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dreadlocks shampoo


knotty boy shampoo

By nicaz, 2012-10-30

Has anyone tried knotty boy shampooin the bar style? I've been using it but was wondering if it will be ok for my dreads in the long term? The ingrediant list seems ok and it smells good. Hmmmm. It certainly ditrick to stoppin scalp from itching and removed the dandruff :)

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4 months of locking

By aaron5, 2012-10-29

this is how its looking so far

and this is the back of my head

unfortunately i dont have any good before photos, so you cant see where i started from.

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dread lock accesories?

By christian2, 2012-10-29

so i cut off the top of one of the smallest beanies ive had on me in order to make some sort of dread lock head wrap which was a fail lol cause now its fabric is everywhere, where i cut is falling apart does anyone have any sitesspecificallyto buy things for dread locks? accessories? tams?, beads. beanies etc?

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Krazy Kinks!!

By Kyle Smith, 2012-10-29

Hey all. i havent posted in a bit but im just wondering if I could get some advice. I know that loops and bumbs are a normal think in the dreading process but in almost every one of my dreads they Kink completly in half. Will this fix itself and in not will it continue to do that through out the length on the lock as it gets longer?? Thanks for reading all.

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Almost 5 months!

By Elle Gee, 2012-10-29

Weeeeee! My 5 month neglect dreadlock anniversary is coming up in a few days! I'm so stoked! Check out myYoutube channel for a complete timeline! Stay tuned for my 5 month loc update!

I've seen so much transformation since I began my journey. I'm loving every minute of it! I have put anembellishmentin for each month I've had them. I'll show you guys each bead in my next video and put in my next one.

A year and a half ago I was still blow drying and straightening my hair every single day. A year ago I was letting it go curly and juststraighteningmy bangs. Spending so much time on my hair was getting super old... I thought when I stopped straightening that I'd feel free of the daily hair fuss. I still spent a lot of money of products and a lot of time fixing it throughout the day. Now I spend about $10 every couple months on my dread shampoo bars and almost no time fussing with my hair. I do take time to wash my dreads to make sure they stay squeaky clean and sometimes separate, but that's it. I feel like I have so much more time each day to spend doing things that I love, as opposed to making sure each strand of hair is in place. I've been given a freedom that I wouldn't trade for anything.Making the decision to start dreading was an easy one. My natural hair is coarse, frizzy and dry. I got so tired of fighting the knots. I feel like I didn't even have to make a decision; My hair did.

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By Skully, 2012-10-29

My husband is trying to grow his hair out (not for dreads, he just wants long hair) and I want my dreads to get longer, so I heard about Biotin... how well does it actually work and how often should you take it?! We are going to get some here soon. I freaking love my dreads, and I think they are progressing REALLY well for only being close to 2 months old, but if there is a way for me to get some length on them, I'm all for it!

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Thicker locks??

By DJ Gord, 2012-10-28
Can I thicken my dreads by simply doing nothing?
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By Sharai, 2012-10-28
Vote yes on measure 80 :) and Jill stein for president!
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crappy dreads today am i doing something wrong?

By christian2, 2012-10-28

hey guys, my dreads are making me feel like without the head band im going for some chucky finster look or some crack head xD im not paranoid or anything i just want to know what can i do to at least to make less of this crappy dread look mind you that im using natural method xP

chucky finster:Chuckiepro.jpg


i just finished washing them and there already dry some are begining to shrink and frizz so yea any help?

oh and good afternoon dread heads ^_^

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By christian2, 2012-10-27

images.jpgok ok im about one month and a week in and my dreads are starting to backfire on me to the point people have even said is that dread locks or has he not brushed his hair? and i need help im right now using neglect but i started with twist and rip i refuse to put anything that might damage my dread locks on my hair i honestly just want nice looking dreads like the first picture but instead mines look alot dryer and plus there much shorter i keep them looking nice with a head band but thats all i can really do but here are how my dreads look there really short and blah looking20121026_155235%20%281%29.jpg20121026_181509.jpgthey dont even feel like dreads they feel like fluff balls

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