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Throwing out my hairbrush! a few questions first

By Katarina Marie, 2011-12-05

I am going to quit brushing my hair and see how it goes.When I don't brush my hair for say 2 days I get a ton of matting. I'm thinking that my hair is going to dread up rather quick even though it is pretty much poker straight. I'm guessing that I can justseparatethe hair so I don't get too large of a dread? Can I still throw my hair up in a pony tail holder? Can I wrap my hair in a pillow case at night? I need to find a bandanna, 100% cotton or some other material? I want to do this right because I am convinced I am not going back! I can just image in 50 years having awesome purple gray dreads.My boyfriend thinks I'm not serious but Oh I

I am also going to quit smoking them cancer sticks, I figure they make your hair smell pretty terrible and I am used to washing my hair close to everyday. I have sensitive skin and I am hoping the ACV and BS and some jojoba oil & rosemary isn't going to mess with my scalp. I was looking around for some ways to wash my hair in between the ACV wash. I am not trying to spend a whole lot on shampoo so I think I am going to order a maylee bar. Tea Tree and Orange...yummy. It says the soap wont dry skin so I am hoping for a happy healthy scalp. I am using Tea tree shampoo and conditioner now and it is giving medandruff, my hair is getting rather long and I hate brushing out knots everyday! My scalp gets sore from all the tugging and pulling and I have had enough of this brushing thing years ago!!

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lets make an epic once a yr. event

By hank jordan aka šøfâk¡ñgš¡¢, 2011-12-05

we as members of this site should make some kinda "get together" once a year some place unique ,so we can meet one another make new friends share our "tales behind the dreads" for one I would pay to attend an event such as this even if it was just once in my life..

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To dread or not to dread.

By Katarina Marie, 2011-12-05

I'm not sure how this site works yet. I've been trolling here for many months now without a profile just researching and checking out other peoples experiences with their dreads.I have finally decided I am going to dread, thinking the TNR method might be best for me. I don't usually blog cause I always feel as if I am just talking to myself, that very well could be what I am going to do here in this blog, So anywaysI made a profile on dis here site so I could socialize with other dread heads and all that good jazz. Lets see how that goes.

~the lone stoner~

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By carli, 2011-12-02

Today makes 1 week since ive had my dreadlocks <3

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3 Months!!

By Karrington <3, 2011-11-30

Tomorrow is my 3 month dreadversary. I'm so excited that I could literally pop. I have encountered a few dreadies that have decided to join forces with those around them and that's fine by me. I just slap a bead on them to help em out. I have also noticed that all of the dreads are actually staying together and not falling apart anymore so I can massage in shampoo or whateves without any worry.

I feel worlds more confidant now than I ever have and I feel like more people are opening up to me and falling in love with me. Men and women alike. (there is a guy in my Biology class that will do anything to hold my attention, never mind that I have a boyfriend lol) and the compliments are flying out the yin yang. I have always been the type of person to go virtually unnoticed but these days I attract so much attention. I have no clue how to deal with it really.

In other news, I am so ready for this semester of school to be over.. I have 1 more week then I am free for a month. Woo!!

Also, I am loving what my dreads are teaching me day in and day out. I am more accepting, loving, caring and forgiving than I have ever been. I cannot wait to experience all that is coming in the future. :)

I hope everyone is having a wonderful day :)

Much love..

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Hi I'm new and I need help.

By otzmabie, 2011-11-27

So I've had my dreads for about two months now, and they're great. I love them. But I have a lot of frizziness and loose hairs. Plus they're loose at the scalp. I've done a ton of research and I still don't know what to do. I don't want to use wax and I don't have the money to go get maintenance on them from a professional. I use the baking soda shampoo recipe already but that's just to keep them clean. Please give me some advice, I don't know what to do.

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dreads starting to congo = me sad

By Aika, 2011-11-27

I've done a pretty good job at separating my dreads, but three on the side of my head are extremely knotted together. the one in the middle of the three used to be two, but those two congoed which was fine because they were pretty thin, but now they are dragging in their neighbors! I've been trying to separate them for a while, but nothing works. They all have a bead around them but that doesn't help at all. I don't want to cut my hair so I'm tempted to just let them congo...I would like some opinions on this from people who have had 3-4 dreads combine. Is it bothersome to have a dread that big? If I leave it alone will they eventually stop knotting together? Right now the knotting is only at the roots and the rest of the length of the dreads are pretty knotted up so I don't think they would join easily. I mean, it's only about 2-3 centimeters joined together, but there is no chance of pulling them apart at all. So what do you think I should do? Cutting it seems so awful...Help!

