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By Seven, 2010-04-04

i just did my dreads tonight and yeah even tho they arent completely natural they still look AMAZING....
if i can get any tips, tricks, or general info let me know! :)


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By Didjeridurian, 2010-03-31
This is a response to Rama Varma's Blog post "Naturally".

"Natural" is a term that is quite hard to objectify. It is not a static term, and it is heavily dependent upon context and circumstance. Fire is naturally occurring as you pointed out, however, the applications of manipulated fire present their own very troubling issues. Fire is a tool of nature for cleansing and it is extremely rare to be naturally occuring. 99% of of wildfires are not naturally occuring.
Humans are surely a part of nature as you pointed out, but that doesn't mean that everything we do or can conceieve of is natural.
To your point that we are able to adapt to our environment... I need to strongly emphasize the distinction between "ADAPTATION" and advancement/growth. Just because a creature adapts to certain circumstances, it does not mean that adaptation is favorable. In fact, adaptation often degrades a species ability to thrive and jeopardizes the survival of that species. Just take digestion as an example. The human species has gone through a great deal of adaptation in terms of adopting a diet that is radically out of sync with our physiology and our biology. From the secretion of salivary and gastric juices to the production and delegation of pancreatic enzymes, our bodies have developed very clever and effective ways of neutralizing the toxixcity that the average "civilized" diet creates. From generations upon generation of eating processed perverted foods, the average human body has redistributed the majority of digestive activity to the mouth in an effort to strengthen its first line of defense against the pathogenic substances that we consume. The body has also adapted to enlarge our pancreas for the production of an exponential amount of digestive enzymes needed for autolysis. These adaptations are a protective measure that are meant to be employed in times of crisis like famine, drought,or some other temporary natural occurence. These adaptations are not meant to be permanent by any means. Digestion in the mouth is highly ineffective for human species. There is very little digestion possible in the mouth as we only contain very small amounts of the starch enzyme amylase in our saliva which is only meant to break down the unreleased sugars of fruits and vegetables. When our body redirects the digestive energy to the mouth, it is merely attempting to neutralize the harmful elements present in the food but not to catalyze absorption. In fact the opposite is true. Most food items that are heavily processed are unidentified in the body and treated as invasive. The digestive system borrows resources from the imune system and acts upon the invader in an effort to shroud it in white blood cells to be escorted out of the body immediately through the skin, urine, or bile. These processes often result in the creation of putrefactive gasses, acetic acids, and sulphuric acid. When the body enlarges the organs of elimination and enzymatic production, it is adapting to the process of eating foods that are devoid of their own enzymes. All fresh foods contain the enzymes needed for the total breakdown of that particular food. Fruits which are high in sugar contain enzymes like sucrase an maltase. When we process the foods in any way at high or low temperatures, or expose them to oxygen, the enzymes are destroyed. Without the integrated enzymes of the food our body must create the enzymes needed for the digestion of this food. This seems like a very clever and effective method of adaptation, but it is actually quite detrimental to the rest of the body. Enzymes are responsible for every single metabolic function in the body from cell growth to thinking. When we are constantly draining our limited and very finite enzyme reserves we are stealing that energy from the rest of the bodily functions. This reduces our capacity to repair tissue and maintain clean blood and cells. This leads to epidemics of degenrative disease.
Nature is a set of intrinsic and SELF ENFORCING laws or principles. One cannot argue the natural value of something without simultaneously citing the effects of such activities. Anything could be seen as natural in a very subjective way because if something did not ultimately come out of nature, then where could it possibly have come from? The real question is how does it effect the homeostasis of the natural world. Even the most pure natural substances can create catastrophic outcomes when applied without regard for natural law (aka science). Every aspect of behavior must be considered. One of the biggest problems with these types of quandaries is that convention is disguised as "normal". Often times we concede to unpleasant or pathogenic phenomena as neccesary or unavoidable. This removes the possibility of real human evolution and advancement. Disease is the outcome of living outside of the principles of nature. When I use the word nature in this context, I simply mean the optimum way to preserve health and vitality. This can be measure objectively by performance. You make the point that people are the only animals that cook their food and your argument is that other animals have not mastered fire as we have. You imply that perhaps other species would cook if they in fact were able to acheive our mastery of fire. Your theory is valid, however it takes a great deal more than "ability" to prove a natural law. A very simple point I would like to offer is that we are the only species that cooks our food and adapts to our habitats. We are also the only species that shows epidemics of degenerative disease and utter destruction of that very habitat. Getting back to adaptation... we have adapted over many years, many generations to these protective measures, however if one returns to correct physiological living, the functions of the body wil return to normal nearly immediately. Studies have shown that the adaptive measures of digestion will cease just as soon as correct eating is resumed.
You question the nature in the activities you enjoy. You enjoy reading,as do I. However, what is reading other than pondering the expression of another mind and other perceptions. Could we not achieve the same satisfaction from social discussion with a wide spectrum of men and women? Wouldn't this also strengthen our human fellowship and create a more universal dialogue? Don't instruments exist all around us all the time? My didjeridu was made for me by termites in a eucalyptus root. The first instruments were made in nature from only what could be found. Tools are not natural or unnatural. It is the application and intention of these tools that really matters. What is the purpose of the method? What is the thorough evaluation of the outcome? How does it effect every other aspect of our inner and surrounding environments? is there a better alternative that better addresses all of our needs across the board?
Our inventions and "civilized" methods often keep us trapped in the perpetuation of these methods. Why do we have to work at something arbitrary in order to gain a "currency" with which we buy food, clothing, and shelter? Why don't we spend that time and energy growing food, creating clothing (when and if neccesary) and building shelters (when neccesary). Everything that is NECESSARY to our survival comes for free. Our civilized system is failing and is relatively brand new in the scheme of humanity. Our imperialistic desires bring us to uninhabitable climates and force us to violate the principles of nature for our survival. We narcisistically fear the demise of our species which ironically is what most threatens the viability of our existence.
This is the tip of the iceberg in this discussion. The discussion will live itself out in the observance of nature and our place in it. Everything that is, is of nature, and nature will always prove beyond doubt whether or not soething will be sustained.
I conclude my thoughts with this quote:
"We start the resurrection of man by reconstructing the paradise, planting fruit trees, vineyards, and gardens as our new residence. We bring not only a scientific system of healing based on natural laws, but a regeneration, a complete ressurection of the flesh by water, air, spirit, and by the divine food of "God", i.e., fruits."
Prof. Arnold Ehret 1905
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By Mix, 2010-03-30
Seems my birthday was off by 11 years, making me like 35. Oh god.

