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By Christine Tiffany Smith, 2012-10-19

so.... what would be the best products to use to maintain locs? is there a specific way of washing your hair once it starts locking? is conditioner something to use?

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Help!!! 7 months in, locking at the top, but fraying apart at the tips!

By Sunshine , 2012-10-19
I'm new here, and downloading a produce from my phone has been quite the process I must say ;) I need a profile pic. Anywho, that's besides the point...I am about 7 months into my dreadlocks, started with the back combing method, and have continued to roll daily, work with my roots, and play with the tips ect ect. I use gels to hold (which seem to work) and using natural cleansing methods (which I cleanse every 2 weeks or so or if needed). But the problem is, my tips are still not locking, and some seem to be getting worse. The top of my dreads are turning out fabulous, locking beautifully. Is it my naturally wavy soft hair that wants to curl and flow, perhaps...but is there any suggestions from my fellow dreadies for advice? Some have told me to put some bands in the ends for a couple weeks. I'm a little opposed, but would if that's what I gotta do to lock my tips. :) please comment back, it would be greatly appreciated my friends ;) namaste
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Another one of those days...

By Marlee Batchelder, 2012-10-18

I had another really stressful day today, which my dreads have-again-helped me through. It seems like there are so many things that I need to work really hard to get right...but my dreads require no work, no stress, no effort- and they're doing exactly the right thing; which is whatever the fuck they want. This amazes me everytime I think about it. We all work so hard and stress out about getting things done by a certain time..or in a certin way...which is the exact oppositethan what I think aboutmy dreads. There is no deadline they must be done by. I don't need to spend X amount of time on them each day. The best result is actuallyachieved by basically completely forgetting about them! I wish the same could be said about my ACT/SAT tests coming up :/

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Dreads have cycles

By Star Gryphon, 2012-10-18

Natural/Neglect Dreadlocks have cycles.

In the beginning there was hair! (Or not. Some start from bald)

I'm not hear to talk about those first few years though.

I'm sure you can find a ton of those. really don't need to do anything to "get dreads."

like really....

Keep your hair clean

separate when needed do that...and you magically get dreads!'s magical because at some point you forget that you were waiting so patiently

and look in the mirror and you have mature dreads!

We all wish anyway.

Here's mine right now

I have loose hair that never has actually wanted to dread in....

But....there has been a little bit more in there currently

and that hair on top is starting to separate into sections!


Look at what's hiding inside!



the picture is blurry....but those are babies in there!

Little...tangled...knappy...working on their knots...


That's cool cause...there are the actual mature dread locks already there....

I love this journey.

It really never stops once you commit!

so.,,,,all you impatient dreads....

what are you going to do when your hair is ready to go around again?

Sorry...I just had to throw that out there.


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Super new

By MichelleMaw315, 2012-10-18
Obviously new here I don't even have a profile picture :( setting a profile up on an phone can be obnoxious yes. Anywaysss! Started dreading my hair this month ausing the twist
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Busy Little Bee

By Valérie, 2012-10-17

Well now, it's been quite a while since I last logged in. I apologize wholeheartedly for not responding to all the comments and forums (I did know about them since they get emailed to me but, by the time I had time, it was a little overwhelming.)

Anyhoo, what have I been up to while my dreads have shrunken to the point of obnoxiously short? Well, in the middle of a court battle, work, just finished transferring and started my new school, dealt with one thing right after the other with regard to my son's new school year, just finished volunteering for the Northern CA Renaissance Faire.... This list really could go on and on... Is it any wonder I haven't been around?

Well, that doesn't mean I will be popping in regularly... I'm still pretty busy but I wanted to come in, put up some pictures and, let those who care, know I'm still alive.


Aside from all the crazy changes to this site, what else is new? It seems that every time I log in the site has changed in some way. It doesn't seem to take as long to load as it did a month+ ago, which is good.

Well., duty calls and I must run away from the computer, yet again. :P

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By ramblingrum, 2012-10-17
I'm sitting in the airport, awaiting my plane to carry me home. As I'm leaving the beautiful Puerto Rico, I must reflect on my time there. As I hooped on the beach, dancing my praise to the moon pulling in the waves and the earth giving land beneath my feet, I felt my breath becoming a part of the waves. Following the pattern and joining in oneness, the eb and flow of the ocean. It was one of the most beautiful moments relaxation I have ever felt. True peace. And as I looked up on the shore, there were trees whose branches hung low, twisted together forming there own majestic dreads.
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An Introduction and beginning timeline

By DreadfulAmenita, 2012-10-17

I probably shouldn't even bother starting a timeline when my baby dreads are less than a week old. But truth be told, I could use the support. I love dreads. I know my hair wants to be free. My husband is incredibly supportive. But it stops there - my hubby and my hair are the only ones happy or supportive at this point. Not that I expected my conservative family and friends from Alabama or Texas to really jump on board. :) Here's what I've got so far.


