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Day 2, any tips for washing etc...?

By Jonathan Farr, 2012-11-24

So i just started yesterday and my hair is not that long at all (2 inches barely) but why wait more time till it is long right?

Any way i am notexactlysure how often i should wash my hair. normally i shower everyday, but dont wash my hair. should i just wake up and go on certain days with my hair lookin crazy and no shower?

I have very curly hair that will probably dread fast. anyway tips and suggestions are great!

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Natural Dread Blog

By calipark, 2012-11-23

blog sesh: natural dreadlocks are badass... keep your hair clean, cover it up when necessary and go on with your day.. wake up and marvel @ the total mess in the "reality" of a mirror.. week to week watch the matted mess sprout dreads... by 6 months your hair takes on its own character dread by dread.. by 1 year each dread has solid roots like a tree, and transforms on their own. the result of simply living your life and letting them do their thing -- becoming a reflection of that part of your life, more comprehensive than what a mirror could ever do. point being: you can do whatever you feel is right, and as long as it's something that produces results, you will find that patience and perseverance ALWAYS pays off. and you can ride each wave with that in mind until you get everything you want.

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10 commandments of dreading

By ☮ soaring eagle ॐ, 2012-11-22

1: thou shalt wash thy dreads lest the wish to be stinky
2: though shalt not touch comb or brush to thy head wether thy combeth the forwards or backwards
3: thine dreads shalt be thine and not covedeth any others
4: dreads shalt be created by thine god not by thine stylist
5: thou shalt poketh holes in thine head and thine ears before thine dreads
6: thou shalt not seeketh to haveth perfect dreads for only the devine shal be perfect thou dreads shalt instead reflect the imperfect nature of thineself
7: if thou rusheth to be dreaded thou shalt reach thine dreads death
8: thou shaly learn the lesson of the dread and not try to teach thy dread how to be dreaded
9: to seeketh dreads is to seeketh thine own nature, to seeketh the dread look is to worship false idols
10: dreads are the result of a spiritual journey not of effort and expences money6changers shaly be cast out and stricken bald

i wrote this awhile ago in the designer patented dreads thread but just came across it today (didnt remember writting it) but thought it was worth reposting here

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I feel dumb. I'm sorry please read

By Xephyre (Nae), 2012-11-22
I have never celebrated thanksgiving. In my life. I recently move with my mom where I have changed. And i just got caught up in the moment. I do not support thanksgiving. It is not a pleasant day. Many of you are natives or have family who are native to america before the pilgrims came. I respect and love you. I feel dumb for my previous post. Forgive me. And may peace and love be will us and lets give thanks EVERYDAY not just some people who only give thanks today.
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10 days ahead of six months

By Diego F., 2012-11-22

Nearly six months and lots of things are happening to my hair now...

had to complete rip apart a congo on the back of my head some days ago...

and today i had to rip several dreads, including the ones of my fringe, and some of the sides, because there were hairs from one dread inside the other... now i'm with a lot of frizz, but the dreads are not harmed [the sections still together, and still tightening well]...

i don't care too much about the frizz, never cared, and never find it a problem... but hope that in time they will resettle themselves in their next neighboors or form new dreads with new growth...

Some of my sections and dreads are becoming tighter...And there are some that strangely are becoming loose [this is perfectly normal, right?], but i'm just enjoying the ride.

No more fears, i'm not too anxious like i had been for a long time of my journey.

I just have to thank everyone in this site for all the learning and support!

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Week update

By Kerry Lee White, 2012-11-22

So, a week into this and I can honestly say, why did I not do this sooner? Oh yeah....because my job had a problem with people looking different. Well I've had good feedback from my friends, I doubt they're surprised by anything I do anymore but they like them ^.^ My mother still doesn't know :P

I went to town yesterday just for breakfast and a bit of shopping and there were a lot of starers o.O I'm not really a fan of any sort of attention lol, so kinda just avoided eye contact with the humans XD but mostly they seemed interested rather than disgusted. And no one moved away from me assuming I had smelly hair!

Well I had my first wash with Dr. Bronners and after trawling through this site I expected for it to fall out and kept telling myself not to panic. Funnily enough though they didn' I thought ok, maybe while I'm sleeping (I'm always on the move while I'm asleep!) but nope, so I'm just going to leave them be, stop putting a time frame on every step of the way and just see how things go.

My children are indifferent really....mummy does weird things, that's our mummy lol. They've not really said much at all only asking a few questions on how long will I grow them and can they be taken out etc. They're interested let's just put it that way.

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Acrylic crochet beanie okay for dreads?

By Vini, 2012-11-21
So i found this here since i didnt want to make my own tam or order one online that be okay for my dreads? they are a week old and i hear that tams and beanies help them knot up faster.
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My Journey has finally started!

By Dustin Godfrey, 2012-11-20

3 years ago i decided that dreads were the right thing for me. I always loved the way they looked and really wanted them. April 2010 was the last time I cut my hair, after having it shaved most of my life, for the sole purpose of going through this journey. At first I caught a lot of trash for my desicion from friends and family (my granddad is an old school barber and my entire family are not always down with non traditional things) I fought through all of the heckling and continued to grow my hair out.

I began reading and researching all about dreads, night and day I was watching videos, reading articles, and talking to people about them. As many of the people on this site will tell you, I fell into the trap of KnottyBoy and DreadHeadHQ and was a few dollars away from ordered a wax filled chemical death trap...Until I found this site. It opened my mind up to a side of dreadlocks I did not even know existed. I went from only wanted dreads to wanting to go through the journey and work and live with them instead of coming out "perfect and neat".

So finally after 2 and a half years of growing and waiting, I had a friend help and we did the twist and rip method. No products, NO WAX...and I could not be happier. I am only 2 weeks in but I already feel better and more unique. I can finally show people that I am different. I still recieve negative comments but I do not let it get to me, because for every negative comment I recieve 10 positive ones and it feels really good. I've made the best decision and I cannot wait to see what the future holds. Peace, Love, and Locks.



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hair is a mess

By Greg2, 2012-11-20

current profile picture is of five weeks. so many loose hairs andugh.

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Sista Lovin'

By Skye2, 2012-11-20

Never wrote a blog post in my life, but I wanted to share this story with everyone and brag a lil bit about my sister. I started my dread journey oh lets say about three months ago, they are coming along very nicely, with the only support really from my sister. Everyone else had the same ignorant negative stereotypes about dreadlocks and the people who have them. I told her (sister) my reasons for wanting to partake in this journey of true awakening and the method I had chosen. Sheimmediately showed her support in my decision and has supported me the whole way.So this week before Thanksgiving she took a trip up to Iowa City to visit some of her college friends and go to Chicago for a couple of days for her late birthday gift to herself. While she was in Chicago she went into the Lush store and told me she want going to get me something, but didn't know what. I told her thank you and maybe some facial scrub or something I didn't really care I'd settle for some cheesecake! Later on that night she text me and told me while she was in the store there was a lady with beautiful long mature dreads that worked there. My sister told me the two of them chatted for quite awhile and they talked about the whole journey and how she had started. My sister told her about me and how far along I was in this whole process and if there was anything hair wise she would recommend for my sister to get me. My sister ended up getting me Big Shampoo and in theingredientsit is fifty percent sea salt. I am super excited to try it out, but more so that my sister did that for me. She is such an amazing person and that fact that she takes interests in things that are important to me just makes my hear soar. We were never close growing up because we lived themajorityof our lives inseparatehouseholds, but this last year we can become closer than ever. I wouldn't trade our bond for anything in the world I love her so much. So basically this post is about how wonderful of a sister I have. Peace be with you.

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