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If I Could

By Naja Sage, 2010-07-28
If I could stand outside myself, I could see what a blessing I've received ... If I could walk outside my shoes, I could see what others go through... If I could put others first, I could see how I'd never finish last... If I could hold the hands of time , I could be more patient with mankind... If I could stop a breaking heart, I could love someone more...When you're in the kingdom of God, If I could---

becomes I can.................. Naja Sage
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Lies n money dem wahn fe tief from yuh! Me naw succumb to dem tings dem*

By owen thompson, 2010-07-26
First of all hello n bless to all fellow dreadies! Soooo...Today i had my first experience on how ppl tell you what yuh what u can n cant do, how u shud and shudnt do things...went to a salon in walmart, on a positive note found me some tea tree shampoo ( wich i didnt buy yet waiting on pay day lol) but meanwhile i was there had a lady who works there said the following comments..1) (i dont have nappy but rather curly/wavy hair) you have such nice hair why would you do such a thing? ( in regards to dreadin it)2) (after i told her i was going the natural route n wanted to let my hair jus go) you need to at least come in so i can section and twist ur hair.3) (i said as time goes on i'll seperate my hair as i feel n that ive stopped combing my short hair) money greed tief lady says, well you should wait till it grows out more before you stop combing or else its going to be too hard to manage and will turn out looking horrible, thats the look for cheap lazy people who dont have money to go get their dreads professionally done....Now in my opinion n im sure others agree, theres nothing wrong with people who choose to get their hair done n look neat n proper..thats what my mom did and her dreads look beautiful ive always admired them....BUT!....thats not my choice n i thought to myself WTF make ppl think they have a right to tell YOU what YOU want for YOUR hair and lifestyle.....BLOOODCLOTT PPL DEM!
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Listen to the sound

By Naja Sage, 2010-07-26
Cracking and snapping, is it a twig in the distance or is it the fall of grace that covers this place... Sharp and bright streaks of light come down from heaven, like snapshots from God...Do you smile or do you frown as the light hits the ground... I listen to the sound of what I think his voice might be... The comfort of a father to no one does it bother, for with him you could go further, what might your will be... Snapshots in time. I'm waiting for mine. Develop yours before its exposed to the light of the last day.......Naja Sage --041409

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My Real Family

By Naja Sage, 2010-07-26
Ever changing wisdom comes when lest expected, like soft feathers floating from above, gently tapping me on my shoulders, reassuring me that I'm on the right path, the right purpose. A calmness comes over my soul letting me know that I'm safe, loved and admired. No hug from human hands could understand the relationship I have with my family of birds and deer,wolves and hawks, drifting off to the sound of their beautiful voice, laying safe in the den of my family of friends. Bears and bees , whispers through the trees, calling me ever closer home to the woods... Naja Sage

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The Vision

By Naja Sage, 2010-07-24
As I rub the glass the vision gets clearer I can see the ins and outs of it all The light of truth shines on the open road to our future The vision is so real, so close, I can almost touch itFingers flick the excess baggage, like one would flick lint off of the collar of a cheap suit Crisp sounds of new shoes walking to the start of a new roadDecisions made at the fork are enveloped into the past, like newspapers stacked in a corner room gathering dust, to set the table of life, one must focus on how much his plate will hold Naja Sage 071510
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The Walk

By Naja Sage, 2010-07-24
To far down the road, no lights mark the way only stopping and starting another dayNo looking back No tears to dry No more jones to chaseJust settling in with this smiling face Naja Sage 022909
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By Naja Sage, 2010-07-24
Something told me deep inside that you were therebut yet I stumbled and stalled like a tire in the mudof everyday going and coming,coming and goingyou waited so patiently, for who you knew I'd beI praise the Lord that he loved me soso much that he sent me my Savior Jesus Christfor he endured my pain so I could make the gainof the word, the salvation, that keeps me breathing my pure breath of lifetools at my disposal, like eagles of freedom, freedom from the dread, freedom to see ahead, through the fog and endless faces, through the walls and empty spacesI now lay in the lap of his luxury, as I look up to the heavens above, feeling the warm light of God's shinning love... How could I ever say thank you enoughNaja Sage 050910
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Inner Peace

By Naja Sage, 2010-07-24
Where is there a silence Where can I find a cover to pull over my headRain taps on an empty seat, like night flies tap on the evening light It just hangs over an open door waiting for someone to come in Inside its filled with the remains of once lived lives Covered with hopes of visitors to revive The sound of tapping feet A new sun my face will greet Waiting beside an open seat
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Saturday what a day

By Dreaded Friend, 2010-07-24
Went to see a hairdresser for some advice...she suggested another opinion as my dreads just look frizzy and "odd"! Came home and washed my hair after a 2 weeks.....not sure what my hair is going to do but for now I'm just going to "let it be to be". I do have someone coming to look tonight who knows what she is doing so maybe I can finally get some answers and some direction.
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By zoubairi hassan zebra, 2010-07-23
pardon me brothers in one side it s very hot here than we can t sleep in north africa in another hand, im writing and reading love you all ; al that desire to communicate me liunk to my msn::
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