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poofy dread roots?!

By christian2, 2012-11-01

ok so im one month and one week in and my roots there..there..poofy as hell i guess thats my natural hair growing or what not but what do i do? when i headband my hair back i see how poofy it gets20121029_110102.jpgis this apart of the process? or should i start crocheting? and is there any way i can resection some?

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First time in 6 years

By Baba Fats, 2012-11-01

So I went to school this morning. And like all mornings, I took the train. I sat down in front of a male TSA agent. No big deal. The next stop, a woman TSA agent gets on, and says to the guy behind me that hey should sit together since they are going to the same place.

I didn't think anything of it. I just like to people-watch andeavesdrop.

Well, I rested my head against the back of the seat like you always do. Well, all of sudden the lady stats banging on the back of my seat. I turn around and she said that my hair was hanging into her space. Iapologizedand pulled it to hang over my shoulders (In the meantime, no it wasn't in her space. It was braced between my back and the backrest). I did notice that the woman was black. That will be more important later.

So here I go, minding my own business, when she taps my seat again. I lifted my head up a bit, but didn't turn around this time. A few seconds later she did it again. At the next stop, while people were getting off the train, she switched seats. The male TSA guy looked and me, an I at him. He waved his hand at me on the down low to tell me that I wasn't doing anything wrong. He must have seen the annoyance in my eyes.

So what happened here? I wasn't about to get into an argument about my locks on a crowded train with a cop. On the street, maybe. But not here. People were trying to sleep, study, work, etc...

Do you think she really had that much of an issue with my locks? Could it have been because I was a white guy with locks? I really don't know

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anyone have a good timeline?

By christian2, 2012-10-31

i have really knotty curly hair as you can see20121029_204310-1.jpgi was wondering is there any section of this website or does anyone with my kind of hair thats been dreading since short hair with the twist and rip / natural method have any timelines i can see? cause its not easy feeling good about the stages im going through without actually seeing someone that went through those stages succeed in them ya know? i just want to feel more secure about these stages that way a though in my head could tell me that its just a stage and there not just looking crazy ya knw? thanks! =D

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By Ashley Marz, 2012-10-30

So many of you may know this and some of you this will be news too. I was accepted on September 23th, 2012 to a volunteer program located in McLeod Ganj, Himachal Pradesh, India through an organization called Lha. In this community I will be tutoring Tibetan refugees as well as a variety of other tasks in the community. (I have included a couple pictures as well) They would need my help during December and January. Due to this quick arrival I have been working 12-14 hour days to try to come up with not

only the financial aspect but to possibly include materials that are not easy to come by in their community. So the reason for this letter I will be doing services like cleaning, dog walking, cooking, errands, car washing, snow removal to raise money for this purpose. If these services are not an interest to you but you are able to donate in any way to help with the volunteering fees for living and supplies that are needed at Lha a $1.00 or $2.00 any amount is appreciated. I dont want anyone to feel pressure to get a service done or to donate money, I out of all people understand how hard it is in the economy these days, trying to find just a second job is feeling nearly impossible. However, if you are unable to get a service done or donate money Lha is in need of many materials that maybe laying around your house as well like;

- Whiteboard Markers for the Language classrooms - Travel/Pen Drives for the Computer School - Containers of Hand Sanitizer for the Community Soup Kitchen - Used Laptops for the Computer School and our other community programs

