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By Naja Sage, 2010-07-24
Something told me deep inside that you were therebut yet I stumbled and stalled like a tire in the mudof everyday going and coming,coming and goingyou waited so patiently, for who you knew I'd beI praise the Lord that he loved me soso much that he sent me my Savior Jesus Christfor he endured my pain so I could make the gainof the word, the salvation, that keeps me breathing my pure breath of lifetools at my disposal, like eagles of freedom, freedom from the dread, freedom to see ahead, through the fog and endless faces, through the walls and empty spacesI now lay in the lap of his luxury, as I look up to the heavens above, feeling the warm light of God's shinning love... How could I ever say thank you enoughNaja Sage 050910
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Inner Peace

By Naja Sage, 2010-07-24
Where is there a silence Where can I find a cover to pull over my headRain taps on an empty seat, like night flies tap on the evening light It just hangs over an open door waiting for someone to come in Inside its filled with the remains of once lived lives Covered with hopes of visitors to revive The sound of tapping feet A new sun my face will greet Waiting beside an open seat
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Saturday what a day

By Dreaded Friend, 2010-07-24
Went to see a hairdresser for some advice...she suggested another opinion as my dreads just look frizzy and "odd"! Came home and washed my hair after a 2 weeks.....not sure what my hair is going to do but for now I'm just going to "let it be to be". I do have someone coming to look tonight who knows what she is doing so maybe I can finally get some answers and some direction.
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By zoubairi hassan zebra, 2010-07-23
pardon me brothers in one side it s very hot here than we can t sleep in north africa in another hand, im writing and reading love you all ; al that desire to communicate me liunk to my msn::
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Yet Another Re-do

By ashley ✿, 2010-07-23
Okay, so I'm calling a Re-do on my becoming a vegetarian...I've been able to just quit in the past, for a few weeks at least before I wasn't able to continue, but this time, the time came early when I couldn't weasel my way out of eating meat. So Today is the day that I've started over, I have not eaten any meat today, and by the way, when I did eat the meat yesterday...I felt sick for a long long time...I think my body likes not eating meat, haha. Well, anyways, I don't know how long it will last till my mom makes me eat some random crap food, but today I flat out told her that I did not want to eat red meat, pork, or chicken, so maybe she'd let me get away with just eating fish for a while?? I don't know, we'll see how it goes...I also talked to her about getting way healthier choices for our house, and that when I get a job (Two weeks or so, as I have a current project taking all of my time up) that I will be buying my own food, and keeping it away from my grazing siblings...Now, for that I ate today, I had a bowl of strawberry cereal, like special K, but better? for lunch I had a banana and peanut butter sambo, and for dinner, a bean burrito. woo for no meat, and yes, yes, I know my diet is crappy as hell, but as soon as I get money of my own, I will be able to buy good, organic food, like I've been wanting to do for such a long time. Well, I guess this is it, I will probably only write once a week and what not, since I'm going to be getting really busy with the upcoming school year, a new job, and trying to keep my social life somewhat breathing...Anywho....have a nice day!
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Poor Li'l Egg ...

By Smantha Ballenger, 2010-07-22
Baby Bluebirds hatched yesterday. I was standing on a ladder trying to get pics and Mom and Pops wereboth attacking me, dive-bombing me from the trees, lol. One little egg didn't hatched but I thought maybeit would today. It didn't. Poor li'l egg is still there, unhatched.
Reckon there's still a chance that it'll hatch tomorrow, on the 3rd day ?
Here's Pics ...
Day 1, yesterday ...
Baby Bluebirds, Day 1
And Day 2, today ... and the poor little egg is still there :(
Baby Bluebirds, Day 2
Baby Bluebirds, Day 2
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Choccolocco Watershed

By Smantha Ballenger, 2010-07-21
We went hiking Saturday on a section of the Alabama Pinhoti Trail that we haven't covered yet, to the Choccolocco Watershed.It was absolutely beautiful, an awesome and pretty easy trail, just gentle ups and downs and switchbacks. Here's Hubbyon the trail hiking in with our baby, Flossie, lol ...
7-17-10 036a
And a pretty wildflower ...
This spider and his web was stretched across the trail ...
Spider In Trail
And then we got our first glimpse of water and knew we were nearing our destination ...
Choccolocco Watershed
And the watershed ...
Choccolocco Watershed
And this is the spilloff on the other side ...
Choccolocco Watershed
There's an awesome shelter here ...
Choccolocco Watershed Shelter
It came a thunderstorm while we were there and we had to take refuge in the shelter for about 40 mins or so - and that was okay with me 'cause I love storms ...
Choccolocco Watershed
While waiting out the storm in the shelter, we read the entries in the trail logbook and came across this one that gave us a good chuckle ...
Entry In Trail Logbook
It was an awesome hike. And there's something about a new trail, a thrill that won't be repeated the next time you cover the same trail, lol. Since the hike Saturday, we've been busy as bees. Gardens are coming in and you don't get to choose when to put it up, haveto get it when it's ready. We did the last of the corn yesterday - whewwww! :)
And by the way ... are blogs that are not dread-related welcome here ? If not, then please accept my apologies and let me know and I'll be glad to delete. :)
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Dready Revelations from Utah

