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I refuse to swallow the bullshit pill...

By Panterra Caraway, 2010-12-07
I was watching the Dr. Phil Show today and he said something that really pissed me off. He said that in the midst of anger we are at our weakest and that in anger we put on our victim hat because we feel something is being done to us...BULLSHIT! That made me so angry! And how ironic that a statement about anger would make me feel this way. But one of the biggest problems I encounter in life today is apathy. Every big company gives you half-assed service and acts like they are doing you a favor. Too many people see things that are wrong and do nothing about in point, this whole body scan crap at every airport. I think healthy indignation and anger is what has been the catalyst for change! No, I don't think you should just run around being hostile and mad at the world, but anger does not always have to be negative. Anger can light a fire in your heart, driving you to achieve a better, more just world. I hate the way that we have become so "politically corrrect" that you can't even disagree with a policy or someone in authority without it becoming a need to call security. Ever been in a store or somewhere else that you are the patron and something is so blatantly wrong that you dare voice your feelings? You get..."Do we have a problem? Do we need to call security?" It is like a scene from that Adam Sandler movie Anger Management!! I just refuse to be a damn sheep...or a mindless zombie. How is recognizing that the world has become complacent and becoming angry about it make me a victim or powerless? Maybe Dr. Phil should proof-read his que cards.
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wax in the dredlocks

By Lauren Bunn, 2010-12-06
ive recently had to tell at least 3 people NOT to wax their dreads, i dont wax mine and i am against it.can i get a list of 5 simple reasons not to wax, so i can convince them!?
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Time to Gush

By Rahbin, 2010-12-01
Okay i attend horror conventions regularly (as guest, volunteer and filmmaker/booth) and have met some wonderful people over the years but i must say that two of my greatest highlights were meeting 2 absolutely wonderful and truly nice/sweet men:Billy Drago (who i interviewed for an HOUR for our youtube series) a man who loves to talk and relate, and is a bit of a kindred spirit who like myself believes in the power of energy and karma, good hippie vibes and loves to hug and was surprisingly affectionate. Completely opposite in real life to the wonderfully demented psycho's he plays on screen!The other was just a month ago- Julian Sands- I was completely nervous meeting Jules not knowing what to expect (not wanting to be disappointed), and was bowled over by his great energy. He was very soft-spoken and like Billy and myself, was a hugger (trees included!) and i think i got at least 3 bear hugs from him, and 3 kisses on my cheeks (BLUSHING!) Totally sweet and affable. I rarely buy an autograph, this time i did and i have the 2nd best ever (second only to Clive Barkers drawing/autograph in my book)!Needless to say i am completely taken with them (energy not sexually!).3 Degrees of:-Billy has been on SUPERNATURAL (one of my FAV. tv shows) and we talked briefly about that :)-Julian plays Jor-el on SUPERMAN (another FAV tv show) and has worked with Callum Blue (SIGH!!!) who happens to have played Zod on the show, and we talked about the show and i had to discretely mention Callum and I was very happy to hear that Callum was a "wonderful, nice gentleman" XDUsually nothing much phases me, but these 2 experiences did, in a good way. THANKS GUYS!!!OH yeah---I have to mention the guys from "The Lost Boys" I've met them 3 x's and every time I have a blast and they remember me and pick up conversations where they last left off it seems with ease. They are all great guys, incredibly nice and at times quite talkative. Just a shout-out to them! Holla!!
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Random thoughts on this day of December the 1st,2010

By Vates, 2010-12-01
Death it lingers there, a shadow who's chill is in the air. A time for two but yet I'm one. Why does my world always get spun. I'm sitting down but I feel as though I'm hanging. For me its always banging, throbbing in the back of my mind reality is so hard to find. At least to me the world is clear I never fear death no matter the time of year,but to get the point across ... maybe there is no point. Lost you will never see the light. The lines are gray, mans world divided. To find peace you must stop being sided. Realization of one brings power, together we are guided. We must start now before time is up. The limit is approaching decention a scheduled path. We are all waiting, patient little drones they keep you distracted. I just hope for your sakes when death walks around that corner you meet him with grace and do not feel your life was a total waste.
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By Anna Raymond, 2010-11-28
So I decided to stop pulling my new babies apart when they knotted together to make larger dreads...and wow. I'm in love with them, but don't tell my fiane, he's the jealous types. LOL j/k j/kI feel so natural doing this. In one wat it's like foregoing society and pavin your own street. In another way if helps me when I wake up in the morning, I look in the mirror at my 'barely there' dreads and smile to myself, or myself. It's love, and one of the best htings in life is loving who you are, and I believe that natural hair is part of who I am and who I hope to become.I want to be a good person. I want to do good things. I want to help animals everywhere. Even if I can only make finantial contributions.
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By Juice, 2010-11-26
Just curious to see how much others peoples dreads shrunk when they started. My hair is a few inches past my shoulders and i really want to start dreading, but i dont want super short dreads. Nothing against them just not for me. I made a couple to test it out and after a month they've shortened a little. Any advice?
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a different dreadlock experience

