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det är mycket mer

By Ugglan, 2010-09-20

det r djup poesi fr hjrtat men inte fr sjlen , lt orden lka dina sr , lgga sig ver brstet som ett vtvarmt du blder blottar du ditt inersta , om du blder fr nn annan r du du blder fr dig sjlv r du sjlvisk , men ska man inte lska sig sjlv.idag sg jag en tjej p centralen , hon grt och mnniskorna runt om henne ignorerade henne , det gjorde ven jag , hur kan vi sga att vi bryr oss om vrlden nr vi inte trstar och torkar trarna p vra medmnniskor ?han hade solen i ansiktet och fingrarna i hret , visste han vad som skrevs just i denna stund , vet han vad som hnder imorron ? frgan r , ska vi fortstta nert eller har vrt folk kommit till sitt frnuft och beslutat sig fr att frgra onskan och slppa in sanningens folk till vrt styre ?jag nskar att mitt folk ska kunna leva i frid , vara fria frn allt det matriella vara starka och sina egna mnniskor.vem r det som bestmmer ver dig , gr inte du det eller har du tappat ditt frstnd och dina skor , har du simmat med strmmen mot ett stilla liv eller har du gtt ver floden med jttekliv , skapaty dig en tillvaro med ro , en bttre plats fr dig att bo.till vilken musik speivs poesi ?mitt undermedvetna sger t mig att byta sng , att byta liv , men min hjrna stretar imot varenda frndring , den har vant sig vid misren , den r njd med mitt trasiga liv. jag r njd med mitt trasiga liv.han kan skrika s hgt han kan men i ett tomrum r det ingen som hr . fr hr finns ingen som lyssnar. vi har slutat nu , vi har gett upp , vi har terkallat vra trupper och slutat slss.ska vi se vart vgen leder eller stlla oss p kanten och hoppa mot en bttre vrld.jag frstr dem som splittras i sm partiklar , dem nr sitt ml , jag gr vadsomhllst fr att n mitt s det r ju inte mer n rtt att dem gr det med ?vad sa du sa jag och du svarar , jag r han som str bakom dig i frhret jag r den som hller dig om ryggen den som backar upp dig i svra tider , jag sg han , och jag lmmnade jag kte dit , visste jag inte hur jag skulle agera , hur skulle dem reagera skulle dem hata eller frlta , eller grta , jag visste inte att dem inget vetat att dem levt i blindo , borde dem inte ha stt vara jag s bra p att mrka ? det tror jag inte . nu sger jag att jag r p bttringsvgen , att jag mr bttre nu , det gr jag inte , varenda dag r en kamp fr att inte bryta ihop , vartenda steg ditt gr mig knsvag, jag fr ngest av att rkna dagarna , jag vill bara vara fri , frihet under ansvar sger dem , jag sger frihet under tvng , fr dem hller mig fngen , dem gr mig svag med deras vervakning , dem fr mig att leva som jag inte skulle gjort annars , fr jag lskade mitt liv nu lskar jag slutet och saknar tiden.har du nn gng knnt att du bara en ngon anans , att du inte styr dina ftter sjlv , det har jag , det gr jag inte ,min vg r inte lngre min den r deras och dem styr mig t fel hll dem styr mig mot min misr , men fel misr , fr jag lskar det som r mitt och fraktar erat. det som inte r i mina gon , ett tidsfrdriv vrt att d fr r vad jag vill ha , vad jag hade , fr jag sg andarna , jag sg spkena , jag sg det vermnskliga som skapar tro hopp och saknar jag synerna och tvingas fly in i media , fr det r dr de asndra hittar sin trst , sin flykt frn verkligheten , dem har bara inte upptckt det vackra underbara , det som tar dig till himmelen utan att du mste stanna , det som tillter dig att festa med djvulen och dden utan att fastna i underjorden , med detta kan du se och tervnda , men trsta inte efter frmycket , ingen vill se allt , fr d kommer du inte se verkligheten mer.
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By kandi, 2010-09-20
so i work in a thrift shop and my manager said she doesn't have a problem with my dreads as long as i wear a hat. today's the ONE day i forgot my hat and she demanded that i go home and get it....i live an HOUR away from my job.there's no way in hell i was driving an hour home to drive an hour back.then she wouldn't let me buy one because i was "on the clock" so she yelled at me all day then fired me at the end of my shift.WHAT THE FUCK? im sooo mad it's ridiculous.i've been working there for over a year and you fire me because i forgot my hat one day? bullfuckingshit.i guess it's job hunting for me tomorrow Dx
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By Christian, 2010-09-19
I think this website is awesome, it's helping me out a whole lot, although I'm still unsure whether or not to get dreads. I really really really want them, I'm just unsure how to get them, in which way is best and how to maintain them. :| It's frustrating. Anyways, I might go to sleep pretty soon! GoodNight!
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leaving me

