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"Natural hallucination" (not mushrooms)

By Jake, 2009-10-23
In a psychology class my friend is taking the teacher told them about a way to hallucinate without lsd, mescaline, or mushrooms. He claims all you do is cut a ping pong ball in half tape them over your eyes and listen to static. I'm going to be trying this with a friend of mine tomorrow and I'll let you know the results. If anyone has done it feel free to share your experience. I may also try it while on marijuana to see if the results are greater. Thanks!
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Mourning a lost love; embracing a new friendship

By Didjeridurian, 2009-10-20
We tend to become attached to people in life. When someone is "gone" we mourn them. When someone we love dies we have to accept that they are gone and be happy that they are moving on. If we have a deep understanding of the nature of the universe we know that we are all just passing through. We know that we are the ones who perceive their passing as a "loss", but they are on a beautiful new journey.Even with the deepest understanding we feel the pain of our loss. We mourn the times we shared, the feelings we created together, and every little nothing that made that person so special to us. We cannot help but mourn for the beauty that has passed, or the ties that have been broken. Don't be afraid to mourn, don't hold back the tears. But just know that the night, the winter, and the emptiness must come. For the night is the herald of a new days sun, the winter is the bearer of springs great renewal, and the emptiness is the canvas ,that without which, nothing could be created. We will do well to accept these things and keep our awareness within their grasp as long as they remain. Do not cheat your mind forward to the coming renewal, for to not appreciate the darkness for its natural place would be a travesty unto your own experience. Let the renewal come to you in its own impeccable time, and for your patience and wisdom will come the promise of unsurpassed beauty and joy.I write this having lost my deepest love. Not through tragedy or mortality, but through the nature of change. In this experience I am learning that we only mourn what we no longer have. When you cultivate a deep love for someone you may find yourself becoming attached to some of the qualities that you perceive to define that person. You may pledge yourself to that person for those qualities that allowed you to develop such a deep connection. If you remain true to yourself you will realize that attachment has no place in nature. Nature is forever changing and becoming new. To love someone unconditionally is to understand their potential and their right to change and become new. You must also be aware that the same applies to you. If you are changing and finding new directions, and they are changing and finding new directions, you must realize that you may just find it impossible to continue a relationship. It is no ones fault. However when we invest so much time, energy, and emotion into such a relationship we can tend to reinforce our attachment to the person that we perceive them to be.Sometimes two people change and grow in the same direction. When this happens the love and bond becomes stronger and deeper, however when two people grow apart, you must be honest with each other and yourself. You must know when to let the other go. If either person stays in the relationship just for the sake of the relationship, you will be holding yourself and your lover back and creating underlying resentments and discomfort.To accept this occurrence is to accept the loss of a relationship that is a very large part of your life. You may be gaining a new relationship with the same person, but it is inevitable to feel the pain of losing a love so deep.In this way my heart feels the pain of loss, but my mind acknowledges and appreciates the new friendship I have found. My greatest lesson is to head the warnings of attachment. The most glorious part of nature is that everything is always becoming forever new. Having that in mind, we would be wise to love and appreciate what we behold, but never expect it to remain what it is forever. Open your heart to the beauty of ever new creation and open your mind to the infinite possibilities of your individual experience.I may need some time away from as many things as I can for a little while. I also may like to keep interacting as per usual to keep myself sharp. I just want to put it out there so if I happen to dissapear for a little while you don't think I am abandoning anyone. Love to you all.
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The Naked Truth

