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hunger striker terence macswiney my great uncle

By ☮ soaring eagle ॐ, 2011-11-22

since i was young i heard alot about a famouse poet writer great uncle who i got my middle name from i had heard his funeral was much bigger then kenedies but i had the name wrong so searching for his writinmgs returned nothing

however a few years back i uncovered the real name and was surprised to find he terence mscswiney had done the longest hunger strike in irelands history having passed away after 78 days without food

i just now came across this video of his massive funeral

more on hids trial hungerstrike and death

and more he brought the irisg=h struggle to international attention by giving his life for the cause

this is from wiki on his legacy hunger strike and politicle activity

MacSwiney's writings in the newspaper irish freedom brought him to the attention of the irish republican brotherhood. He was one of the founders of the Cork Brigade of the irish volunteers in 1913, and was President of the Cork branch of sinn fein . He founded a newspaper, Fianna Fil , in 1914, but it was suppressed after only 11 issues. In April 1916, he was intended to be second in command of the easter rising in Cork and Kerry, but stood down his forces on the order of Eoin MacNeill . Following the rising, he was interned under the defence of the realm act in Reading and Wakefield Gaols until December 1916. In February 1917 he was deported from Ireland and interned in Shrewsbury and Bromyard internment camps until his release in June 1917. It was during his exile in Bromyard that he married Muriel Murphy of the Cork distillery-owning family. In November 1917, he was arrested in Cork for wearing an irish republican army (IRA) uniform, and, inspired by the example of thomas ash, went on a hunger strike for three days prior to his release.

In the 1918 general election, MacSwiney was returned unopposed to the first Dil ireann as Sinn Fin representative for mid cork, succeeding the nationalist MP D. D. Sheehan. After the murder of his friend Toms Mac Curtain, the lord mayor of cork on 20 March 1920, MacSwiney was elected as Lord Mayor. On 12 August 1920, he was arrested in Dublin for possession of sedicious articles and documents, and also possession of a cipher key. He was summarily tried by court marshal on 16 August and sentenced to two years' imprisonment in Brixton Prison.

Hunger strike

In prison he immediately started a hunger strike in protest at his internment and the fact that he was tried by a military court. Eleven republican prisoners in Cork Jail went on hunger strike at the same time. On 26 August, the British cabinet stated that "the release of the Lord Mayor would have disastrous results in Ireland and would probably lead to a mutiny of both military and police in South of Ireland." MacSwiney's hunger strike gained world attention. The British government was threatened with a boycott of British goods by Americans, while four countries in South America appealed to the Pope to intervene. Protests were held in Germany and France as well. An Australian member of Parliament hugh mahon, was expelled from the Australian parliament for "seditious and disloyal utterances at a public meeting" after protesting the actions of the British government in the Australian Parliament.

Attempts at force-feeding MacSwiney were undertaken in the final days of his strike. On 20 October 1920, he fell into a coma and died five days later after 74 days on hunger strike. His body lay in southwork cathederal in London where 30,000 people filed past it. Fearing large-scale demonstrations in Dublin, the authorities diverted his coffin directly to Cork and his funeral there on 31 October attracted huge crowds. Terence MacSwiney is buried in the Republican plot in Saint Finbarr's Cemetery in Cork. arthur griffewth delivered the graveside oration.

Aftermath and legacy

MacSwiney's funeral in Cork on 31 October 1920.

A collection of his writings, entitled Principles of Freedom , was published posthumously in 1921. It was based upon articles MacSwiney contributed to Irish Freedom during 19111912. MacSwiney's life and work had a particular impact in India. Jawaharlal Nehru took inspiration from MacSwiney's example and writings, and Mahatma Gandhi counted him among his influences. Principles of Freedom was translated into various Indian languages including Telugu. Another Indian revolutionary Bhagat Singh was an admirer of Terence MacSwiney and wrote about him in his memoirs. While in prison during his trial he went on hunger strike to protest the conditions in which Indian revolutionaries were being kept. Bhagat Singh, in his interview with the Tribune newspaper mentioned MacSwiney as one of his inspirations. When Bhagat Singh's father petitioned the British government to pardon his son, Bhagat Singh quoted Terence MacSwiney and said "I am confident that my death will do more to smash the British Empire than my release" and told his father to withdraw the petition. He was executed on March 23, 1931, with two of his comrades, Rajguru and Sukhdev, for killing a British officer. Other figures beyond India who counted MacSwiney as an influence include Ho Chi Minh who was working in London at the time of MacSwiney's death and said of him, "A nation that has such citizens will never surrender".