pics of me are at:
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ahhh again with the loose hair.

By carolanne costantino, 2010-03-30 patience has increased dramatically..and besides from pulling out the crochet hook for some (not all) loose hairs, im proud to say im still not doing anything else with my dreads, besides from baking soda cleanses. roots are growing in..some in the back is a tad bit frustrating, especially on top. im hoping to come across a happy medium with maintaining my roots (no palm rolling), but a natural way to help them along..a bit contridicting, but i hope someone knows what i mean. :)

lots of love carolanne
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Earthship construction

By Pisces, 2010-03-24
Well the weather has finally begun to clear up here in Canada. Ive been working on the second floor quite a bit. Now the entire first floor of my earthship is comprised of tires. However i used cob and then adobe to insulate and cover the tires as i live in a colder climate. Instead of using straw bales for the second floor ive decided to primarily use cob. The building aspect of the is hugely speedy and i can avoid potential mold problems in the future with greater ease. Ive found the first floor is a tropical temperature and very moist almost like living in Florida. The only concrete i used so far was for the frame of my 5500 gallon aquarium. Im trying to perfect a siphon system into bio filters and the rear has a valve so i can heat the cement bottom of the tank as needed to keep the temp up if for some reason it chills to much. There is back up electrical heat for when i head to Thailand and Aus but i have arranged for someone to stay there for the month im gone to keep an eye on things.

Ive gone a little hybrid and fixed issues i found with the earth ship design itself. My goal was to 90% of the material in the home from on site or from previous demolitions or homes. I just bought a video camera so i can document the building process. Im working on adding a saltwater hot tub outside comprised of an adobe/cement mixture and old hardware from a destroyed hot tub. But its a side project and ill try to put up some material on it shortly.

So far septic and plumbing to indoor gardens has been great. Electrical has been fine. Ohh and ive been experimenting with using buckwheat hull and straw to stuff duck cloth mattresses. This has been very successful! I have a king size mattress stuffed this way and ive added lavender and nag champ packets to the inside to give the mattress an always fresh smell. I flip it every 2 weeks and i would say its the best ive ever slept. The whole thing cost me $80 canadian to make. For a king size mattress thats golden!!!! Gonna put up a tutorial on mattress making as soon as i have time to figure out adding things to youtube.

Stay tuned as i will begin to add tutorials on grey water plumbing systems. How to build a green home from scratch. You dont need tires to do it there are other methods which you can use that are just as easy to learn. Work with whats available in your area. Grace your dreams with effort!


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result at work

By iluvblutak, 2010-03-21
so, today i had my first day back at work with the start of dreadlocks in my hair.
i work in a vegetarian restaurant as a chef so i didnt think it would impact and i was right.
the only things i had was some odd looks when i walked in the front door... i dont think the other staff recognised me untill i started speaking and they promptly put on bob marley which did make me chuckle.
The only slightly negative comment was from my boss, she took a while to say anything about my hair and i could see that she was trying to find the right words and courage to ask me about it. she then asked me who did my hair (me) and then she asked if she could touch my hair after-which she simply said 'you had such nice hair'
so all round pretty boring i think. but some interesting conversations will follow on later when my dad comes to visit and then my grandma is visiting too, i dont think she'll be too impressed but i suppose we'll find out.
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This made my day