By hippie mama, 2010-09-18
i know its hard to love me-i just wish i could end it all-i just realize that i hurt you too-and that its all my fault-when will you finally leave me-and just realize you had enough-i know i really love you-but loving me has proven to tough-i know that im emotionally wounded-that peice of shit really fucked me up-i know that you just wanna run away-but i hope u dont give up.-i know i have all these problems-and i just dont know how to fix them-i used to see a smile on your face-now its just us screamin-every talk get out of hand-things get thrown and tears get shed-i inderstand if you wannaq run away-if i were you i would have probably fled-it would be so easy to just give up-accept for our little one-everything i do in the world is for him-he would be lost if this was all done-i wish that we could just talk it out-without shit get escalating-do you beleive this is real love-i hope ur answer isnt devastating-sometime i want to hurt myself-when the depression reaches its peak-i feel like you guys would be better off-without me around to speak-i just want you to love me again-like you did before it all began to sour-i want us to laugh again-up on the phone talking for hours-i mean sometimes we talk now-but i only get the stress of your day-it doesnt seem like you even want to look at me-you cant even wait till i have to go away-you say you dont like to cuddle-but we use to cuddle all the time-you used to laugh at my crazy beahvior-everything used to be just fine-now i embarass you where ever we go-like you wish i would disapear-i really think if it was for our lil man-i dont think you would even be here-i thought you would love me forever-that you wouldnt even need to try-that i would never ever piss you off-and you would never make me cry-now it seems aqs though we have to work on it-i hope its worth the fight-i hope oneday we can get back to the basics-and have the love bug give us a bite-i know things are getting really tough-and its so easy to choose to leave me-but i love you with all of my soul-but im not sure if thats all u need-im just so tired of crying late at night-and being your stress reliever-i know your tired of hearing me whine-and well never be like leave it to beaver-i know i brought all this chaos to your life-and your really the only family i have-you were there when others turned their backs-and i never had a man like that-i know i could never give up on you-and if ur walkin you gotta go through me-and you know lil man hed be so devastated-hed cry so many tears itd form a sea-everybody needs a little help sometimes-we all know i aint perfection-but i would go to the ends of the earth for you-your my only protection-i know ill cry a thousand more cries-and youll throw many more keys-i just hope u love me enough to never straycuz you and gauge are the only family for me -(just remember every couple fights. every family has its up and downs but unlike alot of my blood family my husband and son have my back through everything. they know i wouldnt make shit up about ppl and they understand how badly some fucked up ppl have hurt me. noone knows you better then the people you let into your brains and hearts. they congratulate you when your good and let yo. u know whats up when your not. i just hope lthat in the end of life i have my husband on one side and my son on the other cuz i couldnt imagine life without either of them. my son is the world to me but right by his side in my heart is my husbandwe understand eachother good and bad and sometimes that means knowing what pisses them off the most too..)
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What I learnt here...

By Peaceful Dread, 2010-09-18
What have I learnt since I joined this forum.I have learnt...1. ...that weed is a sensitive issue.2. ...not to use wax or a crochet.3. ...that somebody with dreadlocks can be just about anybody.4. ...that dreadlocks can represent thousands of things.5. know quite a few lovely people.6. love my dreadlocks even more than I did before I joined this forum.Thank U guys! =)
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"To become vegetarian is to step into the stream which leads to nirvana." week eight!