By Peaceful Dread, 2010-11-25
I am a part time boss, and I have ppl employed. One of my employees is a Caribbean girl that grew up with her rasta daddy at a banana plantation in Dominica. She had a rasta name (before she changed it) and she had dreads from the first day it was possible to dread her baby hair. She was carrying banana boxes from a child already, and she was forced to study the bible and the rasta religion. Up until today she is a hard worker, the best there is.When she saw her boss (me) dreading his hair, she wanted to vomit. The first thing she said was that dreads and whites don't gel. She completely hates dreads. Her teenage revolution was about cutting all her dreads off. That was how she was revolting against her daddy. Later on she changed her rasta name. And as the cherry on top she also hates weed.Now she is living as far from dreadlocks, rastas and Jah as she can. Except for her dreaded boss, that is.So that you know, many of us here is revolting by having dreadlocks... but it is actually possible to do it the complete opposite way around.
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The Longing for Long Dreads

By Trina Sandress, 2010-11-25

A lot of people talk about how they wish their dreadlocks were long and can't wait until they get long. I thi nk that if these people would focus more on having healthy locks before they know it they have long locks. Just revel in the naturalness of having dreads in general. That is positive energy at work. My lock process started with a twa(teeny weeny afro)and just enjoying my head being free of chemicals and other toxic substances. As I began to truly love myself more and more my locks absorbed this love and became long very fast.
Putting healthy foods and drinks into my body has helped tremendously. I have increased the amount of raw fruits and vegetables in my diet and all of the vitamins and minerals were vital and still are to helping maintain a healthy head of locks.

Just my two cents worth from growing my locks for 13yrs now.

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By Mark Snowden, 2010-11-24

Hey guys, Ive had my locks since May 2010. Everything has been okay, but not exceptional. Lately my loose hairs have increased a lot and its been getting frustrating. Also, were my hair is growing there is like just under and inch of straight hair at my scalp before it hits my dreads, im not sure what the best way to go about growing hair is. And advice on any of this would be awesome, i attached a photo as well! Thanks!
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A little bit of History

By Gary Charlesworth, 2010-11-21
It's been a strange week.My best friend from school has stopped talking to me over a throw away comment referencing an earlier facebook status from his ex-wife. Sounds confusing...? It is!Let me take you back to the turn of the century... (that sounds ages ago... but was only 10 years!)Some of you may know this already, but I went to school in Germany for 4 years, due to my dad being in the air force. As I was starting my fourth year there, I realised I was pretty much on my own. The friends I made in the 3 years previous had all moved back to the UK or left school. So essentially, I had to start networking again!I made friends with a group of guys I sort of knew-ish, and it was about this time I fell in love.I would have gladly given the world to this girl, and I still would. Although we've drifted apart and not seen or spoken in years, she is the only person I will ever truly love.Anyway, I digress...One of this group of friends (Matt) went on to become my best friend. We started a band together, and were pretty much inseperable.Matt was going out with a girl called Ana. throughout my last year at school Matt and Ana were on/off all the time, thanks to a guy called Lee.Lee was a twat! A highly strung ball of pur emotion. He stole Ana away from Matt, and Matt took it badly. And he and Lee didn't ever get on.Anyway, the girl I fell in love with was Zoe. She never loved me back of course, but I did everything I could to make her happy. I would have done anything to see her smile. It reminded me of a pinball machine when you win a bonus game, lighting up her face in a crecendo of beauty.Me and Zoe never got together, no matter how much i wanted it!So, I left Germany and we all kept in touch for a while. Matt and Ana split up properly, and Lee moved away as well.Anyway a few months later I get a call from Matt, and he tells me that he and Zoe have got together. Obviously this completely crushed me, but as long as Zoe was happy, I didn't let on. Weeks, Months and Years past and we all lost contact. That was until the dawn of Facebook.When I first used facebook, I found Matt and Zoe, and found out that they got married and were still in Germany doing this and that. I messaged them but recieved no reply. So I let it go.Anyway a few weeks ago Zoe reverted to using her maiden name, and I found out that they split. The next thing I know Zoe is on Facebook calling Matt a coward and liar and any name under the sun!The a few hours later I read this:"Apparently the best way to tell your wife you're in a new relationship is to put it on Facebook to humiliate them in front of their family and friends."Obviously, me being concerned, I commented on this by saying: "So not only a liar and coward, but also a rotter a scoudrel and a cad! If you need a chat you know where I am."Because of this comment, Matt has now blocked me. That to me is an admision of him being a bounder and a cad. At this very point in time, I couldn't care less that he blocked me. What I do care about is how he betrayed Zoe. I now no longer consider him a friend and have no time for him at all.The message I want to send to Zoe is this:"Although you may not be having a great time right now, I want you to know that my love for you is as strong as the love of Odesyus for Penelope. I know we can never be together as you don't feel the same about me. I want you to know that although life seems bad now, you WILL find happiness. And I will make it my ongoing quest to make sure of that. I just wanted to let you know that there is someone who will always love and care for you. You own my heart, and whenever you need someone, your call is all i need to be at your side. I will fight, kill and die for you if you give the word, and anyone who crosses you will be damned at my hands. You are the one shining light in my life, and I give my word that your light will not be extinguished."I chickened out and didn't send it!I know it sounds weird that I never got over a girl i never went out with at school, but I think this could have something to do with why I have no luck with the ladies now. Everyone I meet I compare to Zoe. And they never meassure up.Maybe I need to let go.But how...?There's only one way to find out...
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