By Didjeridurian, 2009-10-15
When did people start to wear clothes, and why?The only real purpose that is served by clothing is to keep us comfortable in in-climate weather. Why are we the only species on the planet that wears clothes?Every creature on this planet was born with the covering to suit that creatures natural habitat. A polar bear would die of heatstroke in the jungle, just as a hippopotamus would freeze to death in the arctic.Our natural covering requires that we maintain an average external temperature greater than 70 degrees. How could one possibly state that it is natural for us to inhabit climates in which we would surely freeze to death in our natural naked form.To make this stance viable, one would need to argue that we were meant to create clothing for ourselves and that it is the will of nature.To uncover the legitimacy of that statement, we need to examine the effect of clothing on our health and natural well being.Clothing is external insulation that simulates a warmer environment during in-climate weather. The positive effects of clothing would only apply to those people who are living outside of a suitable human climate. By suitable human climate, I am referring to a sub-tropical climate which not only maintains the proper temperature, but also contains an abundance of nutritious plant foods that best suit our species. People who inhabit these sub tropical regions would have no PRACTICAL use for clothing.Most people would argue that we need clothing to adapt to our chosen environments and although clothing may not be natural to our species, it doesn't do us any harm. However, every aspect of nature is part of the grand design of optimal health and abundance. There are no natural laws that can be circumvented without an adverse effect on our ability to fully experience natural well being. Then what harm is there in wearing clothing?Our skin is pouros and we assimilate nourishment through it just as much as we do on the inside. The sun is a giver of life and therefore provides a wide range of essential nutrients to our bodies. The rays of the sun catalyzes neccessary chemical processes that make other vitamins and minerals viable for our use. By covering most of our body from the rays of the sun, we are cheating ourselves of its copious nourishment. Much of the widespread nutritional defficiency that we face as a species is a direct consequence of insufficient exposure to sunlight.Our skin also needs to breathe. It benefits greatly from the movement of the air over its entire surface. By exposing our entire body directly to the elements, we are greatly enhancing our potential for vibrant health.Clothing has become more than just practical covering. Although it can often be used as a means for uniformity, it can be used as an opportunity for style and individuality as well. The irony of the latter is quite astounding. We use man made items such as clothing, jewlery, tattoos, and piercings to stand out and define our individuality. However, absolutely anything that is made by man can be easily duplicated. This process leads to trends and labels, and is often exploited by commercial industry. It seems that in order to stand out you must spend your life trying to stay one step ahead of the mainstream who will invariably pick up the latest style of the most popular subcultures, and make them novelties of the "status quo".Our bodies are a creation of nature, and however much alike in physiology and function, every single body is absolutely unique. Our bodies can not be duplicated when we allow them to develop naturally. There are so many features and characteristics that come together to create our physical essence. From the shape and structure of our faces, to the pattern in which our body hair grows. The more we choose to modify our bodies, by shaving our face and bodies, cutting our hair, painting with makeup, etc., the more we are eliminating our ability to create true individuality in our physical form.To be naked is to be free of potential conformity; to be free to express your truly unique contribution to the great natural landscape; and most importantly to be free to experience the infinite joy of natural health and well being.In this culture and society, nudity is something that has become largely unacceptable, and even illegal. Due to the "forbidden" aspect of nudity and centuries of collective repression, nudity has even become perverse and taboo. For this reason we cannot exactly just throw away our clothes and take to the streets without serious legal and social consequences. We must understand that this is another area that demands a gradual, and in this case, private transition.For the sake of our health it is very important to spend as much time as will be possible outside nude in the sunlight and fresh air. Find a place that is safe and private. Maybe a secluded field or your private backyard. Anywhere that you can go where you will not potentially offend anyone who is not quite ready to except their own natural bodies. We must understand that nudity is natural and therefore essentially important to our health and happiness.
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ode to whateverness.

By jasmine jenae., 2009-10-14
there's smoke in the air,so ofcourse im still going..there's a will & a way but you dont know where it's going.i should be working on homework.fuckthat, writing like this is the homework of the soul.there is no higher schooling, than having an open mind.i miss the way it used to feel,when everyone was fearless & innoccent..wait, when was that?it gets hazier with the days going by,and besides...the past is in the past...right?i want to grow myhair long enough to reach the world.i want to sieze the day, and the next one,and i want to do it with a comforting weight...the crazy's woven crown.this world looks so much better if you learn to look at it before you let it let you down.what do i mean?who knows, figure it out for yourself.there's no rest for the wickedand i havent absorbed it in days.i drift behind closed eye lids,but then cant ever completely fall away.whatever it is.where ever we are.i wonder if you really ever see me when you're looking here.wait, are you looking here? high,& in flight,my soul is just fine living the next few months on a pipe dream.until i'd like you to let me scream.ignore i become more myself,you become someone else...but atleast we're doing something..><</body>
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Spit up in dreadlocks YUMMY

