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my hardest choice i made

By jazzymomma, 2012-12-16

hi i am writing about my new lil baby dred and its birth story ha. so i had a dred that was like suposed to be two dreds and the fused together. but the roots were all seperate and in two formed peices i had to decide weather to leave it huge and watch it grow out to figure out wat would become of it. it was already tight and locked so to separate it back to two somehow wasnt an option really. well it was down to ripping or actually had to cut. so i couldn't rip or snip it apart cuz already made itself into one dred so i cut the dred root sort of in half an let it be one bigger dred and now the other lil section. is a brand new baby one. that will need some monitoring sd id grows because i want it to be its own dred not congo again. so my dred count is at 20. but now its going up to 21 aww. they often count down a few not up. lol well its my llil one. lol let me know wat i think or advice or ur story.

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Keeping Austin weird.

By Amanda Vick, 2012-12-15
I have thought about dreading my hair since middle school doing research and changing my mind often because of how much maintenance I thought it would be.. Until I found this site. I still wanted to wait because I was engaged when I finally decided I was gonna do it but I wanted to have undready hair for wedding photos. My hair was last brushed by my maid of honor the day after my wedding. I know I was meant to wait to dread for this day and time.It's been about 8 months now and my hairs are looking great:) I have one thats amazingly mature. Most have blunted themselves and I love the super skinny ones that are still whispy like paint brushes.I live in Austin Texas and it feels great to start my journey here. It's very excepted and a lot of people are sporting them:) the only thing that's weird about it is I've only seen one other person that seems to be natural! Also it did feel funny in the beginning when people with dreads didn't understand my method choice and treated me like a kid because they knew more about dreads and how to "make" them. I know they were just trying to help.So the other day I had a very good friend of mine at a party that I was co-hosting drunkenly tell me how I was too pretty for gross hair and how ugly I wil be when I have to shave my head. It hurt my feelings I tried to share my knowledge but it was like talking to a brick wall. Everything was apologized for the next day but it still sucks. I pretty much am venting because I feel like I live in one of the most accepting city I've ever seen and still get shit for being different.Thanks for listening:)I've been lurking the site for over a year now.. Feels good to finnaly be a part of it.Thank you all and I love y'all:)Amanda L. Vick
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Some of my favorite folklore monsters I've found on the internet ( yes I love lists )

By Brandi Leigh, 2012-12-15

Totally completely unrelated about dreads but then again, we are more than just our hair style!

Bakezori ( Haunted foot wear ! )
A bakezori, or ghost sandal, is what your sandal will turn into if you bring it into the house or mistreat it.

Church Grim
The Church Grim, Kirk Grim, Kyrkogrim (Swedish) or Kirkonvki (Finnish) is a figure from English and Scandinavian folklore, said to be an attendant spirit, overseeing the welfare of its particular church. English Church Grims are said to enjoy loudly ringing the bells. They may appear as black dogs or as small, misshapen, dark-skinned people.

The Huldra is a seductive forest creature found in Scandinavian folklore. (Her name derives from a root meaning "covered" or "secret".) In Norwegian folklore, she is known as the skogsr or skogsfru/skovfrue (meaning "Lady (read, counterpart of a Lord) of the forest"). She is known as Tallemaja (pine tree Mary) in Swedish folklore, and Ulda in Smi folklore. Her name suggests that she is originally the same being as the vlva Huld and the German Holda.[1] A male hulder is called a huldu, or, in Norway, a huldrekarl.

In the folklore of Bali, the Leyak (in Indonesian, people called it 'Leak' (le-ak)the Y is not written or spoken) is a mythological figure in the form of flying head with entrails (heart, lung, liver, etc.) still attached. Leyak is said to fly trying to find a pregnant woman in order to suck her baby's blood or a newborn child.[1] There are three legendary Leyak, two females and one male.