In Ireland, Terence MacSwiney's sister Mary MacSwiney took on his seat in the Dil and spoke against the anglo-irish treaty in January 1922. His brother Sen MacSwiney was also elected in the 1921 elections for another Cork constituency. Sen also opposed the Treaty.

In 1945 his only child, Mire MacSwiney, married Ruair Brugha, son of the anti-Treaty Teachta Dla Cathal Brugha, and later a TD, Member of the European Parliament, and senator. Mire MacSwiney is the author of a memoir History's Daughter: A Memoir from the Only Child of Terence MacSwiney (2006).

A collection relating to Terence MacSwiney exists in Cork Public Museum. His portrait, and a painting of his funeral mass, by Sir John Lavery are exhibited in Cork's Crawford Municipal Art Gallery.

There is also a Secondary School named after him in the north side of Cork City, with a room dedicated to his memory.

i found these videos just now i already knew about the wiki page

but i like to think that even though he was a distant relative long dead he still influenced who i became

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baking soda

By jasmine lambert, 2011-11-22

ok so i thought i would try this baking soda wash thing today, and i gotta say my hair feels soo clean :)

my dreads also feel a little bit tighter and i haven't got the usual halo of frizz

so i before i washed i made some sea salt spray and left it on for about an hour,

for the bs i used 1 normal spoon to 250ml of water and put it in a squeezy bottle

after washing off the bs i put a diluted vinegar soloution through my hair,i only used a small amount of vinegar in warm water and a couple of drops of tea tree oil to make it smell nice and because it anti bacterial also i put mine in a spray bottle it was easy to apply and not messy :)

i used normal white vinegar because i havent had time to look for the apple cider stuff, but i will have to get some :)

hopefully this might be useful to anyone wanting to give it a go

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The Second try

By patrick donahue, 2011-11-21

ok so i had tried to TnR my hair about 4 months ago and it was an epic fail do to the fact that my hair was so short. So today, Monday the 21st, my GF and i where board and decided to give it another try. and after 4 hours my dreadies where born. in the last few hours i have fallin in love with them

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Review - Tam and sleeves from Earthiest (

By Aika, 2011-11-18

To anyone thinking about getting something from HippyFish/Earthiest, DO IT. These are really quality products that I'm sure will last a very long time, and the price is completely reasonable. Her tams are made from 100% virgin wool and the one I purchased is a perfect size for younger dreadies like mine that still have growing to do. All of my dreads fit inside the tam with some room to spare (my hair is passed my shoulder). And the peyote sleeves feel very tight and secure. Overall both products are very well-finished and I would definitely get more in the future.

Here are some pictures:

Look at the color on that one! ^^^

Happy journeys :)

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November , but still no snow

By Ugglan, 2011-11-16

November, but still no snow
yes it's November in Sweden, but we have no snow, it is usually about 150 centimeters and 10 degrees below zero is guaranteed, but now we have sunshine, green grass and all the leaves are not fallen.
but today, I will fix dreads, both on myself and David. my hair is a kaous right now, but I like it, and if we add that there is no snow then it's a perfect day, because I am about to go loongboarding!

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first blog...happy to be here

By Kaitlynn Cassel, 2011-11-16

Okay dreads are almost 3 weeks old, and i absolutely LOVE them. A few have come apart a little, but after reading what a lot of you say on here i trust that i don't have to worry. They'll fix themselves, by doing their own thing. There is only 1 section that i'm worried about, and that's a little area in the back that is a lot shorter than the rest of my hair from breakage before i dreaded it. I think i'm just gonna leave it alone and see if it dreads on its own, or at least let it grow out. But anyways I was just wondering if anybody had any little "secrets", advice, tips etc, that they would like to share. I researched a lot before i did them, and i'm very confident in them. But i'm always open for advice!!! It would be greatly appreciated! :)