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Almost a Full Month of Natural Dreadlocking

By Cathy Givans, 2011-11-26

I spent week two of my dreadlock journey in the hospital with my son and have been playing catch up with my work ever since, but I really need to do an update. It will be short, but still and update.

I am amazed with the speed of my natural dreads. I remember seeing this site before I did tnr. I remember thinking that natural dreading wasn't for me - it would take too long. Now, here I am, newly started dreads and almost a whole month in. I have five, yes, FIVE, baby dreads already. Four are very well formed and another is just starting. I am also starting to notice a really interesting trend with my hair; it gets really crazy frizzy just before it starts to lock.

I look at my daughter's hair, which is just like mine and I think of how beautiful it would be locked, but I am one of those moms that refuses to make big decisions like that for my children. I wanted to pierce her ears when she was little, but I didn't because I know that piercings are a personal choice (I have two body piercings myself, besides my ears) and now I think about dreading her hair. She is now three and I am confident that if she ever wants to start her own journey, she will let me know.

Dreading for me is a personal and intimate journey. I don't share it with others openly; partly to avoid judgment, but mostly to allow myself to enjoy my journey. I want my journey to be significant. I want to see the growth and change in more than just my dreads - I want to see the growth and change in myself.

Our family is really starting to work at making the real decisions about a life on the road full time. I grew up in a fifth wheel. I didn't live in a sticks and bricks house until I was almost 13, so nomadic living is already ingrained in me. I want to share the joy, that freedom, that absence of conventional life with my children and my husband.

Today we looked at travel trailers, discussed a date, showed our children photos of the mountains and national parks that we would like to visit. Every step is aimed to make our footprint smaller. I want to live a life that leaves little trace of our physical existence. I want to give our children the insight and knowledge that my parents didn't have - that every choice we make is a choice to nurture or destroy our planet - our source of life.

Other things aren't coming together quite so easily. Work, for one, is a struggle. Seeing through the mounds of things that need to be done to make our journey a reality is hard as well. Most of all, I have had to admit defeat when it comes to recycling - for now. Our small town only has one option - a small kiosk that is so often full. The cans have piled up to an unmanageable level and we had to stop for now. Of course, the use of cans will soon be far behind us, but I had hoped that we could at least reduce the damage that they do to the planet while we are using them.

Baby steps though, baby steps. We have to do a little at a time. Walking away from a wasteful and consumeristic lifestyle that doesn't pay mind to how what we do impacts everyone and everything around us is a process. It takes time. This I understand and I respect. I try to be gentle with myself during the process. For now, I focus on our plans for the near future and I focus on trying to spend more time with my children and being a better, more patient, more purposeful mother and person.

Week two
Week 3
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hunger striker terence macswiney my great uncle

By ☮ soaring eagle ॐ, 2011-11-22

since i was young i heard alot about a famouse poet writer great uncle who i got my middle name from i had heard his funeral was much bigger then kenedies but i had the name wrong so searching for his writinmgs returned nothing

however a few years back i uncovered the real name and was surprised to find he terence mscswiney had done the longest hunger strike in irelands history having passed away after 78 days without food

i just now came across this video of his massive funeral

more on hids trial hungerstrike and death

and more he brought the irisg=h struggle to international attention by giving his life for the cause

this is from wiki on his legacy hunger strike and politicle activity

MacSwiney's writings in the newspaper irish freedom brought him to the attention of the irish republican brotherhood. He was one of the founders of the Cork Brigade of the irish volunteers in 1913, and was President of the Cork branch of sinn fein . He founded a newspaper, Fianna Fil , in 1914, but it was suppressed after only 11 issues. In April 1916, he was intended to be second in command of the easter rising in Cork and Kerry, but stood down his forces on the order of Eoin MacNeill . Following the rising, he was interned under the defence of the realm act in Reading and Wakefield Gaols until December 1916. In February 1917 he was deported from Ireland and interned in Shrewsbury and Bromyard internment camps until his release in June 1917. It was during his exile in Bromyard that he married Muriel Murphy of the Cork distillery-owning family. In November 1917, he was arrested in Cork for wearing an irish republican army (IRA) uniform, and, inspired by the example of thomas ash, went on a hunger strike for three days prior to his release.