In Danish folklore, a valravn (Danish "raven of the slain") is a supernatural raven. The ravens appear in traditional Danish folksongs, where they are described as originating from ravens who consume the bodies of the dead on the battlefield, as capable of turning into the form of a knight after consuming the heart of a child, and, alternately, as half-wolf and half-raven creatures.

Vampire Fruit
The belief in vampire fruit is similar to the belief that any inanimate object left outside during the night of a full moon will become a vampire. One of the main indications that a pumpkin or melon is about to undergo a vampiric transformation (or has just completed one) is said to be the appearance of a drop of blood on its skin.

Wabanaki Ice Cannibals
Wabanaki Ice Cannibals aka Chenoos are the evil man-eating ice giants of northern Wabanaki legends. A Chenoo was once a human being who either became possessed by an evil spirit or committed a terrible crime (especially cannibalism or withholding food from a starving person), causing his heart to turn to ice. In a few legends a human has been successfully rescued from the frozen heart of a Chenoo, but usually once a person has been transformed into a Chenoo, their only escape is death.

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By Brandi Leigh, 2012-12-15

I was looking up hair coverings for fun or business and I absolutely fell in love with the Tichel.

I'm really a big fan of some of the newer, bow-y, tiered designs by Leelach on Etsy of these.

Also, Andrea Grinberg's personal blog has a variety of styles with a really pretty braided scarf option.

Then I got sidetracked by looking up all odd assortment of modest clothing including insane giant swimdresses but we won't even get into that haha.

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Shocked, and needing to pay homage..

By mossmind, 2012-12-14

Early this morning, an old principal of mine was shot in the new elementary school that she devoted much of her time to. 20 children, 6 adults, and the shooter himself were killed on the grounds, with a secondary scene and one additional death.

I oftentimes thought about Mrs. Hochsprung; about how difficult it must have been to lead any school, especially our elementary school in the time that she did. About how strenuous her routine and decisions must have been, as she kept hundreds of young children in mind before even considering herself. I am honored to have been one of those children, one who had directly felt the care and responsibility in her presence. It can be difficult to comprehend all that we are hearing, but what we are feeling is entirely too real. My thoughts go out to all affected, who grieve together just 20 minutes from where I sit, in hope that peace and balance will soon find its way into these aching hearts.

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Week 3 of natural dreads

By Erik Hylan, 2012-12-13

I am at the end of week three of growing natural dreads and I am enjoying it thoroughly. I have been running into some bad dandruff problems and was wondering if there is away to put a damper on this problem. I wash my hair with liquid shampoo from
Love & Light

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Why do...

By Coloursnrainbows, 2012-12-13
Why do some baby dreads end up folding up on them selves? Almost like tying a bow or something? Just curious cuz some in the back have done it. Hmmm....
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Alice Says Hi

By Brandi Leigh, 2012-12-13

So I bought some face soap and random items from some people I wanted to check out on Etsy, signature required of course. And the post office is having an "agent who can better assist you" call me today or tomorrow to find out where my Buck's order went so I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

My hair is a bit soft ( I blame the shampoo ) but still sectioning itself out at the bottom pretty nicely, it's only going to get better once I replenish my cupboard of nice, natural shampoos.

All my cellphone pictures of my hair looked like hell today so I took a pic of a painting I did that I have in my vanity area instead haha. It's Alice in Wonderland if anyone is interested.

Anyway, happy Thursday world!

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need help

By antwan long, 2012-12-13
i need help saveing my pic asmy profile pic
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The Coconut Oil Mystery

By Marcellus Wallace, 2012-12-12

So last night in a dark room, i scraped some extra virgin coconut oil out of a jar with my finger, and it did something magical, it lit up blue! I tried again and it lit up again. I then showed my girlfriend just to make sure i wasn't seeing things and she saw it too. If any of you have heard of this or know why it occurs I'd like to know. It was kinda chilly last night so the oil was rather firm, dunno if that has anything to do with it.

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