life back into my hair? Does it look really dry? BTW lookin good for 1 month?
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Breaking the bands

By Shamra Lucky-Rose Chapman, 2012-09-24

I have the hardest time getting my hair up into a bun for work...and then a hair net over this huge thing worst of all I keep breaking the bands I use and have to buy more constantly .....what are better ways of me getting this heap of hair up onto my head any suggestions I mean this works and all for now but I would like other ideas as well

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By Marlee Batchelder, 2012-09-23

Today I decided to go to Mass with my family. Christianity is not my religion, but I decided that I could still go any maybe get something from it, or atleast be part of a religious experience that meant something to someone else; that irrelevent of my personal beliefs, it may be a positive contribution to my life to respectfully experience a celebration of a reigion other than my own.

Well, the sermon that the priest gave made me very doubtful of the above passage. He discussed how last Sunday he and another member of the clergy, dressed in their robes and such, went downtown. While in a store, he told us, the people seemed down and sad. Not very "joyous". And that this, confirmed by some of the looks given to him and his friend also dressed in their robes, could only be attributed to the fact that these people were not religious, or that they did not have a personal relationship with the Lord. Who the fuck is this man to assume that A- those folks were not religious simply because they were not in high spirits at that moment or that B- the only thing that evokes sadness is lack of a Christian faith? or that the lack of a Christian faith unavoidably causes dissatisfaction with life?

I don't care what people believe, who they love, what god they pray to, or what color their skin is- as long as a certain level of respect (for the self, for others, and for the beliefs of others) is upheld. I don't follow a Christian faith solely because I don't agree with what it entails, I also don't follow it because somehow it's acceptable to preach that all other ways of life are somehow less full or acceptablethan one of their own religion. Fuck that. No religion can be right if it preaches disrespect for other ways of life or unacceptance. His sermon, which he wouldnot have given if he had not wanted it to represent himself and his religion, displayed ignorance and disrespect.

I was extremely disappointed and frustrated with the situation.

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Buddhism 101

By amethyst777, 2012-09-22

The Four Noble Truths represent the core of the teachings of the Buddha, and are as follows:

The First Noble Truth - dissatisfaction and suffering exist and are universally experienced.

The Second Noble Truth - Desire and attachment are the causes of dissatisfaction and suffering.

The Third Noble Truth - There is an end to dissatisfaction and suffering.

The Fourth Noble Truth - The end can be attained by journeying on the Noble Eight-fold Path.

THE NOBLE EIGHTFOLD PATH: Right Understanding, Right Thinking, Right Speech, Right Attitude, Right Livelihood, Right Effort, Right Mindfulness, Right Concentration.

1. Right View: See things as they truly are without delusions or distortions for all things change. Develop wisdom by knowing how thingswork, knowing oneself and others.

2. Right Intention: Wholehearted resolution and dedication to overcoming the dislocation of self-centered craving through the development of loving kindness,empathyand compassion.

3. Right Speech: Abstinence from lies and deceptions, backbiting, idle babble and abusive speech. Cultivate honesty and truthfulness; practice speech that is kind and benevolent. Let your words reflect your desire to help, not harm others.

4.Right Action: Practice selfless conduct that reflects the highest statement of the life you want to live. Express conduct that is peaceful, honest and pure showing compassion for all beings.

5. Right Livelihood: Avoidance of work that causes suffering to others or that makes a decent, virtuous life impossible. Do not engage in any occupation that opposes or distracts one from the path. Love and serve our world through your work.

6. Right Effort: Seek to make the balance between the exertion of following the spiritual path and a moderate life that is not over-zealous. Work to develop more wholesome mind states, while gently striving to go deeper and live more fully.

7. Right Mindfulness: Through constant vigilance in thought, speech and action seek to rid the mind of self-centered thoughts that separate and replace them with those that bind all beings together. Be aware of your thoughts, emotions, body and world as they exist in the present moment. Your thoughts create your reality.

8. Right Concentration: Through theapplicationof meditation and mental discipline seek to extinguish the last flame of grasping consciousness and develop an emptiness that has room to embrace and love all things.

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September 21st 2012 - Day 4 (Dread Babies forming)

By Eve2, 2012-09-21

SO, I guess I am going to start a personal blog journal of my journey with dreads (and try and keep up with it).

Super excited. Got payed today so I am going to go out and buy some items to pamper my dread babies with. Some clasps, oil, vinegar, wraps, hairbands...etc. This whole experience is like Christmas everyday for me..seeing how they evolve bring new surprises.Maybe I am a little over joyous with it, but I don't care.

And I owe a lot of my joy to Soaring Eagle for enlightening me so much with his site and experiences, as well as the members here for the support and continued advice. Let the journey begin.....

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*I'm Home!*

By Mary White, 2012-09-21

Mama's Growing Her Dreads Again!

Au Natural this time. :)

Just had to share.

Peace & Love

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Is that dandruff on the horizon?

By Amber 'Blob' Orpin, 2012-09-21

Hopefully not and its just my scalp has gotten a bit dry. Its isn't itchy at all which can only be a good thing in my books but it dosnt look all that nice and i want to nip it in the bud before it becomes more of a problem.

Apple Cider Vinegar Rince - Used to reset the PH balance of your hair. For baby dred's use a cap full in about a gallon of water and use this wash after the bicarb has been rinced out. You wont need to to a ACV everytime you wash, i have been told once a week will be plentey but as all things dreddie its all about what works for you and your hair.

Tea Tree Oil - Just add a few drops in to the bicarb wash 5-10 drops.

Think i will go for a ACV wash 1'st as it has been sitting in my cupboard far a while now and its starting to look a bit sad as i have only used it once. In washed my hair yesterday so it will be a few days till i can report my findings. So keep your self entertained and i will see you soon

Safe journey till next time

Blob xXx

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what kind of shampoo

By Shamra Lucky-Rose Chapman, 2012-09-20

I do the BS wash already and put the oils I want into it....but what else can I wash my hair with that will not harm it or leave a residue I need this for me and my little dudes I do not like Doctor broners It makes my skin feel really bad even when diluted.....Need something that is good for hair and does not hurt mine or my kids silly skin

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