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Overwhelmed with love

By Aika, 2011-11-15

Hello everyone,

This blog post is basically to say how much I love all of you. Never in my life would I have thought that I could feel so connected and at home with people I have never met before. Sure, I only know everyone here by their online profile and the things they say or pictures they show, but tonight it hit me how much joy this community brings me. The love, support, guidance, and fellowship that this website promotes and hosts is unbelievable. I'm not a big fan for online social networks and things like facebook, but this is completely different. For example, I had to deactivate my facebook account because it was making me so depressed whenever I would surf through people's profiles and pictures and read my newsfeed. The whole atmosphere of facebook is like a huge popularity contest to showcase who has the most exciting life or best pictures, etc. and it puts me under pressure to try to stand out and be noticed and gain comments. I would waste hours just looking at other people's "lives" and feeling shitty about my own. But on's the complete opposite. I come on here and I love to see everyone's journeys and all of the interesting discussions and blogs people share so freely and honestly. Just tonight I went on facebook after reactivating it last night, and I already started feeling anxious and insecure about myself. Then I came on dreadlockssite and was reminded of my individuality and how happy and lucky I am to be free to be my own person....not caring about what I don't have or what I'm not doing, etc.

Anyway, I really felt compelled to share with everyone how much I value all of your beauty, honesty, and companionship in my life. This is more than an online social network or forum...I'm not sure what to call it, but it's refreshing and inspiring. So thank you everyone for always sharing and supporting each other to make this a community of peace an love. And most of all, thank you Soaring Eagle for making it all happen. I hope you know how much you're appreciated and loved.

Your sister,


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A Lead

By KnottyPrincess, 2011-11-15

This is an update from my last blog. If you haven't read it, it's about my search for my biological father. My grandfather's wife has been helping me search for him and in my last blog, I said that she thought she had narrowed it down to two possibilities. Well, as of tonight, we believe we may have it narrowed down to one possibility. Now this doesn't mean that it's ABSOLUTELY him. It's not a sure thing. I called my adopted mom and asked her if she had any paperwork that he had signed when my parents adopted me. We were hoping to get a middle name or at least initial out of it, but he didn't sign with one. HOWEVER, she found the envelope with the address that they had mailed it to. It was his mother's old address. So, my bio-mom and I called my grandfather's wife and told her, and she said there is a man she found by that name living on the same street! I'm hoping and praying that it's him. I really hope he's either still there, or we can track him to his next address. I'm feeling a huge mixture of emotions right now. I'm excited about the possibility, but I'm also so afraid that I'll never find him, or he'll be dead... What if I do find him, and he doesn't want anything to do with me? My adopted mom and my biological mom keep telling me that they don't think that will be the case because he really loved me and he was a sweet and loving father. I am BEGGING God to help me find him. I just keep praying that this lead means something and that it leads to something positive. I'm trying so hard not to get my hopes up...but it's so hard not to. I will be so devastated if he turns up dead or we don't find him. But if we don't, I'll keep searching. If he's dead, I'll mourn, and then move on with my life.

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By Sonja-Skye, 2011-11-13

what would we do?
stop and breath the fresh air,
or waste it petulantly on technology and worrying about time?
would we take into account that we are lucky, and that YES, there actually are more people out there who need their civil rights restored?
would we really be so cruel and selfish just to think of ourselves and not worry about how many people are merely dying without a scrap of food, or even one little shred of dignity, OBVIOUSLY not how they would like to be remembered, but do we notice they don't have the choice?
would we maybe stop all this foolishness, and realize that we aren't the only ones that live in this world, there are plenty of other life forms here too.
would we really need to worry about money and the conformingly growing desire to possess it, own it, use it and store it?
what would we do with that money when we die? leave it to family members, or friends, why not pass it on since we'll have no use for it in the grand scheme of things!!!!

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A Journey of Family, Love, and Searching

By KnottyPrincess, 2011-11-12

This is my first time ever writing a blog. I am usually really shy about sharing my writing with people for some reason, especially when it comes to writing about my life and feelings. I feel, however, that this is a place where I can share without fear, because everyone here is so positive and loving! Plus, I have great news that I want to share with everyone!'s my story.

When I was a baby, I lived with my biological parents for a few months, but then my biological mother went to prison for drug charges. (I know I get right to the point. haha) She called her ex-stepmother whom she had remained very close to over the years and asked her to get temporary custody of me. I guess she was afraid that my biological father, who was very loving, but also had problems, would take me and she'd never see me again. So as far as I was concerned from that time on, my biological mother's stepmother was my mom. When I turned five, I was legally adopted. From this point on. When I refer to my mom and dad, I will be referring to my ADOPTED parents.

