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today is dreadday #1

By GeorgiaFreeSpirit, 2010-11-08
i just got my dreadies today. i already feel different, a spiritual awakening. i woke up this morning and felt wonderful and so happy with who i was. i feel as if my dreadlocks are bringing out my inner beauty :) it's only the first day and i can already sense a change. i can only wait to see what the future holds with my dreadlocks
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Dreadlocks and prostitic eye

By Lucas Sherman, 2010-11-06
So wanted to know if anyone had to leave their job from there dreads. I just lost my glass eye so boss wont work with me and im thinking its alittle more then what she is pressing on. Anyone go some advise good or bad?
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Basic How-to for a Beginner..HELP!

By Jenny2, 2010-11-04
Hey, so I am new to the dreading community- I don't even know someone personally with them- and I want to create scattered dreads that are kind of loose throughout my hair. I do not want my whole head (yet) covered with these beautiful locks. I'm going for the "just mingling with the normal hair" dread look. I am planning to use the twist and rip method and am looking for ANY advice as to how to begin and what to do. I have thin, long (haven't cut it since june 2009), straight hair and don't know how thick I should do each dread or how to do it best. Any help would be greatfullyyyyy appreciated...I am SO excited for this new hair chapter in my life. Thanks!p.s. now I'm really going to get crap for being a "hippie" haha
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How to thicken my roots

By Rj dewberry, 2010-10-28
Can anyone gives sum advice on how to thicken my roots. I have new growth dats growin it seem like I need more. My hair is kind of a soft grade an the texture of the roots feel soft
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By Rusty McDonald, 2010-10-26
I just got my dreads 4 days ago in Bangkok and I LOVE them. I've been wanting them for like 2 years and I finally got them. I was on half term holiday until yesterday and when I got to school EVERYONE was telling me how good I looked etc etc. I just found out today that they're "inappropriate for school" or something pathetic like that. She even said to me that the uniform needs to keep the students looking as "normal as possible" and that my hair was "too extreme". So I've got to keep my hair up whenever I'm at school and let my normal hair grow in and then cut the dreads off. I'M SO FREAKING PISSED. How is a hairstyle going to affect anything or anyone at school????? And I could just keep them in a pony tail and make them look neat but NOOOOOO I HAVE TO GET RID OF THEM.Sorry guys, I needed to have a bit of a rant.
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Ready for Cape Town

By Peaceful Dread, 2010-10-25
I have not been posting much the last couple of weeks. It is because of my autumn depression, I think. It's getting darker and darker, colder and colder and one must wear thicker and thicker clothes. I finally found a couple of hats to wear, I'm especially fond of an over sized felt hat that my wife found for me. It looks great with the dreads and it feels great too.But I am a lucky man, because me and my family will escape the winter in the beginning of December. We will all be leaving cold Sweden to go see our family in Cape Town, South Africa, where it's summer. We actually have more family there than we have here. We will stay until late January, almost seven wonderful weeks!Just the thought of that can make any autumn depression blow far away.
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Feel stupid for almost being stupid...

By Andelynn, 2010-10-24
LOL! My hair is pretty short - about chin length and so the dreads of course are not long enough to pull back. So far I've been using a lot of tams and that usually does fine, but there are times where I would rather not hide my hair under a hat - but I still have the dilemma of what to do to keep the dread out of my eyes.I have been wanting to get a wrap or a sleeve and I love decoration s like beads so I periodically google dread accessories to see what is out there. Knottyboy has some really cute wraps and I almost bought 2. But I've spent a lot of money lately and I really shouldn't spend it, but I really want them... you know how that goes. I tend to be pretty bad with my money because I'm can be a very instant-gratification kind of gal, you know?But you all should be proud of me, I refrained. I did not buy the wraps - even though they were awfully cute with different stripey colors and stuff. First, I didn't like the big knottyboy logo emblazoned on them, and second I logically concluded that my hair was still too short to wear the wrap with any kind of success. But that didn't solve my problem of dreads in my eyes.I have seen many times on this website that people have suggested cutting the sleeves off of old t-shirts and using that. So though I loathed to cut up one of my shirts, I figured I had at least one old one that I never wore that I could part with and proceeded to cut off one of the sleeves. Then I put it on and it was waaay too tight. Well great. I ruined a shirt for nothing. But what would happen if I cut off the bottom of the shirt?So I cut off the bottom of the shirt and instantly made myself a very comfortable wrap-like thing that I was able to loop around my head (and dreads) 2x! It is so cute! I love it!!! And it is in a color that I love because it's one of MY old t-shirts!So lesson learned. Before you go spending money on something, give a home-remedy a try. You never know, you might just find yourself feeling stupid for almost BEING stupid!A :)
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Bob Dylan Monday Night

