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Cycle of Life

By Naja Sage, 2010-08-15
Fresh ground broken, where no human steps have been. Soil tilled over, where no clod can hide. Loaming , longing for texture, a pocket , a pore , a pasture for prosperity. I nurse, I bury, I rejoice. I nurture fresh ground broken. What a smell, as it waffles into the kitchen , transformed into a savory meal. Naja Sage

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Day 15

By Gary Charlesworth, 2010-08-15
Ok, so for the past 4 days i've been ill with a migrane. As a result, I've been lying in a darkened room for the best part of 18hrs a day. I washed my hair last night and it was the first time in 3 days i looked at my dreads.They look freakin sweet!They're all bumpy, and wavey, and they're dreading like a charm. Some of them are a bit loose, some of the roots are HUGE, some of em are really thin and really tight. One of them has sort of half come out, flattened, and started dreading by itself. But they all look amazing!Thats about all i got to say, I'll update with photos during next week!
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I have really thin hiar?!?!?!?

By mauricio forero, 2010-08-15
Ok so i have really thin hair and so i decided to just dreadlock my hair. I was scare that i was going to be bald! Since my hair was so thin i was scare that my hair would not dreadlock or that it would eventually just fall out. i mean it is genetics right? but any ways i did it and now its been 4 months. They are actually really locking but mostly cuz i been crocheting a lot. (not any more!!) I have 32 dreads, but between them theres a lot of visible scalp. My question is has any one been trough this problem and how has it turned out? Will my dreadlocks fall out or will they keep on growing and locking up? I would also love to know how to take care of a dry scalp?
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Week Three!

By ashley ✿, 2010-08-14
Okay, so I've lasted three weeks, woo! I started on the 23rd, or the 24th of july, i cannot remember completely...But yeah, anywho, I have been getting creative, and what not with my meals, like last night, we had tacos, and I made this rice that I put chopped up tomatoes and green chili's in, it tasted good mixed with the vegetarian beans, cheese, spinach and tomatoes that I added fresh. HOLY CROW, if you guys are ever in Alaska, please, please go eat at Bear Tooth...It is an amazing place with good, good food. The Vegetarian options are wonderful, the Spicy Bear is just amazing! I guess the Mushu Wrap is as well....My mother is gettign better for you foods so I have more options, so I think this will work out! Thank you all for your support, and pretty soon I'm going to be doing my video (Finally!) about my TnR dreads, as it's coming up on my two month mark! Woo!
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Good Days and Bad Days

By DeafyJae, 2010-08-14
Today marks exactly 2 weeks since I started the dreading process. It has been fun so far but I DO have my mix of good days and bad. Today is a bad one. My head looks like a wrestling match between straight long hair against knotted hair. It's a cross between cave-man and burned-out rock star. UUUGGGHH. Anyone who has been through this will tell ya, "relax man, its all part of the process. Takes time dude".The hardest part is trying to separate the dreads to prevent "crossovers" of hair and developing a congo entwinement. Dreadlocks, as they mature will be much less hassle and maintenance free for the most part, but I still have about 9 months (with luck) to go. On a positive note, my dreads have tamed down quite a bit and I don't have as much of an afro of dreads so much as I did a week ago. I wear a tam most of the time when I'm out and about and take it off when I am at home. I can only hope my new place of employment will allow me to wear it as I teach during the day. If not, I am sure they will change their mind upon seeing the WWF match going on, on my head. Let's hope that the dreads win over the loose straight hair!Here's to a dreadful, natural beginning!(pictures will be posted soon and all smart-ass remarks are expected).
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just spent $$$ I shouldn't have, but...

By Andelynn, 2010-08-13
Yeay! Ok, yes, I probably should not have spent the money, but I figure the oils, butter, and stuff I just bought will last me quite a while so... should be worth it. I also bought a big box of baking soda and some apple cider vineger (how do you spell that???). My new tams came in today - I bought this gorgeous one with purple and a kind of grey marbley color, and I got one that is white, a goldish-yello and blu. And to my surprise, the person who made them added a free one to boot! A really nice tan, burgandy, and olive colored one. All wool - but they are sooo soft, they don't feel like wool! Anyway, all I need are the dreads! lol! I contacted my friend who does my hair and she sounthoded excited about the prospect - we just got to find time to get together. I've been not-combing and using Dr. B's peppermint liquid soap but no tangles yet. 'm looking a little shaggy tho - lol!So I'm still very nervous about how prospective employers are going to take my dreads. I should be into my internship about a year from now and I am hoping that they will have grown to be presentable by then. Please pl ease please tell me they will be presentable by then!!!! My hair is all different lengths right now and when I put my baby dreads in (don't worry - not using any products - just twist and rip and some beads) Oh! My gohuodness! I forgot I bought some really beautiful beads too! Anyway, once I get the dreads in - I know I will look a bit like a porcupine for a bit because my hair length - already a bit short for my taste - will shorten even more. >sigh< So I'm expecting that - which is why I'm glad my tams already came in.Told my hubby I was gonna do this and he rolled his eyes. Don't get me wrong, folks, the man is great. In fact when we met his head was shaved all around except for a hairlock on top- which had a couple of dreads in it. We've been married 10 years, and the poor boy has mellowed a bit - heehee! Oh well. In some ways I've gotten more adventurous and in some ways I've mellowed too. That is life, is it not? :)So I hope it will all work out, my only concern is - again my employability. Hopefully I won't have to shave my head again in a year.A
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My dread blog and other things

By Mudas Dreadnought, 2010-08-13
Here's a link to my blog, write about my dreadlock journey every now and then and some other stuff :D
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It feels like I'm going backwards.

