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Hemp Jewelry for sale! All proceeds go to traveling!

By Mamaa Wolf, 2009-10-12
I've made a bunch of hemp jewelry, and i have it all up for sale on my myspace page. Here's a link if you would like to check it out, i update it about every day since i'm bored sitting around doing nothing know my profile is private but if you click on my picture it will bring you strait to the jewelry.The necklaces are all $15 + shipping (unless your broke like me, i can negotiate the prices), the bracelets are $5 + shipping, and the keychains are also $5.I have examples up of a dog leash I recently made, and i can make more + dog collars, ect.I can do custom made, and basically anything that has to do with hemp that I can figure out I'll make.Just let me know!Peace and love.
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Rainbows in Jamaica

By Lonnie Berg, 2009-10-09
I'm not sure if this is the right forum to post this in or not, so if it needs moved Sonny feel free to put it where it belongs.I've recently been offered an opportunity to go to Jamaica for an extended amount of time,and I was wondering if anyone on here knew of any Rainbow Tribes, Phamily or Gatherings in Jamaica? Contact info would be a big help.Thank You and One Love
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The Real Me

By Elise, 2009-10-08
This is my first blog post and I'm not really sure what to write about.Things have been really hectic lately, and I'm stoked about getting my hair done. It reminds me of a few years ago when I had dreadies, but had to take them out for work. It's such a great feeling of freedom, inspiration and spirituality.I've had a writing block for about 2 years now. I used to write short stories, poetry and lyrics. I remember laying in the park with my note pad and pen and words would just come to me. Same with art and drawing, nothing happens when I try now. Hopefully having dreadies again can help me go back to my real self.I have been thinking about my lifestyle heaps lately. I used to be vegetarian, eco and into all things love, but now I find myself just cleaning, working and trying to organise things for the baby. When I found out I was pregnant, I chose to begin eating a bit of meat again, with 3 months left of my pregnancy I'm so over eating dead animals. There is so much guilt. That's one thing that I'm changing very soon.Does any one have any tips to train meat-eating fiances into vegetarians? I love him no matter what, but he's not very healthy and I think it'll be good for him.I never have time or money to do the things I love, I wish I didn't have to clean so much, I have never been with a man as messy as the one I have now :PIt's time I try to make the time and put in the effort to find the real me again.
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Happy 2 months!!

By Faelwynn, 2009-10-08
Today marks 2 months of dreaded bliss! As usual, I have included pictures so that everyone can see my dready progress! This time, most of the pictures were taken without my tam...everyone marvel, as very few people get to see me with my dreads down and not in a tam. Enjoy!!

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What about Aloe?

By Nick Colasurdo, 2009-10-06
Ok, i know wax is a no go but what about aloe?I'm gonna try the back combing method for my dreads i did one but it looked all frizzy and felt like it was coming unraveled.My friend said he used aloe and his dreads are pretty nice, any advice?
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By XZanthia, 2009-10-05

There is a revolution going on in the farm fields and on the dinner tables of America, a revolution that is transforming the very nature of the food we eat. THE FUTURE OF FOOD offers an in-depth investigation into the disturbing truth behind the unlabeled, patented, genetically engineered foods that have quietly filled U.S. grocery store shelves for the past decade.

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you know, forever sometimes means just for now. why couldnt someone let me in on that?