By Eva Deva, 2010-10-23
Goin to see Bob Dylan in Madison Wisconsin..front row stoked, and i cant wait!!!lemme get my dreads blessed with some good music.
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By Gary Charlesworth, 2010-10-19
I finally got round to having some guys over for a jam session. It didn't go that well. The guy I got to play bass basically just tuned up, stayed for an hour then made some excuse about going to help a friend assemble some furniture! Obviously the music doesn't flow with him!The guy I had for accoustic guitar is a great musician. Unfortunatly his style of playing is so soft, you can't hear him over anything else! It would have been easier if his guitar stand hadn't decided to eat his electro-accoustic.We got half a track recorded, and it wasn't really that good.But I could still feel the music flowing, so yeaterday and today, I secluded myself from the world and recorded a cool song in 3/4 timing.I've never written or recorded in 3/4 so had no idea what to expect. But it turned out pretty good.I put a dreamy sort of guitar effect on the main guitar and put a distorted guitar over that to give a bit of ooomph. It gave it a bit of depth. And the bass over it makes it a bit more complete.The drums were done on my keyboard. I don't play drums, and it's quite difficult to write drum parts in 3/4, when everything you own is designed to play in 4/4. So I did them on the keyboard. They don't sound too bad, some parts could be better (the third chorus I somehow forgot I had a snare to work with!)The interesting part though, is the vocals. I did the first take and screwed up the third verse. Instead of recording over what I already had (which I always do) I did a separate take on another track with no screw ups, but had left the other vacal track on as well. The result, quite by accident, is really cool! So I did a re-take of the first vocal take, put one slightly to the left, and the other slightly to the right.The lyrics remind me a bit of Working Class Hero by John Lennon with a bit of Norwegian Wood by The Beatles thrown in for good measure. Well I say remind me of, I was just thinking about those two songs when I was writting. I'll post the lyrics another time if people want me to.Go check it out... I call it A Room With A View. It's at hope you enjoy it as much as I did writing it. And I'm not saying that as a cliche, I actually mean it! I can still feel the mojo working as well, so expect more tunes to be uploaded soon!On the dread front, I found a mental loop forming on one of my tips, I'll post a photo when I can!
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My Birthday! Wippee!

By Heather B, 2010-10-19
I just have to sit back and give thanks to an amazing day!First off, it's my birthday! Now I don't care where I am, who I'm with, if there are presents or not, attention on me or not, there is something extremely important with anyone's birthday. The day we are born was an absolute miracle!I know for my mom it was hours and hours of complete pain, when I finally arrived I spent the next 18 years giving her nothing but total grief and hell! I'm hoping today Im living my life to give back and show her in my actions how much I truly love, respect, and honor my mother. If it wasn't for her making that painful sacrifice soooooo many years ago I would not have been able to be on such an amazing fulfilling earth walk!Mother's are truly incredible creatures! And what even more amazing is the children that we have teaching us about mothering, Absolutely wonderful!I'm grateful for the time and energy my family went to make this the best b-day every!!!Anyone else have their very own national holiday coming up? I would love celebrating with you too! :DP.S. My sweet little old aunt gave me dread beads!!! How great is that! :D
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