I always knew I was adopted. I don't think I understood what that meant for a while, but as I grew older, it was just something I knew about myself. My life growing up was very happy. I lived in a small town in New Jersey (Yes those exist...New Jersey isn't all wall to wall apartment complexes. Ever hear of the Pine Barrens?) I grew up in a middle class, Christian home. I never needed anything, and I wanted for very little. I guess you can say I was a bit spoiled and very sheltered. I won't deny that. I love my adopted family as if they were blood. They have sacrificed so much for me, and I would sacrifice anything for them. We have a VERY strong bond.

My biological mom struggled with drug addiction for a very long time. She lived in Colorado, and we'd only be able to talk on the phone. She was in and out of my life throughout my entire childhood. My BEST memory of her growing up would be the time I went camping with her, my parents, and my biological grandfather in Moab, Utah. We spent the whole week giggling and hugging and sleeping under the stars (because really RV's are lame and we're way too cool for those..jkjk lol) We had the best conversations and time seemed endless. I never wanted my time with her to end. I wanted to live the rest of my life, with my adopted and biological family all in one happy place, sleeping under the stars.

My biological mom continued to struggle with her addiction for a few more years. I'd pray for her every night before bed, but nothing ever seemed to happen. She never called me, and no one in my family knew where she was. I couldn't understand why she wasn't in my life anymore. Eventually I made myself forget about her because I didn't want to think about it anymore and just forgetting was a lot easier. When I was in my pre-teens, she went to prison again. By this time, I was so angry at her. (I was starting puberty though, so I guess I was angry at everyone and everything.) I just didn't understand why she couldn't just pick me over drugs. Why were drugs so much more important than me? I used to get letters from her, and I'd respond to some, but most I just kept in a box because I felt like I had nothing to say to her. I had virtually given up on her.

With her back in my life in the form of letters, it made me start thinking about my adoption and this is about when I began to understand what it meant. I started to think about my biological father and I wondered who he was, where he was and why he wasn't in my life. I have absolutely no memory of him. So I started asking my adopted parents. My mom told me that he was a very sweet dad and that he really loved and cared about me, however he struggled as well. I wished he could be in my life, however I thought it could never be possible, so I just pushed it aside and forgot about it.

When I was in High School, my biological mom went into a drug program, and eventually got out and continued an outpatient program. I heard from her a lot. She'd call me often and we'd have long talks. I let go of my previous anger. I understood by that time, that drug addiction is a very difficult thing to overcome and loved her for pushing through and fighting her addiction. She has now been clean and sober for almost a decade! Anyway, the more I spoke to her, the more the thoughts of my biological father returned. I wanted to find him, so I began searching on the internet. His name is a VERY common German name however, and I didn't know anything else about him. I would spend hours typing in searches, and checking different social networking sites. I thought it'd never happen so I just pushed it aside, but as always, it lay there, dormant.

Now, let's get to the present. I'm 22 years old now, and my 17 year old sister, who was raised by her aunt on her father's side had already moved out to Colorado with our mother. In early October, my biological mother called me and asked me if I'd move out too, to help with her business. The business was not her only reason for asking me to come out. She also really wanted to re-connect with me and have a real-life relationship with me rather than an over the phone one. So...two weeks later, I moved to Colorado. When I got here, one of the first days, we wound up talking about my father, and I expressed my desire to find him. She explained to me that my grandfather's wife is VERY good at finding people, so we called her and gave her as much information as we could (which isn't very much!) I figured it was worth a shot, but doubted we'd get much out of it. Afterall, my internet searches never seemed to get me anywhere.

It's been a few weeks since we had that conversation with my grandfather's wife. Though my mind would occasionally touch the idea of finding my father, I shy'd away from thinking about it. Yes, I know, I have a bad habit of dealing with everything by pushing it aside. haha Anyway...My biological mom and I were outside smoking a cigarette tonight, and she told me that my grandfather's wife thinks she has it narrowed down to TWO PEOPLE! In all my searching, I never got remotely close to that! Even though it's not a 100% sure thing, for the first time in my life, I am SO CLOSE to finding my father and hopefully talking to him! For the first time, I have HOPE of finding him at all. I can't even begin to describe how I feel. I'm in shock, and I'm excited. At the same time, however, I'm so scared that neither of these men will be my father. My BIGGEST fear that goes along with that, is that he's dead. I'm hoping and praying that he is one of the two men that my grandpa's wife found because if it's not, I will be so heartbroken and devastated, BUT I won't give up. From now on, I will keep trying. I realize now, that no matter how hopeless or far away something seems, it's a lot closer than we really think.

Peace and Love <3

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