As you all know I am not someone that asks for help, however, in the case it is a whole community that will be helpedSo there is no time for an ego. The reason I am so passionate about this is within the past couple years my life has had many rough challenges (which most of us do go through). Within this time I have come to understand that even when you feel you have nothing left, strength is given to you from the people around you, which allows you to connect with the strength within your heart you never knew you had. Through the people I have met and the love I was given I realized that my path in life will always be to serve others. I want our future to be a more loving community and I believe this starts with giving without expecting anything in return. I have become passionate about starting a nonprofit organization to help the youth understand love, when a 13 year old girl I know started talking in a negative way about herself (I swear this is all connected). This is something that is not new to us we all write if off as growing up, but the bullying, depression, violent expression is becoming more than I ever knew when I was growing up. I dont want to go into this too much (but if you want to read more about my plan its included in the notes section of my facebook page). A big part of this project will be volunteering; it will show the youth to giving love to those in need without expecting anything in return, and the positive aspect that healthy love will have to those that are surrounded. Through this opportunity with Lha, I will be able to photography, film and write down these experiences to share with others. I also would hopefully like to team up with Lha to start fundraising money here in our community to send the youth to volunteer aboard for free, to children that have never thought it was possible because of financial issues. If you know any friends or family members that would be interested in donating any amount as well please feel free to have them contact me. (If you would like to donate online you can through my account on Tumblr, I will be updating you on the fundraising as well as the trip its self) The Total cost is $4170.00 So as you can see any $ amount donated or any items donated will help greatly. Thank you for taking the time to read this, it truly comes from my heart. Also if you have any other ideas on how to raise money please let me know. Take care. Love, Ash
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By Matthew7, 2012-10-30

Hi i just got myself some redken clean brew shampooit says its an anti grit shampoo that is supposed to get residue out of your hairdoesn'tsound so bad but it does have malt brewers yeast and orange zest in it. I have no clue if any of that would effect my hair.

If anybody has used or knows anything about this product or if any of the things in it are good/bad please let me know i would highlyappreciatedit

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1 week in

By Matthew7, 2012-10-30

im 1 week in and im not sure if im doing my hair right or if it looks right for being 1 week in. i would love to see some peoplesinput on this thanks

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Dying my dreads?!

By Skully, 2012-10-30

I'm having a hard time deciding if I should dye my dreads. I've thought black, or maybe a cool auburn color, or even bleach them or maybe dye them pink! I've always been one to dye my hair like crazy. I need someone else's advice, should I dye them (and what color?!) or should I just continue to let them grow naturally (i did t&r but i mean naturally from now on).... decisions decisions... which one is correct?!

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Dread Rant...

By Skully, 2012-10-30

Ok, I have been searching online a lot for dread photos and such and I came across something last night that really bothered me.

There was a photo of a gorgeous woman who had natural dreads and I loved it. There were comments of all different opinions below the photo, but the one that really got me was when a guy said "all people with dreads are dirty."

That is bullshit. Why are people so judgemental about things they obviously know nothing about?! You know, some people with dreads are dirty. Just like some people without dreads are dirty. Some fat people are lazy, just like some skinny people are lazy. Don't ever sit there and judge someone for how they look because until you know them, you don't really know how they are! I can't stand how people do this... It drives me insane.

Ok I am done with my rant now!


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Don't stress up, Bless up

By Ezskanken, 2012-10-30

Enjoy life...

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The Journey Continues

By Tim5, 2012-10-30

Hey everyone. I wish you all a lovely and peaceful day. My dread experience has continued, I have dreads again, as of four weeks ago. I did have natural dreads between 1999 and 2009, congod and loved it. One congo on the back did get a little uncomfortable to sleep, but I cut them off because I was meditating alot at the time, and was becoming very concious of attachment and questioned, was I attached to my dreads, and I guess to answer the question, I cut them off, in hindsight I guess the fact that I was prepared to cut them could have told me I wasn't, haha. Although I had dreads for ten years I actually new nothing about the dread process or products or anything really, I just let them grow, perfect really. But, this time around I had access to the internet, and thought that backcombing and wax was ok,I was suspect on the wax for sure, I actually washed it out the next day after the backcombing, after four weeks, I have a very good start, nice firm baby dreads. I wash my dreads a few times a week. My dreads want to congo, I can feel it nearly every day, hair getting pulled into dreads, I think I will have to accept it, and let them congo, not as big as before, I think I had eight dreads last time, so maybe ten this time. I think it is very natural to congo, if that is what is happening I think I will agree with the dreads and let them congo. Does anyone else think that congod dreads is completely natural and should be nurtured?



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