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Day #2 of Dreading: Grease Head.

By Logan Probst, 2012-06-22

Good evening!I'm two days into my transformation!

My hair is starting to look 'dirty' and Iabsolutelylove it.

(I masque with 'nappy' hair.)



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vanity is a horrible thing

By Tiffany burney, 2012-06-22

ok so im gonna start this thing with a heya n hows it goin. im great thanx for asking..hehehe.. So im gonna admit i am an extremely vain person,i stress about my hair ..weight..pimples..everything.let me give u a lil back elementary school i was the girl with big teeth..ratty hair ..hand me down highschool i had finally grown into my teeth n face for that matter however something else grew as no not what u think,,my hips ..still very tiny up top (didnt get those til i had kids) i felt like i was the only girl who had the bottom half of a woman yet the top half of a child..i started wearin jncos(yea yall remember those) big shirts i became one of the guys to all my highschool friends ..i dated guys way above my age..then came the eating disorders. lets move ahead some years to the moment i met my husband...quiet soft spoken gentle modest..i had inch long orange hair ..loud n boisterious yet he saw something in me that even i at that time didnt we r married two kids livin the dream (i guess) when i told him i wanted dreads he looked me in the eyes and said 'ok when do u want to start' no drama at all(why i love him so much)..i thought i wanted to have them done by someone..i even thought i wanted them uniformed however im on my 5th day no brushing and i love my nappies ..i was scared that i would fuss about them and want them to be perfect but they are perfect the way they are..i initially wanted dreads because of how they religion or spiritual reasoning at i think no i know i want them to be of stereotypes n pressure to be a certain way..the other morning i was takin a shower for work n when i got out my husband was standing there ..he watched me get dressed..he noted that i didnt brush my hair and he kissed my neck and told me i was beautiful even with my tangled knots...Moral of this story....i know this journey is going to change me and probably change how i raise my girls..we r all beautiful in our own way...thanx guys for listening to me babble along like a brook

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Day #1 of Dreading: Let the journey begin.

By Logan Probst, 2012-06-22

As of today, June 21st, I have decided to allow my hair to naturally go through the locking process. I have always been interested (borderlineobsessed) in dreadlocks- though I never thought I would have the ability to have my own.

Within the past few months I have gone through quite a few changes- mainly regarding my 'career' path. I quit my job ofnearlythree years at a one of the largest banks (Corporate America, ZzzzZZZzzzZ) in the United States. That was the biggest relief I have felt in such a long time, I was not meant to be confined to an office. (I've got more important callings.)Since then, I have been enjoying my summer; spending time with friends & family; thinking; and learning to live more free. More free and more happily. I'm doing what I want with my life today, not tomorrow. Therefore, today is Day #1 of Dreading.

I am soooo excited!



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A Big Thank You

By Cameron Scott Bainger, 2012-06-21

I want to make this as short and sweet as I can so I don't go on and babble on about it lol. Ever since last year when I made the decision to grow out my hair and dread it, I've had constant verbal jabs and strikes in attempts of swaying me away from this journey, and now that I'm nine days in and my TnR sections aren't so poofy, I'm getting an extreme amount of hate and disdain from others, friends and family alike. I seriously can't think of more than maybe five people that fully support my journey.

But thanks to this amazing community, I'm keeping it up.

You guys are here to answer my questions when I have them. You guys are here to assure myself that what's happening isn't for the worst like how everyone else says. You guys deferred me from the wax method (I was literally a day away from ordering it before I stumbled upon this site), and you guys are gonna be the ones that pick me up when I look in the mirror and wonder when my dreads will finally mature, because this IS a test of patience and I'm fully willing to take it. So this is my way of saying thank you all for being a warm community for people like me who would probably be susceptible to the nay sayers had it not been for dreadlockssite. Thank you :)

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11 days with out a brush.

By Amanda12, 2012-06-21

forehead and neck are accumulating knots. The rest of my head might as well have been brushed yesterday :/ I dont mind. I have 2 "baby dreads" and one piece that has no knots but is on its own and staying sectioned. I think its because I used to french braid all the time and Im excited because if they dread in the form that I braid then I can continue to braid like I always have :D

A little more about me.

I have never Dyed my hair

I have no piercings (never have)

No tattoos

I havnt cut my hair in in 8 years

My daughters "Elathia" and "Cecilia" are cloth diapered :D

I am addicted to google and youtube... and maybe even facebook. Oh and Ravelry, and dreadlockssite :/ (okay the internet) AHH PINTREST! <3

I was born on July 4th ;) AND Im an American which makes my birthday cool.

