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It's Time.

By Karma Jane, 2009-10-04

I think we all know what we need to doIt's time to stop listening to all that's untrueAnd time now to focus on getting a clueOn taking some action that's long overdueWe're using up resources we cannot renewWe're chopping the trees to fewer than fewAnd building on land that forests once grewIt's too late for waiting for some sort of cueI think we all have a vision or some sort of viewOn the vital goals and actions that we must pursueWe must put into play the things we already knewAnd find in ourselves unity to see it all throughThink of all of the land just collecting the dewIn your back yard and your neighbor's yard tooNow think of the dying less fortunate youthIf we could be humble this land could accrueNourishing food from rice to callalooWe could grow hemp for resources tooMake our own paper, and clothing and foodNatural energy, biofuel and shampooThink of what you're eating the next time you chewYou bought it from somewhere or someone, but who?You never can tell unless it came from youIt's much more substantial to eat Ital stewStop listening to "them" and their lies and tabooThey're creating a system about to fall throughMisleading the people with the way they construeThe meaning of life to be the brand of your shoeFooling with their fuckery to try something newLike driving hybrid cars to save up the fuel,But you're still burning up what we cannot renewIt's just another mindfuck they're throwing at youThey say biofuel is the new way to subdueThe destruction they've caused, but let us reviewBiofuel is far from just making it's debutIt was the only source of energy in 1902They've just been able to make money from youBy telling you their developments are all they can doBut if I have ideas to start up anewI'm telling you the government has ideas tooThey wont make any money if we live pure and trueLive the ways of the natives in Africa and PeruHarvest the rivers by hand and canoeGo back to the ways the man tried to undoPeople used to know what they must doUntil the system brought in fuckery to lead them askewAnd killed off all the rest with their military crewLeading people to believe that life is in this concrete zooWhere ignorance and violence is what we're bringin the youth up intoAnd coincidence is blown off as just another dj vuWhere people are divided by the power of the pewAnd have forgotten the beauty of the Caribbean blueBut now its time to be reminded of the natural hueOf the color of the Earth when it's pure and trueCome together not as Christian or Pagan or Jew,But as the people of the Earth knowing what we must do.

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By Karma Jane, 2009-10-04

"I WANT YOU!" ~U.S."I WANT YOU!" says a stern faced Uncle Sam"To fall prey to this wicked political scam.It doesn't matter who you are, but who I am.Everybody SILENCE when I raise my hand.I will confuse you and tell you that you NEED that brand.Forget the sunbeams! Pay money for your tan!Drive your SUVs and pollute this land!Through this nonsensical projected hollogram."It's so easy to believe you should just eat that hamEven though that life was desecrated at the processing plantAnd half of little Wilbur was turned into spamWhen we could have sustained hundreds on a garden of yams!But that's just not part of the plan!To be absolutely sure that your people can standAnd say "Uncle Sam, I am who I am!"It just doesn't fit with your ludacris scamTo put all the money back in your handBut I'm tellin ya what man...The shits about to hit the fanAs the people start to OVERSTANDThe amount of destruction in Iraq and SudanNot to mention the way you consistently cramUn-natural shit on what's left of the landThese automobiles forever stuck in traffic jamsCaused by defects in the roadway ALSO built by the manWhen they see a pothole, they just fill it up andForget all about what was there before handThey just add more and more, pound after kilogramOf asphalt and buildings that continue to standYet continually sink and erode into the landAnd it makes us some criminals if we give a damnCause it's treason to disagree with almighty Uncle Sam...JAH! I give thanks for the love you blessed my life withIt allows me to separate the truth from the mythAnd lets my naked eye see right through the mistThe inpenetrable fog lifted when I unclenched my fistRAS TAFARI KNOW that LIFE IS A GIFT!Every conscious moment is a chance to UPLIFT!!When life is JAH rhythm, RIFF after RIFFJAH! I give thanks for the love you blessed my life with.

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Gettin Ready

By Nick Colasurdo, 2009-10-02
Hi guys, i'm trying to get my hair/scalp ready for dreads. What products can i use to strip it off all the oils and residue?
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why look down on dreadlocks?