By Alysha, 2009-10-13
So my little chubby and I were playing superman and as i'm holding him above my head i see this little twinkle in his eye....and Splat! spit up all in my dreads!Oh the joys of being a mommy! <3<3 hehe
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Just Me

By Dana Hance, 2009-10-12
I am not whoever you want me to be. I am and will always be just me; just like I am, never to change inside, only to grow and become more. I will continue to love the precious gift of life and wouldn't put anothers below my own. Although I cannot follow the path of repugnance nor live in a world of guilt, I am not perfect and I do not claim to be any such thing. If there is no understanding or belief from you by now, there will never be. Life is too short for me to sit here to repeat and explain.My purpose here is very pronounced and can be seen by so many others who I've not yet met. And for the ones who have loved me could never forget. I have hardly begun to affect the lives of the ones who believe there's more.I have no powers and cannot force love inside of you. I cannot make you someone you have never seen and I can't change your demeanor to suit my needs. There is no ownership between human beings we all will live in any way we choose to be!And I choose to beAlways and Forever. . . just me:)written by:Dana Hance
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Hemp Jewelry for sale! All proceeds go to traveling!

By Mamaa Wolf, 2009-10-12
I've made a bunch of hemp jewelry, and i have it all up for sale on my myspace page. Here's a link if you would like to check it out, i update it about every day since i'm bored sitting around doing nothing know my profile is private but if you click on my picture it will bring you strait to the jewelry.The necklaces are all $15 + shipping (unless your broke like me, i can negotiate the prices), the bracelets are $5 + shipping, and the keychains are also $5.I have examples up of a dog leash I recently made, and i can make more + dog collars, ect.I can do custom made, and basically anything that has to do with hemp that I can figure out I'll make.Just let me know!Peace and love.
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Rainbows in Jamaica

By Lonnie Berg, 2009-10-09
I'm not sure if this is the right forum to post this in or not, so if it needs moved Sonny feel free to put it where it belongs.I've recently been offered an opportunity to go to Jamaica for an extended amount of time,and I was wondering if anyone on here knew of any Rainbow Tribes, Phamily or Gatherings in Jamaica? Contact info would be a big help.Thank You and One Love
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The Real Me

By Elise, 2009-10-08
This is my first blog post and I'm not really sure what to write about.Things have been really hectic lately, and I'm stoked about getting my hair done. It reminds me of a few years ago when I had dreadies, but had to take them out for work. It's such a great feeling of freedom, inspiration and spirituality.I've had a writing block for about 2 years now. I used to write short stories, poetry and lyrics. I remember laying in the park with my note pad and pen and words would just come to me. Same with art and drawing, nothing happens when I try now. Hopefully having dreadies again can help me go back to my real self.I have been thinking about my lifestyle heaps lately. I used to be vegetarian, eco and into all things love, but now I find myself just cleaning, working and trying to organise things for the baby. When I found out I was pregnant, I chose to begin eating a bit of meat again, with 3 months left of my pregnancy I'm so over eating dead animals. There is so much guilt. That's one thing that I'm changing very soon.Does any one have any tips to train meat-eating fiances into vegetarians? I love him no matter what, but he's not very healthy and I think it'll be good for him.I never have time or money to do the things I love, I wish I didn't have to clean so much, I have never been with a man as messy as the one I have now :PIt's time I try to make the time and put in the effort to find the real me again.
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Happy 2 months!!

By Faelwynn, 2009-10-08
Today marks 2 months of dreaded bliss! As usual, I have included pictures so that everyone can see my dready progress! This time, most of the pictures were taken without my tam...everyone marvel, as very few people get to see me with my dreads down and not in a tam. Enjoy!!

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