Not my favorite picture, but it shows a typical day of struggling with my hair. I've battled this head of curls my ENTIRE life. I've wasted so much money on products to tame frizz. Straightening was a nightmare. I believe my hair has been refusing to behave because it wanted to be left along to do what it wants.

Day 1:

Last picture before I started tnr. I'd spent a few days researching. Thought about going to a salon, but my scalp is so sensitive, and I didn't feel comfortable with the idea of backcombing or wax. Stumbled on some forums here and was encouraged that I didn't have to do either. I was just going to stop brushing, but the be honest I didn't have that much patience. :P I chose tnr, because I didn't want to lose all my length. My hair grows SO slow.

I spent all day by twisting by MYSELF. My arms were so sore and weak I could barely lift the camera. I was still pretty scared at this point, but I'd been looking at others posts on this site and taking encouragement from them.

Days 2 and 3:

I posted this on facebook and still have received ZERO responses. Not much support. I don't know if I did it right or well, but it's done, and I'm content.

Went on work errands with my husband, so I needed something "presentable", and this was what I came up with. I like the curly ends. I have no clue if it's okay to have curly ends, but that's what my hair wanted and that's what it got.

My beloved pomeranian, Woobie. He travels everywhere with us, and I love him dearly. This is my tam I created in a day. I'd crocheted scarves before, but this was my first attempt at anything not long and rectangle. I was very pleased with myself and the pattern I found online.

Any comments and tips are welcome. I used aloe once, and I liked that it helped tame some of the frizz at the beginning. The tops and bottoms are very loose, because I was working by myself and didn't make them as tight as possible, but I've been reading others' forums on the subject, and I think that's okay? My plan from here on out is to let it be, shampooing with Dr. Bronners 2-3x/week.

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By Hans Miniar Jónsson, 2012-10-17

One of the things I've come across in the never-ending cyclical debate of who's allowed to have dreadlocks is the presumed reason, or rather, presumed excuse of white lock-heads.
That every white lock-head has the locks because it's some form of a fashion statement, or "mock spirituality".

I'm an insecure person by nature. I have severe social anxiety, depression, add and chronic physical problems that fuel these things and feed off of them in a never ending cycle of doubt, fear and fatigue.
So when I keep coming across the assumption that all white people just want dreads cause they look cool and their spiritual reasons are just an excuse, well, it pushes me.

This spring I had a dip in my mood. A rough patch when depression and anxiety wrapped up around me and the world seemed like a terrible place to be in. A time when my fears overwhelmed me and for a few weeks I hardly even slept.

I cut my locks off.

I immediately regretted it. Not only did I lose the locks, but I also lost my signature blue hair.
I hardly knew the man in the mirror at all and I fell even further into the darkness.

And then.. something happened.
I had to take a trip, so I coloured my hair again.
I stopped combing the hair and ignored it as it grew out.
And this week, I found them....

Little baby locks, starting to knot up in the mussy mane that is on my head.

And lo, it reared it's head again. The question, the doubt, the fear.
Why do I let my hair felt together into locks?
Why do I let my hair do this naturally and organicly when I dye the thing?
Why does it feel right?

Truth be told, I just don't know exactly.
I have my spiritual reasons, my philosophical reasons, my psychological reasons, both for and against the practice.
While I like the way they look, I also dislike it, and I have received a LOT of flak for having them from people in my circles who dislike the way they look.

The more I question myself, the more I prod and pry and poke at what is beneath every reason I have, the more I simply know that the reason why I have locks is because it feels right, it's how my head of hair is supposed to be.

Today, they're babies, the few that have started to form.
The head of hair is mussy and fluffy and blue, with a few baby locks, and it feels better than it's felt in months.
Because it's just doing what it's supposed to do.

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Anarchy Girls

By Skully, 2012-10-16

I have started an alternative modeling community called Anarchy Girls and I am finally able to run this site full time! I am very excited to be able to devote my time 8am-3pm to this site! Does anyone else have their own business that absolutely loves what they do?! I know SE will be able to say that he does :)

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