By dweezil moon, 2009-10-05
i fell from cloud 9and hit the ground very hard. all self worth, meaning, possibilty went out the window, man. trying all different methods of dealing with suddon abandonment, and steadily failing. time is the only thing that will heal emotional wounds..and its not like he really even understood me half of the time, but it was nice thinking someone claimed me. it was comforting.but constantly being looked at as a "drug addict" or "socially detremental" and constantly being reminded of people thinking such by being with him, was a problem.. but hey, ill always have that burdon on my hands.theyve told me not to hug trees, but im sure it would change the way they see, if they were to drop out, or drink some mushroom tea, maybe they could fly like i have flown..i feel like ive got these fireflys trapped around my pupils, and when they dilate, i find my self watching on the smoke curl up and dissapate the air that surrounds me.god, its such an aberrant kinda thing..why do i have to be an undesireable?why do i have to be alone and misunderstood.i mean yea, i have myself, but sometimes the walls of my mind get smaller and smaller and i feel trapped.if i could just find the one who can unlock my taught me nothing but bleak lessons.lessons none the less i suppose.emotionally and mentally disoriented.but lookin up at the sky and feelin thats its going to be alright either way because the sunshine moon and stars are always there for me to confide in.
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By Karma Jane, 2009-10-04
Up Up Off and Away. I'm thinking we all knew it would happen that way.Especially since I was praying for it everyday.Manifesting miracles all day in and outwithout a doubt that it's the spirit calling to me clear and loud.I swear I'm getting signalsThe co-incidents don't stop!I'm noticing the changes from the bottom to the top.When I tune into the spirits and hear what they have to sayTHey tell me spread the love and shine the darkness awayAway from the wicked and always stick it to emThat the spiral light of venus rises first and shines the bestFrom the North South East West cornersOf the galaxies endless moonsListen to the musicLove will help you with the rest.Catch a show, Catch a festBut remember that the bestComes from deep within your soul where your destiny manifests.~So manifest your destiny! Think about eternity and what you really want to be!THINK of what you want to tell your grandkids when you're seventy three!What do you believe to be holding us in placeIn this time of HERE and NOWAs we float through outer space?And WHO is this might GOD on highThat the masses reach up to in the sky?Isn't He I? Arent I AM?The spirit manifests in the palm of my handsAnd since I have it, and I can use it at my willI wish to manifest GOOD KARMA and keep away all illand wicked forces stepping in the wayOf getting me down the road because tomorrow's another day.I'm manifesting comfort in the rough of roots rock livingAt the gatherings in the hills or at RatDog in the City.It's ME. It's YOU. We are ONE.NOW..What are we to do??~Do some GOOD! And do it on purpose!Make it your duty to search beneath the surface!Every moment you remember that other people are alive,Conjure up some love for them and send to them your vibesCus that's your TRIBE! One family, one race!From the micro-organisms to the life in outer space!When you connect with this connectionThat everythings connectedYou're ultimately protectedFrom bad natural selection..Put out more good energy.So much that your friends can seeAnd be inspired to beWhat they see you can be.Anything that you can seeOr dream up's a possibility.
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Manifest some Miracles!

By Karma Jane, 2009-10-04
You can be completely out of money but be richer than the Trumps. You can build a cardboard mansion in the center of the slums. You can get strung out on everything, or steal to have your style. Or offer out free hugs and be higher from your smiles. Fall in love with the love that you find in dark places and remember that love when you see those sad sad faces. Some sisters and brothers just don't have a clue what the power of love from inside your heart can do. ENLIGHTEN them! Remind them of the truth. Build our family spirit to protect us from the ruthless! Cause they're out there man! And they're looking for me! I feel it all the time, but I'm pretending not to see them because maybe eventually my mentality's reality will make them make believe. Cause seeing aint believing, you're gonna see what you believe. If you believe in your potential to manifest some miracles, then MANIFEST SOME MIRACLES! But be sure to keep it SPIRITUAL! The losses across the process come from shallow greed and heartless thoughtlessness.
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Found the NOW

By Karma Jane, 2009-10-04
Put your feet on the route that makes your soul wanna shoutFrom the top of the mountain when the world is down and out.I have no doubt that this is real now~~How could I allow a foul to come and cloud it now?I should take a vowbut I'm not positive howTo really pick the right words to capture the wow factor.The perfection of the Universe I must acknowledge firstFrom the burst of creation that opened doors up for these versesTo manifest from spiritJust so you can hear it.But don't fearJust come near itAnd endear it.Every year it just got harder to get any fartherWithout becoming a martyr for the values that I startedTo stray from anyway~wishing it was any dayBut the day that is today.I wanted yesterday.To open up tomorrowSo the sorrow of the now could fade to gray on time that's borrowed.I was waiting.. Waiting patiently on timeTo show me all the signs to get my mind on the right line.And time took it's time and it sent me on a tripThat was seeming like forever but was really just a blipI found the NOWI lost DESIREI shed the PASTAnd built a FIRE
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