By iluvblutak, 2010-03-20
i just wanted to share something i got told today
This morning, i was walking through york, along the main highstreet. This may not sound unusual but let me fill you in on how i dress.. i tend to wear jeans or chinos with a collared t-shirt maybe a jumper and a really nice tweed jacket, and as you could imagine.. this combination with (very very baby) dreads is fairly uncommon.
Well anyway on the walk down the highstreet i got stopped 4 times by just random strangers saying how nice my hair looks. The one person that really made me smile though was the last one. He was a policeman and said how nice it was to see someone with dreadlocks wearing clothes alot of people would call formal and that it helps to dismiss some of the negative views some people have on people with dreadlocks. he then explained that his son has dreadlocks and the amount of dirty looks and snide comments he got from people was mind-blowing.
I dont think i'm the only one who finds this unpleasant, i don't know how people with dreadlocks have got this reputation, but i think it's a real shame that some people are so shallow and class people with dreads as ''bad eggs''. However, i think we all know how nice it is when we get compliments, and i just wanted to share that lovely experience with you guys x
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1 week reflection

By iluvblutak, 2010-03-17
1 week ago, i realised my ambition to get dreads. My girlfriend of 3 years had just had intimate relations and run off with some other guy she works with, she dumped me by typing it over skype, thus delivering me a metaphorical kick to the crotch. This started me thinking. i would change how i live. i have always wanted dreadlocks, now i am a student and my girlfriend had gone i had noone to upset, this all magically coincided with my hair being about 4-5 inches long so i decided to give it a go. I knew what to do, 4 years ago i had helped my friend backcomb his hair to get them started, so i did the same. i spend a long afternoon quickly back combing my hair and then twisting it and fiddling with it. the next morning i walked off to my lecture at university looking like sideshow bob.
Now, i'm a biology student so there a a couple of people with strange hair but non with dreads. i was expecting lots of laughs, or faces of disgust as i imagine people might often recieve from the uneducated who think dreads happen when you don't wash your hair. However, i was greeted with smiles of admiration and i had people approaching me saying that it looks great despite them sticking up all over the place.
So, it's been 1 week, i backcombed last wednesday, i washed them in baking soda mix on saturday after playing a very long rugby match and have just washed them again today. as you can see in the photos i've put up... i have come out the other side of the sideshow bob look but i feel like they're starting to come undone and loose hairs are popping up all over the place. i stil play with my hair and make sure it looks presentable in the mornings (i sleep in a wool tam i crocheted a few days ago) before going to lectures. i dont know if this helps or hinders the locking process so hopefully i'll find out and as i have a 5 week holiday starting on friday (oh the hard hard life of a student) i dont need to worry about how it looks.
Thats my 1 week update, i shall continue documenting whats going on and i hope, provide some interesting and maybe even amusing reading for some lovely people in their moments of boredom.
stay safe lovlies x
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The agony of waiting...

By RootzValley, 2010-03-12

After my graduation, I was a bum for about 5 months. But I got tired of the idle times and wanted to focus and have a career in everywhere possible. I really wanted to enhance and practice what I have been learning from school. It was in the late October of 2005, I have decided to apply for the position of Information Analyst to a conversion process company. And lucky did I passed the exams and interviews. But somehow, I felt reluctant on some things and some guidelines of the company. One of it is the dress code. Prior to the signing of contract, the Human Resource manager warned me about my dreadlocks.

I reasoned out and ask as to why the company won't allow me of having my dreadlocks in spite of making it neat as possible but needless to say, I didn't get a good answer. But due to financial reason, I have come across the conclusion that I really have to cut it in spite of being downtrodden and having a heavy heart. It was in November 2005, a month after I signed my contract, its still fresh in my mind how I cut my 3 yrs old dreadies in exchange of my employment. I feel pity for myself and annoyed likewise. I am very much angry how other people are stereotyping at times. But I am the one who wants the job so I reckoned and let the feeling of bitterness pass by.

Day by day, months after months, years after years, I feel envious to other dreadhead in the place. But I painstakingly said to myself that one day, these dreads on my mind will flow positively and the people will know the truth behind those false assumptions about dreadlocks. Lucky did I have the chance to talk to the HR manager again. But because we do know each other for quite sometime due to company band competitions and stuff, and because I'm in a band playing ska reggae music, I have gotten the chance to talk to him about the dread thing again and let him know and understand that its not merrily a hairstyle but a lifestyle stolen from my whole being.

Then the right time has come. Its been 4 solid years of wanting and urging of having my dreads, and now I am in so much thankful that they (my company) have let me do and wear my dreadlocks. The agony of waiting has paid off. Its been an awesome 6 months of having my dreads done now.

Lessons learned: Patience is a virtue. Know, Stand and Fight for your right.

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dreadlocks in my mind and soul..

By RootzValley, 2010-03-12

Having my dreadlocks is not just about a hairstyle but its about a lifestyle. A lifestyle of positiveness creating a positive outlook on life. How about you, what do you think are the reasons why your getting your locks? Anyhow, I salute to all thecourageous bredrens and sistrens of this wonderfull site! Much love and respect. Jah bless InI

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