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By Skully, 2012-10-29

My husband is trying to grow his hair out (not for dreads, he just wants long hair) and I want my dreads to get longer, so I heard about Biotin... how well does it actually work and how often should you take it?! We are going to get some here soon. I freaking love my dreads, and I think they are progressing REALLY well for only being close to 2 months old, but if there is a way for me to get some length on them, I'm all for it!

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Thicker locks??

By DJ Gord, 2012-10-28
Can I thicken my dreads by simply doing nothing?
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By Sharai, 2012-10-28
Vote yes on measure 80 :) and Jill stein for president!
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crappy dreads today am i doing something wrong?

By christian2, 2012-10-28

hey guys, my dreads are making me feel like without the head band im going for some chucky finster look or some crack head xD im not paranoid or anything i just want to know what can i do to at least to make less of this crappy dread look mind you that im using natural method xP

chucky finster:Chuckiepro.jpg


i just finished washing them and there already dry some are begining to shrink and frizz so yea any help?

oh and good afternoon dread heads ^_^

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By christian2, 2012-10-27

images.jpgok ok im about one month and a week in and my dreads are starting to backfire on me to the point people have even said is that dread locks or has he not brushed his hair? and i need help im right now using neglect but i started with twist and rip i refuse to put anything that might damage my dread locks on my hair i honestly just want nice looking dreads like the first picture but instead mines look alot dryer and plus there much shorter i keep them looking nice with a head band but thats all i can really do but here are how my dreads look there really short and blah looking20121026_155235%20%281%29.jpg20121026_181509.jpgthey dont even feel like dreads they feel like fluff balls

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a bitch named sandy

By ☮ soaring eagle ॐ, 2012-10-27

normaly when i think of a girl named sandy its a petite cute sweet chick not a massive monstrous superbitch

but a bitch named sandy is on her way to spend a few days wreaking havoc and devouring everything in sight.

this will affect our lil community since some of the most active helpful members are going to be caught right in her path..

it maybe weeks before we recover and get back on to the site so any members on during this time step up yoir efforts to help out

if you spend all your time in chat take a moment every hour to answer questions in forums and blogs

change and ixchel are stepping up to admin the site while we are gne

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Day 27

By Autumn2, 2012-10-27

Feeling kinda discouraged today. Going to try and just push through it, so close to the one-month mark!


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Combed out 3 dreads today

By Star Gryphon, 2012-10-27

I know a lot of you are going..."WHAT?!" was strangely therapeutic.

The first dread I combed out was one that used to be a part of another. Since it has been it's own individual just hasn't felt "right" having a place amongst the rest of them.

The second dread I combed out is the ONLY place on my scalp that I have any issues with. It's been bothering me about not being able to get these hairs that still have the end follicle still attached from inside the scalp and just looked pure grossness to me. It's been a point of dread stress for me for a while. This one I cut off the little "ball" on the end that is the most difficult to comb out and combed the rest of it. It had a decent amount of gross.

The third I combed out is sorta a special dread. You was the "first" one I ever had. I tried my hand at back combing it. When it didn't take to the backcombing...I did it again...I palm rolled it...I put wax in it...I was looking around to maybe use some of the hair that came out. With out even realizing which one it was..I saw that was basically the closest that I wanted the dry and donated hair to go to the kid!

Well...I saw which one it was. I take a look at it...see all the lint and stuff like was in the 2nd I combed out...but a whole lot more!

I cut this one off at right about where it was when I had put the wax in it...all the "unnatural" stuff I did.

Nastiest dread on my head!

Not anymore! It's now straight and brushed out hair.


]I feel like a big load has lifted off my chest. :)

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By that boy chop, 2012-10-26

how can i speed up my new growth knoting up

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By Mama Kat, 2012-10-25

Our friend passed away in amotorcycleaccident this month, he was only 30 years old & left behind 3 children who are close in age to our three children. He was like a brother to my hubs & was in our wedding. It hit us hard, to say the least. </3 RIP Mark <3

I was a bit nervous to go to his funeral, especially with my crazy baby dreads...but I should have known better, all of our friends love it was at my friends funeral the first time people really noticed/commented on/complimented my of our mutual friends also has some gorgeous natural dreads & this was the first time I had seen him since I started my dready journey. Strange, strange day...made me realize I need to see my friends more, since it had been anywhere from 2 1/2 months (when I started growing dreads) to two years since I had seen some of them. Also made me realize that the people who love me for who I am are going to love me with dreads too <3

On a much lighter note, I felt the need to wash sooner this week than normal & I counted 75, down from around 80 last time I counted.

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