By ashley ✿, 2010-09-17
okie dokie! week..oh hell, i forgot..i think week eight! yes, week eight! Okay, so anyways..I have not been keeping good track of blogging..I created a new blog, just kinda randomly did so..I should be posting there soon as well..I am going to create a video for my third month of my dreads tomorrow! woo! Now, being a vegetarian has made everything so much better in my life..well..except for the fact that my family constantly complains about it..haha..but forget about's my life, not theirs. Now, i have had no impulse problems..I actually get so sick to my stomach at the smell of meat, like just a few minutes ago, my family got mc donalds, which i will not even eat a milk shake there or anything because of how they kill their chickens. But anyways, the house was filled with chicken smell and everything, and i was sick to my stomach, when just minutes before, I was hungry. Now, I won't eat anything because I no longer eat after nine pm, since it's bad for you. I don't eat fast food, or anything..hmm, lemme see..I have gotten portabello mushrooms for burgers for tomorrow, since my brother is coming to town from out of state, and were gonna have a little cook food first of course! haha..I LOVE being a vegetarian! I was sitting there today, and thinking..'i have not felt this good in a long, long time,' and it's true..I just feel's weird..I can't wait to see what I feel like a year from now! I just feel less lethargic and everything..I've also been eating food that is more organic and natural, so i think that has a little bit to do with it. it's great, if anyone is on the fence about becoming a vegetarian, DO IT!!!!! It's an amazing the way, the quote "To become vegetarian is to step into the stream which leads to nirvana." is by Buddha
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lice almost gone

By Harmony, 2010-09-16
well the pesky pests have almost been defeated! I have never been to war before, so this is all new to me, but I am coming out victorious without losing my baby dreads, that I have become very attached to.
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ont gör ont

By Ugglan, 2010-09-15

det gr ont i mig nr det matriella spelar roll i mitt liv , jag vill inte ha det , men mitt undermedvetna skriker efter vrdsliga ting , ska jag behva leva ett liv till i min ofullstndighet , ska jag lida ett liv till , fr jag vill slcka begret och tervnda till det som varar frevigt finns inte nirvana , endast vi som ser och hr kan avgra vad som svammlar jag fr min hjrna r inte med den tnker p det som inte r , hur den orkar med sig sjlv det frstr inte jag. jag jag jag , egocentrisk , jo det kanb jag vara , min karma str p noll och min aura r svart , r det derfr jag inte lngre ser det heliga , r det derfr dem inte dansar p min nthinna , fr mitt vakum r tyst som i graven , nr vi kastats tillbaka till den mnskliga faktorn , lidandet.
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ordinary days

By Ugglan, 2010-09-15
nr ntt du sett fram emot blir flyttat hoppar hjrtat ur led , nr ntt du lskar frsvinner brinner sjlens idag r ingen vanlig dag fr idag r jag i tid , i tid till allt jag kan stta p , trkigheter ,folk problem stora som sm.jag siktar p att ta det lngsamt , inte stressa ngot mer , jag vill f bort alla lgner allt hat och allt svek . men min hjrna vill ej lyda den lever p en lgn, den sger shr r det och sanningen r jag r min egen sanning jag r min egen tid , aldrig mer ska lgnen styra nu skriver jag min tid.min historia m vara kort men den r full av fantasi , fantastiska saker hnder mot slutet av ett liv.hur mnga gnger skrev jag tid ? alldeles fr ofta , jag hlsar p kylan och mrkrets vn ,han har givit mig lite se du har blivit den du fruktat sedan lnge sedan , katastrofer & kaus r inte lngt bort n , vi r fortfarande nrma till hands ifall du behver oss , men som en skitzofren har jag tappat bort min personlighet och vandrat t fel hll ,med flit.
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6 Weeks

By Gary Charlesworth, 2010-09-13
Ok so my last post was about 2 weeks ago, and since then my head has become this whole crazy jungle of loose hairs and knots trying their damndest to become dreads.One of my roots has split in two, so I have two roots coming together into one tip. The gap is so big that i can fit my thumb through it. I've repositioned beads to help it along so it should all work out!On the whole though they're going good, and for the first time in my life I'm happy with who I am. Now thats a strange feeling I've never had before, and I intend to use it.I have 2 years to plan something to do with my life. Travelling is the favourite. So I think I'll do that.This time in 2 years I want to have passed my driving test, quit smoking (tobacco, not weed,) and got fitter. I havent really done any proper exercise in about 8 years, so that one could be a struggle. But thats where I wanna be. I have a lot of work to do but i'll get there eventually.Photos will follow, I know I said that last time but they will be coming in a few minuets... I promise!
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