By hippie mama, 2009-10-01
hi everyone im 23 and im married to a man with dreads as well. we have a son gauge and he is 16 months in a few days and we started his dreads about 2months ago or so. all is good we get the awe how cute the whole family matches comments and we get the questions on how its done and all those good things that i honestly dont mind. now lately since gauges hair has been looking more unkempt then it has in the past i been noticing the rude comments. like we were at the park and i over heard this lady complaining to another parent and all i could make out was " oh my thatg poor child like he doesnt know any better....blah blah blah" then the next week i go to another park and a lil girl goes look at his clown hair and a boy said thats stupid" now mind you we had a bunch of better comments sying its cute and the kids love it but it jsut sucks that as a human being the bad comments linger with you ya know. and then last week this one really got to me. we were walkin through the mall and i let gauge walk instead of forcing him to sit in a stroller and he likes to go to people ans smile at them. so he walks up to this one lady cuz she was waving at him and the lady sitting next to her as i was walkin away with my son she looks at her teenage son and says" now thats just sad" now when i heard this i turned around cuz i was angry and i was about to say something to her but she seen me turn around and her and her son started walkin off. now what am i supposed to do in these situations? i know what i want to do is be like" do u realize that ur judging a 16 month old child?" or say well arent u a beautiful role modle u dumb b***h. or even better yet just plain out say"for ur information my son is ver well taken care of. hes on a vegetarian diet which is not only good for his health but alos our enviroment. hes only had a cold once in his life. we feed him organic food on the regular to make sure he doesnt get any harmful pesticides. he has a mother and a father and best of all he loves everyone and everyone whose smart enough to know it loves him too. and oh by the way since ur obviously ignorant to any other lifestyle then the one you live people who have dreads do wash them" thats what i want to say. but i just dont know how to go about this. i mean i know from my expierence that eople harshly judge us but its alot more personal when they judge my son. then i just get pissed. i mean ask me question dont just think im neglecting him. he looks so cute in them and he loves to shake his dreads so i dont want to cut them either. any advice?
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New dreadie

By Bobbi, 2009-10-01
Hello! I'm new to this forum and also to dreading. I'm actually in the process of "training" my scalp by spacing out the days in between washing my hair and not using conditioner. I've been researching dreading methods like mad and as of right now I think we're going to use the crocheting method for the dreads as I read that it works really well. But then it seems like most the information I find on other sites has to deal with backcombing which I am also considering using. Could anyone lend me some advice or personal experience with what may work the best. I have super curly hair that is about 11-12 inches long or so, sorry for no pic yet but will come.. Also I am still on the fence over whether or not to use wax... any advice in that area also? I'm still trying to figure this forum thing out so if there is somewhere on this site that talks about those things it would be great to find it! I'm still looking :) Peace.
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Any Dreadies in the AZ area?

By Nick Colasurdo, 2009-10-01
Hey i'm just wonderin if there are any dreadies in az haven't seen many ecxept a few in flag,
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Holy Moly Changes!

By Jo, 2009-09-30
Life has been full of so many changes lately! And it all stems to my hair. Well in my mind anyways!So I backcombed some dreads. Then I found this site. And reading about all the natural stuff I was a little skeptical. Then I tried it. And it's amazing! And I figure, well, if this natural wash is awesome in my hair, and leaving my hair be to do it thing has worked. I betcha other natural things would work awesome too!So I read the thread about everyones diet, and I think to myself, wow vegetarians seem really healthy. And at this point I just had a baby 4 months ago, so my body is definitely not in it's prime condition right now. And my husband is over weight. We are always tired. And not feeling well. So you know what? there's nothing to lose from eating vegetables right? so a couple of days in to the vegetarian transition, we are feeling awesome! and cant wait to go further into vegan and raw vegan. And another plus, my irritating fake neighbors stopped talking to me. They used to always be like "oh how's the baby?" but like in a really fake tone. And now they just look at me funny and keep walking. Which is nice, because the fake people finally are leaving me alone. And it's nice to filter out the jerks in my life. I've had too many. Don't need anymore.So in my mind, all of this goodness is stemming back to my hair. And it's awesome possom
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By Cody wildflower, 2009-09-27
i want to meet a girl with Locks that lives in my area LakeWood CA. SOCALalso around my age too "15"SOO yeaaaa hahahope your out there
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Backcombing method

By Nick Colasurdo, 2009-09-26
i tried backcombing a section of my hair but my hairs really straight so when i tried twisting all the backcombing came out, any suggestions?
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The dread process is so exciting!!!!

By Jo, 2009-09-22

So far I backcombed my hair about 3 wks ago. And now my hair is finally starting to lock up and it's so exciting! I found the coolest little loop yesterday too, It's just so awesome watching this process happen! I think if I were to do it again I would definitely go natural. Backcombing leads to freaking out. Well for me anyways, I'd see a hair that came loose and start to get nervous. But after reading tons of discussion threads about doing it natural and just leave them alone, I began to embrace the loose hairs rather than fret about them. and all the little "imperfections." I had curly hair before hand so a couple are a little curly which is awesome. Doing dreads is an awesome decision!(if anyone reads this, sorry it's alittle all over the place)

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