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dear folks

By Pixy, 2012-06-08

i am already getting a loopy

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By Outoftheloop, 2012-06-08

About a week ago I posted on how i cut my twists - these days Im really wishing I hadnt done that! What a waste....

So I'm growing my hair for another try, and I will certainly try to stick with it.

in other news, I was recently arrested for Driving while impaired(long story), the police stole 300 dollars from me like fucking dicks! And I gave up my car today, I dontreallyneed it, will miss it tho, its doom was coming anyway.

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do i boil everything?

By Sook Ki, 2012-06-07

hmmm so im hearing a lot of ways to change hard water to soft water, including boiling or distilling the water while mixing the shampoo or baking soda, but my question is do i only have to boil the water that im going to mix in with my soap, or i have to boil every single water that i would have to use on my hair, including rinsing?

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Second Month Update

By Dee4, 2012-06-07

So my dreads are going to be two months in a few days the ninth to be exact. Started washing with acv/bs and my head feels so fresh and so clean clean :). I love them so much mostly my sides have locked pretty well the lower part of the head in the back is a little loose. I am not sweating it to much just letting nature take it course. I live in a very small border town maybe 400-500 residents and next town is about 1000 residents. People are starting to notice my dreadsand have been asking question or wanting to touch themno doubt I recommend them to this site and give some little info I have learned from here. Hopefully one day there will be more of my townies with dreads that would be so awsome so far one guy is intrested and is letting his hair grow. Well it is time for me to end this blog I have a weeding to attend this weekend and need to pack. I promise I will upload photos very soon. Thank you for reading and catch you all later on.

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Can your hair be to curly for dreads?

By Eric Andrikowich, 2012-06-07

my hair feel like it just curls up so much like it will not lock or knot any tips or ideas

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dr bronners with baking soda

By Sook Ki, 2012-06-06

so has anybody tried mixing dr bronners with baking soda in hard water? cause i just did and i cant tell if it worked well or not, because my scalp looks good (better than when i just used dr. bronners with water) but it feels oily..

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cantops as decoration on dreads

By angella, 2012-06-06

i keep reading about can tops as decorations but i have looked at all the blogs and even youtube but nothing can someone tell me how this is done and sum other decorations i can make at home thank u

and much luv

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here's a bar soap that cured my dandruff when i thought that nothing could

By Allan Welch, 2012-06-06

hey guys!! :) if any of you can remember some of my posts you will know that i have had a very very hard time dealing with dandruff throughout my neglect dreadlock journey. i tried every shampoo/washing method out there to try and get rid of my dandruff but nothing worked. this had been going on for over a year. AND FINALLY the master soaring eagle got me onto this site :):) and well i was determined to find a cure to my dandruff. i decided to order and try this one it's the tea tree and rosemary dreadlock bar soap. well it arrived today and about an hour ago i scrubbed my scalp with it. AND i got out of the shower and dried my hair and.........for the first time in over a year ABSOLUTELY NO DANDRUFF!!!!!!!!!!! i am soooooooo happy :):):)

And so if your reading this blog post and you think you've tried every shampoo/washing method to get rid of dandruff and nothing has worked, PLEASE go onto and order :):):) i can almost guarantee that it will cure all your scalp/dandruff problems because i have a very very sensitive scalp and i myself thought that i wouldn't find anything that would cure it.

Thanks tons guys! you're all the best :)

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Ugh..Cigarettes and Hair.

By jo2, 2012-06-04

[Disclaimer: I know most of my fellow Dreaddys know all of this already, butI'vebeen a bit slow on the realization tip]

I took a look at my hair today and I found my self veryunsatisfied. I could not figure out why is it my hair looks and feels so harsh. I eat well {ital}, i work out and i maintain my self well... but why does my hair feel different... Then it struck me... Bam!! Your smoking...I picked up a cigarette 5 months ago and never put it down since then I smoke a pack in 1.5 weeks. Look at what it does D:

  • Your breath smells worse than rotten trash.
  • Smoking ages you.
  • Smoke emits through your pores clogging them with tar and resin that cause blackheads.
  • The pores emit a stale tobacco smell.
  • Skin attains a yellowish gray, or somewhat murky complexion.
  • Smoking thins the skin.
  • Smoking depletes the collagen in your skin.
  • Smoking affects the lower and deeper part of your skin.
  • Your skin ages more rapidly and its elasticity is broken down causing wrinkles.
  • Nicotine causes blood vessels to constrict, reducing oxygen to the tissues.
  • Nicotine adds years to your appearance.
  • Nicotine suppresses the immune system increasing risk of viral infections like warts.
  • Heavy smokers have nearly five times the risk of wrinkles compared to those who dont.
  • Wrinkles surface around the mouth from the constant contractions of the smoking action.
  • Crows feet emerge around the eyes from squinting to avoid smoke in the eye.
  • Disgusting brown stains on your teeth makes it look like youve been chewing on a turd.
  • Healing process is delayed causing more visible scars.
  • Vitamin A depletion.
  • Vitamin C depletion which is involved in the synthesis of collagen.
  • Smoking can alter your body shape by affecting the endocrinal system, or the glands that secrete body changing hormones. This typically causes a potbelly and thin legs.
  • Smoking dehydrates your skin and hair.
  • Smoking causes deprivation of oxygen to the skin and hair.
  • One puff of cigarette smoke produces more than a trillion free radicals in your lungs. Free radicals are highly unstable oxygen molecules that cause aging.
  • The top layers of your hair will become brittle.
  • Smokers Face was added to the medical dictionary in 1985. Characteristics are lines, wrinkles, cheek lines, gauntness of features, and gray skin.