By Panterra Caraway, 2010-07-19
So, here I last night in Utah. This trip has been an enlightening one. I have found my own way. I came expecting to feel even more alienated than any other trip, but everything seems to have changed somehow. It started in the airport before I even left. The man who checks the luggage led me through the detector...ofcourse, I was wearing a tam, and given that it was over 100 degrees he said, "We can have a female pat your head covering down if you don't wish to remove it." It was said with alot of respect, so I removed it and this crazy mess emerged (as you can all imagine)...and that was it. Then, in Utah we were greeted with record temps. (some areas 111 deg.!). So, once again, the tam stood out a bit. People were kind out whispering alittle and my daughter explained that I was growing dreadlocks...done! The only lengthy discusssion that I had about the subject was with my daughter's therapist, who I know very well. After I explained my thinking and my reasons (which are spiritual) she said, " I really respect your decisions. I have no knowledge of dreadlocks. I have seen them and wondered what they were about. Wow! Now I think I have a better understanding and that is wonderful!" It made me proud to pass something so life changing on to another person. I want to also say that I have spent alot of time walking back and forth to my daughter's school and I have had a chance to reflect on life and it may sound strange...but I am different. I made this trip only 4 mos. ago and I know that I am not the same person I was. On my walks I have seen lots of horses (which I am usually very afraid of!), but this time I called to them and they came! It was as if we had some kind of shared experience. I felt like they recognized this small, organic growing part of me that is willd and untamed and they felt a connection. They look for me now, and I caress their noses and talk softly to them is as if we have an understanding. Isn't life amazing?
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Becoming Vegetarian....woo

By ashley ✿, 2010-07-17
Okay, so, technically, I've been a vegetarian for a day and um, a few hours. It's four, almost five am here, and I'm writing this blog to get feelings out about and what not. I plan to keep it updated either every day, or every two days, whichever I can post. I do not expect people to read it or anything, it's just basically here for me to get my frustration out about my family and what not. Now, let me start this whole thing, eh?I've grown up in a family who has eaten meat their whole lives, my family is from Louisiana and everything, so food is a major point in their lives, and that is one of the conflicts that I have with becoming a vegetarian, is when were at a family function (just us gathering to visit and eat and what not) and every single thing that is made, with the exception of the corn bread probably, is made with meat. I could just not eat, and recently, that has become normal for me not to eat allot, but people begin to notice when something that used to be your favorite thing, starts to make your lip curl in disgust. Other MAJOR conflicts with me becoming a vegetarian, is my family. I don't think that my uncles and what not could care less, but my mother, brother and younger sister absolutely HATE vegetarianism. I went a week without eating meat, while I was at camp with my brother, and a friend lied for me and told him that I was not becoming a vegetarian after I had a mushroom burger instead of the real thing.My mother who had a huge problem, well, still has a huge problem with my dreads, flat out told me that I could not becoming a vegetarian until I was moved out of her house. And that she would not buy special food and cook different things for me, but honestly? I am almost Nineteen, and I cook all of the family meals. I really see no problem with me becoming a vegetarian, as they do lead healthier lives, if they do it right, and I always had problems with eating something that had once been alive. One time, I had to clean and stuff a turkey, and I cried, it was a very disturbing moment in my life. I believe that eating meat is not meant to happen, and i really wish to go on this journey, to go along with my spiritual and dreadie journey. Let me now get to the part where I say what the hell I've eaten for the day, which helps me really get a reign on what I'm doing I guess, and if your reading this, and saying 'wtf? That's not a very smart idea to eat only that crap,' I really have no choice for around another...month and a half until I can get a job, which will not be that hard, I don't think to be honest.
June 16th, food.
today i woke up, blah blah blah, and ate uhm, nothing, cause I had around, two minutes to get dressed, and tell everyone to eat cereal for breakfast, before I left for a nice day of shopping. I had some cheetos cause they were left over from a slumber party the night before, and they were the only snack in the car, and let me tell you, I'd rather be eating carrots or something, ooh, no, grapes. Anywho, after that, I had dinner at a Mexican restaurant and had cheese enchiladas and that was about it for that day, I drank allot of water, and a glass of dr.pepper, which, I do not drink soda that often, as I do not go out to eat that often. this is getting super
long, so I guess I'm going to cut it off now....bye!
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Excited :D

By Cavewoman, 2010-07-14
So some of you might know that while the top of my head is tnr, the bottom half of my head didn't stay too well. most of the hair came out and are now sectioning in their natural positions (makes me happy to at least have half a head of neglect locs)I've tried to refrain as much as a can from touching this hair, just now I looked at them in a mirror and actually had to separate some of them :DIt may not have been much but it was something, and it means these bottom ones might actually be starting to knot!Still have to stop myself from touching them, but that shouldn't be too hard unless I'm putting my hair up.OH! and question if anyone knows the answer.Do you think the bottom tnr possibly didn't stay because when I take of my necklaces, they tend to run along that bottom hair. Maybe this almost like combed them out?Just a thought.
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