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tittles are underrated

By Lost, 2009-08-19
so im on this soul serach inspired by love an the verry emotion that brought me from my slum was tempting me back to into its grip.some background an subversive advertisment on my thoughtsMid 08 i was looking up into The BiG sky of WY at Rainbow of living an light thinking of peace prosparity an the ease of life without the ridged blades of babalon. a week or so after my return to the nestalgic cage of civ i was being evicted from my home of 1 year an my prof that i could make it on my own, 17 an trying to hold onto my optimisam i moved back to my mothers who i had been away from for sevral years, joining my mother an brothers cause of preparing for the end of civalitaion as we.... an opening thought envelopes sealed but acknoledge for a long time, im verry apathetic but this was allot to handle an over time i became tunnled visioned into thinking tht every tommarow was going to be D day an then became impatient an lazzy, started to play world of warcraft again an lost my determination for nything but killing time, at the end of june i turned 18 an i met jessica, she inspired me to be a better person an reminded me that life gose on with or without me. taken by her every word i became entranced quikly an i found more motivation everywhere, i studdied an started gathering documents for my jobcorps application an got temp work a few times. I started to look for who i was an a way to center my persinality an become balenced, things fell apart the further i advanced with that plan n i faceplanted under the pressure of life, but getting back up i chanced a look to the sky to find my answer was not mold my persinality to one mathmatic salution but to just act the way i do, screw self imposed reform, indulge self expression an disregaurd our stupid rules, still not tottaly with it i resolved to go insane an tho it wasent verry visable i had fun tell i forgot my plan, stumbled an looked up to see a bit clearer picture, followed by a sevral hands reaching out to me an giving the push that will get me back to my blissfull adventures of mind an feet, my goals of advancment in self an my unstable stability. well short as it turned out for anything i write that is the end, forgive my odd styling of languege n misshaps in spelling
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Completely un-related to dreads, but will account for my in-activity.

By Faelwynn, 2009-08-18
My grandmother passed away yesterday at around 6-8pm PST. Right as I was leaving for work. I made peace with her, and said my good-byes when I left Alabama two years ago, knowing that I might never see her alive again. That's not what bothers me. What bothers me is the fact that I wasn't informed that she was in trouble until the day that she died. My mother and my sister with-held all information from me regarding her hospitalization and just how serious her condition was. I'm not so much sorrowful as I am just plain pissed off. Now, as my father's mother is also sitting on death's doorstep, I'll have to try and go see her, our matriarch, before her time runs out.I apologize in advance for my inactivity over the next few weeks.
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A little over a week...

By Faelwynn, 2009-08-17
So it's been a little over a week now, and my dreadies are coming along nicely. I'm now having major problems with my scalp being really really itchy, but the baking soda wash and vinegar rinse are working really well, even though I'm not adding anything to the baking soda or vinegar (if anyone knows anything that might work to relieve the itchy, please let me the moment I'm just bearing it and trying to ignore it...). I am becoming just a little irked by my (what seems to be permanent) part and the crazy things that my roots are doing, but maybe with time it'll resolve it's self. Also, I've decided that I need more wool... I'm going crochet crazy and just can't seem to help myself. Now I can take all my extra acrylic thread and make socks!! Hello to an army of hand made socks!And now, pictures! Taken as I sit here and type this!

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My first baking soda wash...

By angela englund, 2009-08-14

So I decided today to try out a baking soda wash on my (yet to be dreaded) hair. Dear gods. When you people say squeaky clean, you mean it in the most literal way.I just got out of the shower so my hair is still wet. But I'm curious to see the change in how it looks and feels when its dry. I've never been so excited about my hair before :-pSo what I did was look around the net and get an idea of what people use baking soda for and how much with water (or whatever else). So I figured I'd just wing it for my first attempt.Off to the pantry I went and found an empty jam jar with a handle and lid. This is maybe a cup or a little bit more. I grabbed the baking soda and dumped in maybe a Tablespoons worth or so. Then ran the tap to get some decently warm water, filled the jar, put the lid on and shook it up. This got me a cloudy enough looking mixture.Off to the shower I went!So I wet my hair, shook up the jar to distribute the Goods again, turned away from the shower, bent my head forward, letting my hair fall forward, then began dumping a bit at a time while gently massaging a bit with the other hand. (this is all detailed shit for people like me who need that extra inspiration to try new things!)Quickly enough, the squeaking started :-p my hand just didn't want to glide over my hair. It was so wild for some reason that I almost started laughing. :-pOh, and I had forgotten completely about how terrible the stuff tastes >..> unless I had a dog of course. Roomies do. Hmm.So yeah. I'm all excited.I think I'll try a baking soda body wash next. I don't think I'll need to do another baking soda wash on my hair if I were to start dreading in the next couple days because I let it sit in for quite awhile today.

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still learning bout this site. ;)

By XZanthia, 2009-08-01
this is a great site! i am still learning what it is all about and wanting to network up with more people of a sound mind. this is great that this is here and allows so many like-minded individuals to meet and chat. I am happy to be here and I will be a big blog poster once i get started! ;) If they allow blog comments here i would always love some!!! ;)
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Wello hello all!

By XZanthia, 2009-07-31
this is my first time here, i have yet to look around but i am happy to be here. i will come on as often as possabul and update but best to contact me with myspace or EMail.
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