Point is Dont smoke and expect your hair to behave.

I Understand Healing Begins 20 Minutes From Your Last Cigarette

  • 20 Minutes: Your blood pressure and pulse rate drops to normal, and the body temperature of your hands and feet increases to normal.
  • 8 Hours: Nicotine will drop 93% from the normal daily levels.
  • 12 Hours: Carbon monoxide level in your blood drops to normal, and the oxygen level increases to normal.
  • 48 Hours: Nerve endings begin regrowth, and your ability to smell and taste increases.
  • 72 Hours: Your body will be nicotine free.
  • 10 Days - 2 Weeks: Blood circulation in your gums and teeth return to normal.
  • 2 Weeks - 3 Months: Your risk of a heart attack decreases, and lung function improves.
  • 3 Weeks - 3 Months: Circulation drastically improves, and the chronic cough disappears.
  • 1 - 9 Months: Sinus problems, fatigue, and shortness of breath decrease. Cilia have regrown in your lungs which handles mucus, cleans your lungs, and reduces infections. Overall energy increases.
  • 1 Year: Heart disease risk drops to less than half that of a smoker.
  • 5 - 15 Years: Stroke risk drops to the same as a non-smoker.
  • 10 Years: Risk of death by lung cancer is cut in half. Cancer of the mouth, throat, and esophagus risk decreases .
  • 15 Years: Risk of heart disease is the same as someone that has never smoked.

But my only question to my fellow dread heads how do I fix what I have done to my hair?.

Kudos toTrent.

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1 year story an such stuff

By amanda young, 2012-06-04

Well as of June 3 it will be a year since i started my dreads...the day i started was the day we headed west..My bf, child, father, friend , two dogs and I took our 1965 dodge travco across the U.S..My father drove the kid an me in my bf car, and my bf drove the RV..It was a long journey with having troubles along the way... an it was super hott out, .i decided the day i left my home town for the first time to move, i was gonna start a new chapter of my life...I never have traveled so much in my life...I just threw away my brush an stated new...Much didn't happen at 1st, but within a month when I was in Salt Lake City Utah at my mothers, my hair slowly started to dread one, two...we stayed there for a bout 3 weeks before we decided to move to Eugene Oregon, the girl that was with us was dreading her hair too, but she had straight hair an it wasn't locking up, we met some people who took us in, an in the beging all was good, he had dreads too..they were one year old, he used a crochet needle for his, an he did my friends the same way,, they looked good on here, his dreads kept falling out...too much crocheting I think...before she left for for her home town, she cut all the loose hairs off of each dread an waxed them..oooo harsh on the hair... i would say...i hope she has good luck with each month went by my hair was shrinking an loosing an shrinking...mide june was my 1st dread started, an in august i hadprobably had half of my hair, by october all my hair was dreaded, messy messy,, i never used any sort of things on them, just let em go anseparatethemevery couple days....i did wear my hair up for a while which i read is bad...I am very proud of my hair, as all should be no matter how they look everyones has different hair an types so it may take longer or shorter than other, don't give up it will do it's thing....your hair should, suit your unique way of life...if we all had the same hair how boring would that be......Well we had to leave the Eugene in our review mirrors to help his mom move..We took our uhaul an drove the 3,300 some odd miles we left Eugene , went thru California which took 2 went over an headed to route 66, thru, Arizona,New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma,Arkansas, Tennessee, Georgia, an down to Flordia, whew it was a 6 day drive but, it was a good trip...We moved from Floridia to North Carolina, like 2 months later, an it is awesome here..We had done all this within a year..Travling so much whew, an in august are heading to visti friends in New York, I have had a very unique dread journey. just letting em be theirselves an being matter what your doing in life don't let people tell you that dreads are dirty, an your dirty, don't let em bring you down cuz you wanna live your way of life, I just think people are jealous an know no better then to judge you by your hair, I have had a job with my hair, so have many professionals, its not the hair that makes people think bad it's the bad information they hear from people with shallow minds who don't know anything, the more i can put into peples heads that our hair is neat an not dirty the more i can open them up, maybe they will be not so quick to judge us all...Thank you for all those who believe in what you do an are not scared to shrug off what people think,,, Inform them....peace+love+music+dance=Happiness.. Feel free to leave whateve comment you want i take nothing bad, just as your thoughts....

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