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New dreadie

By Bobbi, 2009-10-01
Hello! I'm new to this forum and also to dreading. I'm actually in the process of "training" my scalp by spacing out the days in between washing my hair and not using conditioner. I've been researching dreading methods like mad and as of right now I think we're going to use the crocheting method for the dreads as I read that it works really well. But then it seems like most the information I find on other sites has to deal with backcombing which I am also considering using. Could anyone lend me some advice or personal experience with what may work the best. I have super curly hair that is about 11-12 inches long or so, sorry for no pic yet but will come.. Also I am still on the fence over whether or not to use wax... any advice in that area also? I'm still trying to figure this forum thing out so if there is somewhere on this site that talks about those things it would be great to find it! I'm still looking :) Peace.
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Any Dreadies in the AZ area?

By Nick Colasurdo, 2009-10-01
Hey i'm just wonderin if there are any dreadies in az haven't seen many ecxept a few in flag,
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Holy Moly Changes!

By Jo, 2009-09-30
Life has been full of so many changes lately! And it all stems to my hair. Well in my mind anyways!So I backcombed some dreads. Then I found this site. And reading about all the natural stuff I was a little skeptical. Then I tried it. And it's amazing! And I figure, well, if this natural wash is awesome in my hair, and leaving my hair be to do it thing has worked. I betcha other natural things would work awesome too!So I read the thread about everyones diet, and I think to myself, wow vegetarians seem really healthy. And at this point I just had a baby 4 months ago, so my body is definitely not in it's prime condition right now. And my husband is over weight. We are always tired. And not feeling well. So you know what? there's nothing to lose from eating vegetables right? so a couple of days in to the vegetarian transition, we are feeling awesome! and cant wait to go further into vegan and raw vegan. And another plus, my irritating fake neighbors stopped talking to me. They used to always be like "oh how's the baby?" but like in a really fake tone. And now they just look at me funny and keep walking. Which is nice, because the fake people finally are leaving me alone. And it's nice to filter out the jerks in my life. I've had too many. Don't need anymore.So in my mind, all of this goodness is stemming back to my hair. And it's awesome possom
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By Cody wildflower, 2009-09-27
i want to meet a girl with Locks that lives in my area LakeWood CA. SOCALalso around my age too "15"SOO yeaaaa hahahope your out there
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Backcombing method

By Nick Colasurdo, 2009-09-26
i tried backcombing a section of my hair but my hairs really straight so when i tried twisting all the backcombing came out, any suggestions?
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The dread process is so exciting!!!!

By Jo, 2009-09-22

So far I backcombed my hair about 3 wks ago. And now my hair is finally starting to lock up and it's so exciting! I found the coolest little loop yesterday too, It's just so awesome watching this process happen! I think if I were to do it again I would definitely go natural. Backcombing leads to freaking out. Well for me anyways, I'd see a hair that came loose and start to get nervous. But after reading tons of discussion threads about doing it natural and just leave them alone, I began to embrace the loose hairs rather than fret about them. and all the little "imperfections." I had curly hair before hand so a couple are a little curly which is awesome. Doing dreads is an awesome decision!(if anyone reads this, sorry it's alittle all over the place)

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A eye opening opportunity with limitless possiblitlies... my journey to finding me

By ☮Izzy-licious☮, 2009-09-20
What a yucky day... prepare your self this is going to get very personal... my relationship is teetering on the edge of who knows what... I love my boyfriend but I feel he and I are too different to really live a happy life together. I am or at least I try to be a pretty positive person. He is very opposite. He has a negative look on so much in life. I feel like I am constantly trying to get him to think positive and it's pulling me down. I have seriously considered ending our relationship. But this isn't the whole story. I think he may be bipolar. We are pretty sure is mother is and it is a hereditary thing. He doesn't even know he is being a jerk when he's doing it. He can be a total sweetheart, he constantly tells me I am beautiful and sexy and that he loves me. He will stop what he is doing just to come over and kiss me. He holds me as we fall asleep at night and as soon as we wake up in the morning he gives me a kiss and says good morning beautiful.I have some pretty bad self esteem issues since I put on the 70 lbs I had lost plus close to 20 more. I am 5'10" and no joke big boned. I am now at 320lbs and totally out of shape. I have no shut off switch and will eat like it is my job. I have a goal to change my life style for the better and healthier but my motivation is circling the drain even though I have a goal to get this going by September next year. My cousin is getting married and asked me to be in the wedding. I want to make it to next year and hopefully be well on my way to a full 180 lifestyle change.I am depressed because I have to work so much and still can't even afford to finish school or do any theatre, which is where I am truly happy. I am miserable in Arizona but it is currently where I HAVE to be. I hate that I am tied down by money and am beginning to very much dislike the "material" person I have become.I don't create any of my art anymore because I have ZERO inspiration and no space to create anything in anyway.I am trying to listen to myself more and my surroundings. I try to spend at least 10 minutes outdoors just listening. I spend far too much of my day indoors and alone. I have started to listen to any encounter that I have and see that it was meant to happen for a reason. The greatest example of this is my new journey with dreadlocks. I really think I am meant to have them. For one I am always attracted to them! There is a young man at the Blockbuster I frequent and I met him when I was working on my first set (waxies). He always encouraged me to help them along and loves his. I was there last week and he was sad but understood since he too had had waxed dreads. He said if I get the chance I should go for them again. Then this site and soaringeagle came along! *meant to be* I joined and as SE put it "decided to move in and am staying put" I learned so much and really felt that it was time again to embark on a journey few understand. This simple spark to "just do it" and my new "ear". I am beginning to find out more about myself than I thought I was capable of.It breaks my heart that me finding myself could eventually lead to an ended relationship but I have to do whatever it is that makes me happy and really listen to my heart and soul so that I can live the best life I can with the time I am given on this earth.A friend of mine went through something like this recently and her ending her relationship actually opened both her and her boyfriends eyes and they are both completely different people and have a beautiful new relationship. If what I have does end perhaps the same thing will happen. If my man can open his mind and heart to positive change and true happiness than awesome. If not then it isn't "meant to be"I cannot dwell on the past... only learn from it.If you read this feel free to leave any words you feel. I am open to anything.Thank you for reading...LoveJoyPeace&Patience this is my new mantraIzzy
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Lamentations of a layman

By Thomas, 2009-09-18
when I a younger man, I was often the victim of bullies and fighting because I was always the tallest kid in class. (Currently 6'11) So much of my childhood was full of defending myself and resulting detention from such defenses.. As time went on we all got older and the fighting and bullying wained. But for me, anger and frustration bubbles in me and sometimes overflows in my work and my home life. I have done well in my 28 years of existence in the world to contain the beast within as it were. But for some reason no matter how hard I try and struggle the beast within is rearing it's face and I lose control and my anger flares up and My mouth follows suit and people get hurt by my razor sharp words. I hate when I'm like that and it does no good me or anyone around me but I'm at a loss of what to do. sometimes the frustration with myself at my inability to exercise self control can bring me to tears. I long to be peaceful, content and calm, but I think I do not have the tools to find the comfortable center when I am choking on my anger. I'm at a loss anymore of what to do or where to turn. I refuse to conceed to any sort of pharmaceutical answer and I believe it's a bandaid on a bullet hole. I write this as a bit of self therapy.. something to reflect on myself as I stuggle to find peace in the tumultuous seas of my psyche. No comments are needed but I welcome any advise.
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Burning Man PHOTOS!!!

By XZanthia, 2009-09-08

Way MORE Photos in my BLOG here ----> - Please Check them out and Commentthere what ya think!!!

Videos soon!!!

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