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Is wax bad?

By Carrissa Painter, 2010-07-02

Should I use wax or not? Because I've seen many people say they use wax and other say that wax is horrible for dreads..

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Dreadful Epiphany

By Panterra Caraway, 2010-07-01
I am a person who is mindful of being kind and putting myself in the shoes of others. I try very hard to be understanding, regardless of circumstance. For the last few days, I have spent alot of time here conversing with all the dready folks and feeling happy and at peace with what I have found. So, with a smile on my face I went to the local shopping center to run errands. In record time, I was no longering smiling! Infact, I was fighting an urge to hit someone with something! The shopping center was packed with every human in my town (atleast it seemed that way!). Everyone was pulling in and out and going to the market, coming out of the bank, etc. Parking/driving etiquette went right out the window and the folks at the bank let the door slam in my face! I held the door for more than a few people and not one said thank you. Upon leaving the center I got a very loud and rude honk when I didn't zoom through the green light fast enough (guess what? I would have killed a lady in the cross walk!). I came home and slammed the door. How can a 15 minute trip to the store make a person feel so bad? I think what upsets me the most is that the increased busyness is due to the 4th of July celebration. Here are all these patriotic folks laying in their supplies and rushing to do their banking before the holiday and they are flipping everyone off and driving over them in the "American"! Makes me want to live in the forrest.
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Nurturing my baby dreads...

By Panterra Caraway, 2010-06-29
I wanted to thank everyone here! My little babies are one week old! I am going natural and letting the process unfold. I have learned sooo much from y'all. My scalp was unhappy but I got some Dr. Bronners and the baking soda and peppermint oil. It all felt amazing! Even the ice cold rinse! If not for all your help and advice I would be itchy and frustrated. I see funny little worms and loops amazing!!! Sending love and blessings!
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Rambling and sadness

By ☮Izzy-licious☮, 2010-06-28
Well I asked my roomie to come home at some point today so I could talk to her about something... it's been two hours since she said she would be home a little later... ANYWAY what I plan on talking to her about is if everything is okay... last night she went out with our mutual friends.. big group kind of thing... I didnt get so much as a text message to even see if I was busy. Then I see them all posting how much fun they were having on facebook and I'm like wtf. Now she knows I dont have much money but don't assume I cant afford to go. I just get the feeling like she is avoiding me. Two days ago I heard her and her boyfriend awake in her room. I got up to go pee and there is no way you can't hear when one of us leaves our rooms because the doors are loud... well I was flushing when they walked out of her room and by the time I pulled up my pants and washed my hands they were out the door with it locked and long gone.. it was like they bolted out of the house to avoid talking to me. :(So I spent the rest of that day and the next day at my parents house and she didnt even come home this weekend except to do her hair for work. My mom suggested I move back home so I can save my rent money for a year and have the ability to move somewhere else (a different state) if I want. While I was at my parents I got super depressed and just had the gut feeling I didnt want to move back there so I made my mom take me home. After a screaming and crying match over my disbelief that my little brother isnt doing drugs anymore. I even asked my roomie and my ex if they could come get me to take me back here. She told me she was working until 10 I said no worries I am home now and I heard NOTHING from her til this morning in response to my text about her coming home so I could talk to her about something. So now it's 2 pm she most likely has to work at 5 and she prolly wont show up here until about 4. I don't know what is going on but I need to know.. I feel like my roomie and best girl friend in Phoenix hates me as well as the friends we share and since I dont know many others here anymore I sit in solitude watching every movie I own and being ignored by everyone. :( The only person that wants to talk to me is my Ex and that is slowly going away too since we've talked about alot of crap that happened in our relationship. It breaks my heart and I dont even know what I did to deserve this. I want to just start over somewhere new or find some new friends. But I work alone and cant find a new job so that I can meet new people. I can't really afford to drive downtown and go check out the galleries and just be around people that share the same ideas as me. Its getting really bad and I just want to curl up in a ball, cry and sleep everyweekend until work on tuesdays... :(
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How I started my dreadlocks:

By RBN, 2010-06-26
1. Wash hair.2. Dry hair.3. Section the hair. (anything from half an inch to 2 inch squares)4. Backcomb the sections. (took my friends over 11 hours)Maintaining:For the first month or two I pulled the loose hair into the dreads. Then I realised that it wasn't necessary because the hair does that itself in time.Washing:I use baking soda and tee trea oil in a 1 litre jug mixed with water. Pour it over the head and wait for ten minutes before rinsing well. I let it air dry.
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day 52.... and lots of days before that, photos

By Akal Sahai, 2010-06-19
updated finally with dready photos for my timeline:
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New Here.. Day 3 of Dread Babies!

By That Crazy Family, 2010-06-19
Im new to dreads and to the site! Im loving my frizzy baby dreads so far and am looking forward to each journey that they will go through! I did have a few questions...What should I do about the little stray frizzy hairs that are escaping? Is it best to sleep with my dreads covered to keep from getting frizz?What shampoo's are best and recommended? I have heard great things about Knotty Boy, any other suggestions?WooHoo for finding this amazing site, cant wait to browse around it a bit more!!
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5 weeks almost and lovin it =]

By Cavewoman, 2010-06-18
So I'm nearing a month and I'm pretty excited. most of the dreadies on top are staying together and starting to zig-zag and loop and are getting their own personality =] however a lot of the dreads underneath the ones on top completely undreaded and are just locs of hair holding themselves together.I kind of worried about it, though about re-tnring some of them but decided to leave them. a few of them are starting to kind of get some clumps so I know their doing their own thing, and they'll turn out better if I just leave them.There's even a few that separated some hair from itself and seem to be turning into separate dreads.It makes me wonder what my hair would have looked like had i just not brushed my hair for a few days and let my hair separate itself into the sections it wants (which is what I wish I had done but I still love my babies =] )So basically the top of my head is tnr and the bottom is almost like neglect now, I love it! I'm still fuzzy with a bunch of loose hairs but a lot of the loose hairs are stating to form baby dreads =Dmy favorite one is this hair that fell out a dread but is still connected to it. its very thin but you can feel that its a very thin dread. it looks like a thin little dread congo'd to a bigger one, hehe. This journey's so exciting. and I just wanted to write about it so figured a blog post was the best place to do it =]

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my journey to the locks..

By Ras J, 2010-06-18
to begin with the back story.. i began growing my hair a little bit less than two years ago with the intent to grow dreadlocks... i washed it about every two weeks with head and shoulders to control the dandruff.. and didnt really comb it except the occasional picking of my afro... my hair turned out to be thick curly and wavy which i never knew it was untill i grew it out.. ever since i have not wanted to go back to a clean haircut like a fade.. which i seem to find ironic because i am a barber and thats wut i do for a living.. is give haircuts.. clients always ask wen im gonna cut my hair.. i say never if i can help it.. which brings me to the site.. i wish to never cut my hair again.. and you all seem to give me the support that im looking for.. and that i give thanks.. untill my next post.. peace and love..
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Judging Dreds

By cassie gabriel, 2010-06-14
Why do people judge others just cause they have dreds? I rely dont know. Im new to my dreds but ive been thinking bout if i should get them for acouple months. Im happy that i made the decision to get them. In a way, it boosts my confidence up. When people stare at me, i rely dont care. It kinda just makes me laugh looking at their faces staring at me. I think the dreds rely pulled together my personality. Im alot happier with them in.
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