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Modern computerism consum

By kye, 2011-11-11

Yo, Like I feel interest with online forum participation. Too bad I cannot afford highspeed up to date internet series: what i would like to do as a member on this frum is not available. Im writting this blog to say I have been Dreading As a Life style.

To me dread locks " dread " is awesome. See i feel as my dreads mature it reflects My etheral and physical growth metaphysically and spiritualy. Of course The Lock " lock " Lockin in on the sorcery of my surroundings. Condensing my aural physique into my Growth. Live Love Life prosperity interested with open eys.

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'Naturally changed'

By Dizzie Devil, 2011-11-10

A woman with an idea for a lifestyle change, armed with a metal flea comb and determination, can be a dangerous combination. With that said and out of the way, i'm sure you have come to the conclusion that this "woman" is me! Ha

A flee comb? Really lady? ummmm yes, afraid so. I was so stuck in the same rut as many American woman are, of wrongfully believing that everything should be uniform and sleek to be beautiful. This is a result of constant brainwashing by the media, billboards,commercials,magazines,reality TV! Ahhhhhh Enough already! So I took my flee comb and bar stool to my bathroom and began what I thought was the right beginning to my "Great Dreadlock Journey"

Journey? You say? Armed with a comb, no no, a flee comb? Wowza. What was I thinking? Oh, right, beautiful locks that all look the same and are tidy and neat! Shhhhhhhhhut your mouth! I'm not SO I look myself in the eyes and say, "lets do this" I had read online somewhere, no wait, I had seen on youtube that this girl and her mother dreaded her hair one day in 8 hours. Wow, 8 hours huh? Now if you will know anything about me it is this....I pick up things in a heartbeat and am more than proficient at it if not from the very start, then soon there after. So im thinking, Hell, I can do this myself in 8, NO PROBLEM!! Boy, was I mistaken!!! So three days and probly about 18-21 hours cumulatively, I finish. Which, if you have looked at my few pics (sorry not more) you will see how, armed with a comb of the flee variety, determination and a lot of brain washing, they came out lovely!

I am so used to fixing my hair and it having to be so nice and not a hair out of place that I looked all over online to figure out and learn how to "tidy those locks" All the nerotic twisting and pulling and finger rolling and possible crocheting, I say possible cuz and thank goddess for it too, I couldn't get it right. So after trying all that and some "Knotty Boy" products, I wasnt satisfied. So what now you say? I look for more product! Guess who I find??? Oh yes, you guessed it, Dreadhead HQ!! Now this is, what I now know to be, just another corporate POS company, out for blood! ooops, I mean money! Selling you on the idea that you need all this stuff to be beautiful! Sound familiar? Just like all the rest of the corporate America media....UGH! I bought it too, silly me. What saved me? My awesome fiance, Lucky! He found your site, SE, and told me to read your "Dreaducation" piece, and this big beautiful bright light went off in my head! I immediately cancelled my order for above mentioned companies hair poisons, wait scratch that, I tried to. I called and got a recording that refered me back to my conformation email and to reply back to it for any disputes. Aaaaahahaha MAN, was I dooped!

All is well now. Armed now with a full set of pretty locks and Mr. Soaring Eagles knowledge, I am a new woman. I stripped my hair of buildup using his baking soda cleanser, which I infused with a pomegranate raspberry green tea, most for the wonderful scent, and I didnt have lavender and rosemary yet, and added 10 drops of teatree oil. My once itchy, flaky, screaming foe mercy scalp, is wonderfully invigorated and lighter and softer and smelling...."so fresh and so clean, clean" haha I used rice vinegar cuz I didn't have ACV, it works just fine for now. Seriously SE, I love you man! You saved me from corporate dreadlock suicide!! My tam is off to you, sir!! Now I have locks of love!!

Loving my newly soft locks, and feeling free!!

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Spare a thought - conclusion

By ashr, 2011-11-10


She hadVasculitis in her brain, but it's been sorted out and she's on the road to recovery.

So happy !

Thank you for all your thoughts.

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my hair is really frizzy since i havent put any product on it for a few days now... is this normal?

By Erica Thomas, 2011-11-08

my hair is being annoying... lol, please help, i really want to do this right. (natural dreads)

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Do quality dread extensions exist???

By Breezy Monsta, 2011-11-08

I have had dreads for 3 years, my hair started out huge and light and as time went on my dreads tightened and formed into what they are now, the tighter they got the shorter they got. i love my dreadys but i want some length and my patience has seemed to escape me. I tried tying in synthetics but they just felt awkward thin and light against my heavy thicker dreads and i couldn't wash them! does anyone have any suggestions to make my hair longer/bigger? Any salons or treatments? Thanks friends!

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By Nichole Currier, 2011-11-06

I'm brushing my dreadlocks out. I'm so unbelievably devastated. It's been a beautiful, wild, crazy four months, and I'm so upset that it's ending. In the short few months, they've done so much for me, you couldn't even begin to fathom! I don't even know what to write right now, I'm at such a loss for words. I don't want to say goodbye to them, but more like a see you later, in the next journey. As for all of you, I've come to enjoy talking to you, and everything everyone has done. I'm still going to be here on the site, just with my same, plain, average, normal, straight, un-knotted, hair =\. I don't know when I'm going to start my journey again, but I'm hoping it won't be too long. Losing them is harder than I ever imagined it to be.

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By alexandra flowerdew, 2011-11-03
So...My locks have a bit of a dryness and crunchy feeling to them.I currently Use baking soda and acv followed by sea salt water spray.I was thinking of maybe trying some coconut oil as moisturizer.If there r any objections, plz let me know.Or if there r any other ideas, they are more than welcome here
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Seven Months

By isaac lopez, 2011-11-02

So far it has been a journey. Some people make funny faces, while others will complement my dreads.

But over all I am happy with them. I have lose hairs up front, but the back ones are locking up good. I was about twice a week now.

Other things I want to share with everyone....

Check out my church's website and you can watch every Sunday's message on youtube

See ya later

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Second Month Dreadversary

By Karrington <3, 2011-10-31

So tomorrow is my 2nd month of dreads.. I'm really pleased with the progress that My dreads have made. I feel like I can finally call them dreads because they look and feel more like dreads now then they did in the beginning.. I think its crazy because I found a few loops in them and I had no idea African-American hair looped up like that.. it blew my mind.. lol.. I like all the changes it is making in my life and all of the complements I have gotten.. I have decided to change my eating habits and to stop smoking to aid in the dreading process so they will be happy and healthy with me.. :)

My boyfriend is even on board with the idea as well and I think he likes it because he can see my progress and I think that since it isn't happening over night, he can get used to the idea of it.. I'll post pics tomorrow of the ones that are super dreads..

I also think its cool hoe they are choosing to dread, some are starting towards the root while others are starting in the middle and working their way up and down my curls.. just a cool tid bit..

Welp, thats about it for me tonight.. Peep the pics tomorrow or Wednesday.. :)

Much love, CIAO!!

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By Eva-Jo, 2011-10-30

Thought this was appropriate to share here. I came across this poem and instantly felt at ease <3

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