In the 1918 general election, MacSwiney was returned unopposed to the first Dil ireann as Sinn Fin representative for mid cork, succeeding the nationalist MP D. D. Sheehan. After the murder of his friend Toms Mac Curtain, the lord mayor of cork on 20 March 1920, MacSwiney was elected as Lord Mayor. On 12 August 1920, he was arrested in Dublin for possession of sedicious articles and documents, and also possession of a cipher key. He was summarily tried by court marshal on 16 August and sentenced to two years' imprisonment in Brixton Prison.

Hunger strike

In prison he immediately started a hunger strike in protest at his internment and the fact that he was tried by a military court. Eleven republican prisoners in Cork Jail went on hunger strike at the same time. On 26 August, the British cabinet stated that "the release of the Lord Mayor would have disastrous results in Ireland and would probably lead to a mutiny of both military and police in South of Ireland." MacSwiney's hunger strike gained world attention. The British government was threatened with a boycott of British goods by Americans, while four countries in South America appealed to the Pope to intervene. Protests were held in Germany and France as well. An Australian member of Parliament hugh mahon, was expelled from the Australian parliament for "seditious and disloyal utterances at a public meeting" after protesting the actions of the British government in the Australian Parliament.

Attempts at force-feeding MacSwiney were undertaken in the final days of his strike. On 20 October 1920, he fell into a coma and died five days later after 74 days on hunger strike. His body lay in southwork cathederal in London where 30,000 people filed past it. Fearing large-scale demonstrations in Dublin, the authorities diverted his coffin directly to Cork and his funeral there on 31 October attracted huge crowds. Terence MacSwiney is buried in the Republican plot in Saint Finbarr's Cemetery in Cork. arthur griffewth delivered the graveside oration.

Aftermath and legacy

MacSwiney's funeral in Cork on 31 October 1920.

A collection of his writings, entitled Principles of Freedom , was published posthumously in 1921. It was based upon articles MacSwiney contributed to Irish Freedom during 19111912. MacSwiney's life and work had a particular impact in India. Jawaharlal Nehru took inspiration from MacSwiney's example and writings, and Mahatma Gandhi counted him among his influences. Principles of Freedom was translated into various Indian languages including Telugu. Another Indian revolutionary Bhagat Singh was an admirer of Terence MacSwiney and wrote about him in his memoirs. While in prison during his trial he went on hunger strike to protest the conditions in which Indian revolutionaries were being kept. Bhagat Singh, in his interview with the Tribune newspaper mentioned MacSwiney as one of his inspirations. When Bhagat Singh's father petitioned the British government to pardon his son, Bhagat Singh quoted Terence MacSwiney and said "I am confident that my death will do more to smash the British Empire than my release" and told his father to withdraw the petition. He was executed on March 23, 1931, with two of his comrades, Rajguru and Sukhdev, for killing a British officer. Other figures beyond India who counted MacSwiney as an influence include Ho Chi Minh who was working in London at the time of MacSwiney's death and said of him, "A nation that has such citizens will never surrender".

In Ireland, Terence MacSwiney's sister Mary MacSwiney took on his seat in the Dil and spoke against the anglo-irish treaty in January 1922. His brother Sen MacSwiney was also elected in the 1921 elections for another Cork constituency. Sen also opposed the Treaty.

In 1945 his only child, Mire MacSwiney, married Ruair Brugha, son of the anti-Treaty Teachta Dla Cathal Brugha, and later a TD, Member of the European Parliament, and senator. Mire MacSwiney is the author of a memoir History's Daughter: A Memoir from the Only Child of Terence MacSwiney (2006).

A collection relating to Terence MacSwiney exists in Cork Public Museum. His portrait, and a painting of his funeral mass, by Sir John Lavery are exhibited in Cork's Crawford Municipal Art Gallery.

There is also a Secondary School named after him in the north side of Cork City, with a room dedicated to his memory.

i found these videos just now i already knew about the wiki page

but i like to think that even though he was a distant relative long dead he still influenced who i became

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baking soda

By jasmine lambert, 2011-11-22

ok so i thought i would try this baking soda wash thing today, and i gotta say my hair feels soo clean :)

my dreads also feel a little bit tighter and i haven't got the usual halo of frizz

so i before i washed i made some sea salt spray and left it on for about an hour,

for the bs i used 1 normal spoon to 250ml of water and put it in a squeezy bottle

after washing off the bs i put a diluted vinegar soloution through my hair,i only used a small amount of vinegar in warm water and a couple of drops of tea tree oil to make it smell nice and because it anti bacterial also i put mine in a spray bottle it was easy to apply and not messy :)

i used normal white vinegar because i havent had time to look for the apple cider stuff, but i will have to get some :)

hopefully this might be useful to anyone wanting to give it a go

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