By Jeffree Vega., 2010-08-11
Okay, so for the past 19 months I've been suffering from peurperal psychosis (a rare and extreme form of post natal depression). 8 days after she was born, I was sectioned and then a couple of days later I got moved to a mother and baby mental health unit so that my daughter could be with me. We were there for three months. On the day we left, we were promised so much help, which lasted all of 3 weeks. Over this time I've tried numerous medications, relaxations and even going natural, but nothing seemed to help. I've basically been trapped in my hown, and my own thoughts, for nearly two years now.3 months ago I was put on a new medication and from the first day I took it, I could feel the difference. I was more upbeat, more positive. I even wanted to start going out again. That was a huge step forward for me as the outside world seems so daunting and fearfull.Today, that isn't the case.I've felt it building up over this past week, but today it has all came crashing down on me again. I just want to cry. Bury myself in my sadness. Crawl under a rock. Anything to get away from it all. I'm finding it hard to cope with Georgia too. It's like she's finding every little thing she can do to make me feel worse. Of course, I don't take it out on her. I never would. But it can be very grating to keep myself together when all I want to do is scream and wollow in self pity.The loneliness is a great deal of my problem too. I feel like I'm on my own. No one to talk to. No one to help me try and focus on something other than my thoughts.It's hard when your family doesn't understand either. They all think I should be fine by now. That I should just put a smile on my face and get on with it. Like that's going to make all the sadness, anxiety and anger melt away. I'm sorry, but it doesn't work like that. I couldn't even remeber the last time anyone came to give me a little help. As selfish as it sounds, neither of my sisters work so where is the harm in helping out a little? I've always helped them in times of need. Especially when it comes to their children.I'll go for now. Try and get through the day without breaking, but it was good to get some things off my chest.
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"Nothing in life is free"

By Jordan Skwarek, 2010-08-10
I am on the brink of true adulthood. Every decesion I make now will heavily influence the rest of my life.

"What do you want to be when you grow up?" I never had an answer. I've always felt that the American dream wasn't for me. Adulthood has always been a daunting face, staring me down at the end of the road they call childhood. I could never be happy working a 9 to 5 o'clock job just so I could afford a better T.V. and Bigger roof to hide the stars.

I've been recently digging deep and becoming truly who I am. Growing Dreadlocks and facial hair, eating organically, meditating, and being in Nature. This has really scared my father who thankfuly lives seperately from my mother.He is the epitome of a rich sucessful man, yet is one of the most unhappy, lost people I know in life. I truly feel sympathy for him, for I know he is learning the hard lessons in life. The one thing he always seemed to preach was "Nothing in Life is free" Ever since I was a small child I knew that must be a lie, yet could never prove him wrong.

This week, the most amazing knowingness dawned on me. The best things in Life are Free. The Earth can provide everything I need. I decided I am moving to Southern India to Live off the land and Fish from the Ocean. There I can Grow all my own organic food and fish from the sea. At night I can meditate under the stars and moon. At sunrise I will meet the Sunrise with Yoga. For recreation I can Surf the Indian Ocean and be one with Nature. This lifestyle could harbor many exotic animal friends and wise Sadhu Gurus. My Lifestyle will not only be accepted it shall be embraced. I will be living what my dad works 350 days a year just to taste, without working a day in my life. The Best things in life are free.

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Week 2

By Gary Charlesworth, 2010-08-10
Ok so I'm now on day 10, and I adore my dreads. Although I've only had them a short time, I couldn't imagine my life without them.I was a bit freaked out when I saw how fuzzy they were after the backcombing process, but since then I've grown to love the imperfections (thank fuck I don't look like johnny clean!)It's a really wierd thing though, before I had them done, i NEVER had ANY female attention (except my last girlfriend). Now, I'm getting checked out constantly. I was walking through London on day 2 and every girl I passed checked me out and we exchanged smiles! If only I had enough confidence to actually ask one of them out!Thats one of the reasons I started my journey, I have no self confidence at all. Dreads are certainly helping, but there is so much more i could do to build on that. For example, I'm looking at the Rainbow Hostel in Costa Rica. It looks wicked awesome, just need to save some money and I'm away! Although I've said that about so many things (traveling America and Europe; going to pro-wrestling school etc) and never done anything about it. And it all links back to... you guessed it, my self belief and confidence. I have started on one of my goals though. I started to learn piano at the start of February, and thats going REALLY well. My teacher says I'm progressing faster than expected.Work have been a bit funny with me though. On the whole people are supportive of my dreads, but I've been getting funny looks from my manager, and she looks totally pissed off all the time since I had them done. Although she cant say anything, cos I did discuss dreads with my Team Leader months beforehand.Anyway, onto the update of how my dreads are going...Really well.To say I had them backcombed, they're gunna look really natural. Some are really thick, some are really dinky. Most are bumpy, and they feel sooooo good! The ones at the back, and a couple at the front are starting to get pretty tight now, and I'm astonished at how quickly they're taking shape.I do have one on the left side of my head, which is gunna look freaky when it matures. It's REALLY fat at the roots, and then about half way toward the tip it just suddenly goes REALLY thin!I was impressed that I got a comliment from a rasta on the bus on day 3 though, that was highlight of the week!Anyway, thats about it. I'll update with photos at the weekend, and you can check out my vLog on YouTube @!Peace & Love
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