I dont do much about how I look I feel strange about all of the crazy things that people do to look "good". I had never even considered dreads until like June 8th and I stopped brushing the 10th. I wonder, now, why I brushed my hair for so long. It doesnt fit in with who I am and what I believe. It makes so little since to me that I dont think I will ever brush my hair again. But we will see. :)

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Dreadlocks nightmare!

By Tied up in knots, 2012-06-20

One of my dreads fell completely off of my head and when I looked at it it was hollow but completely filled with slime and soap bubbles. I almost puked and started crying. Then I cut them all off because I suddenly noticed they were all disgusting and smelly.

I have never been so happy to wake up.

I don't know why but this dream was so much worse than when I used to dream about losing my hair or teeth in the past. I've had those nightmares my whole life and never really had too much of a problem but waking up today I just felt completely sick physically and emotionally until I felt my hair and realized it was just a dream. A really, really, bad dream.

I hope I never have that dream again. At least I know it will never be a reality. If I wasn't terrified of wax and products before...I certainly am now!

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my friend: jobs and dreads

By ashley walker, 2012-06-19

My friend Kyle wants dreads. He actually wanted them before i did but he never got them because of work and frankly i think he's to lazy to do them himself. Anyways, so he asked me to dread his hair in the near future with this other chick he knows who had dreads (he has a lot of hair). I'm just concerned and he's concerned as well, because it's already difficult for him to get a job with this long hair that if he get's dread locks it might be harder for him to get a job. And he needs a job especially when he's supporting himself, he also doesn't live in an area where there are many jobs available so it's sort of a lose/lose for him except he really wants them and he has perfect hair for it. He has great work ethic considering he's been working since he was 15, so it shouldn't matter that he has dreads right? I wish it didn't matter, and i feel like jobs should be more lenient now that there is an increase of people getting tattoos and all sorts of body modifications, what's "professional looking" even mean? I figure you just shouldn't smell stinky or have your private parts all out and about and that should be enough along with a good work ethic.

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Ever get into a conversation where neither of you knew what the other was talking about?

By Baba Fats, 2012-06-18

As dirty a place as the city is, I love it. There are all kinds of different people around you. People from all over the world.

My neighbor across the street, for example, is off the boat from China. He is the oddest character I've ever seen. he paints his concrete steps all different colours multiple times a year. He pees into a bucket outside and uses it to water his plants. (He grows the best vegetable garden I've even see, so he must know what he's doing). He'll paint sections of his house, but never the whole thing, so it always looks patchy.

And he doesn't speak a word of english. Well, not enough to put together half a sentence.

I was playing my ukulele outside today, and He come rolling up to his house, like normal, with a shopping cart and random stuff in it. Today it was an old TV. I've talked to him before, which usually consists of him speaking Chinese (not sure what dialect), and broken english. I think the only thing he knows how to say is "#1", "ok", and a few state names.

So he walked up to me and "asked" to play my uke. He proceeded to strum it and randomly sing his do-re-me's. This wasn't the first time we've done this. But something odd happened today...

We got talking about politics. Nothing in depth. But he started telling my all of the places he has been in the US, including LA, Jersey, New York, Virginia, and somewhere in the middle, I think Arkansas. He then started to talk to me about Mao Zedong. It really only consisted of him saying "bad man". But none the less, I managed to get into a conversation with someone about politics when neither of us knew what the other was saying. It was uncanny.

I helped him drag the TV into his house, and he gave me some unsweetened green tea. It was a bit rancid, but green tea without sugar is pretty bitter. And some strange dried fruits that were pretty good. I have no idea what they are or how to ask. They weren't sweet like most dry fruit, but good nonetheless.

Anyway... I was wondering if anyone else out there has ever just sat and talk to someone who doesn't speak your language for a while? It's worth doing. Never be discouraged or impatient with someone because they don't understand you, or you them. I'm sure this guy could instantly tell I had no idea what he was saying, but it didn't stop him from rambling on and on like we'd been friends for years.

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Even Futurama knows twisting dreads is bad!

By Tied up in knots, 2012-06-17
There is a character on the cartoon named Hermes who is a dreadlocked Rastafarian. During a moment of frustration with the robot he says"That Bender really twists my dreads!"I found it far too amusing. I'm pretty sure my husband thinks I'm nuts but I just had to share it. Just one more reason for me to love the show.
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By kris acosta, 2012-06-16

everyone and anyone can add me on FB...if you have a FB account, search me and we'll be freinds :)


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