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Browsing the site..

By Dee4, 2012-06-24

I found an old blog and remembered somtheing that happend to me about a month ago at my work place. Funny story I am in the nursing field and we get random drug tests. My boss approched me and said hey "I am not supposed to tell you this but, I really like you and your work ethic. We are having a random drug test this afternoon so I am going to send you home early so you won't have to take it and get one of those detox thingies" So I just smile at her and said "really I can go home early nice" so i show up the next day to work and she said "are you ready go down to the lab so you can take your UA (urine analysis)" I said "yes maam". Well i belive that dreads and weed go hand in hand but, not every dread head is a stoner or every stoner a dread head. Moral of the story is be a great person don't let people judge you by your apperance or judge anyone else,love life, respect it respect other,live it and enjoy it. You never know you might get to go home early one dayand enjoy some much needed rest :)

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I've been a bad vegetarian

By ashley walker, 2012-06-24
I hate living with meat eaters for the most part I hate eating salad when going out to eat, I like actual food ya know? It seems like they always pick the steakhouses or Mexican restaraunts. I don't expect to change anyone's plans in choice of eaterys but it's just a bummer and I'd rather cook at home. Anyways so I was eating a cheese pizza containing no animal enzymes so I thought it was fine. But I bite in and see a little pink thing and it was ham. I was so mad it feels weird to think that I actually ate an animal. Like I feel like I ate a human or something unnatural. Then I go to this basically all meat restaraunt and I got a Caesar salad no cheese. But I excepted them to put the dressing on the side and they didn't now I feel so icky because Caesar dressings usually contain anchovies and my stomach hurts and I just feel weird. I'd never make myself puke but it's just an awful thought to eat meat now since its been so long. Some awful taboo shits going to happen to me or something.
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Day #4 of Dreading: slowly but surely.

By Logan Probst, 2012-06-24

Good Morning All!

Ok, so I intended on a photo every evening throughout my transformation....however, I simply forgot to take one prior to my socializing last night. So, today you are getting a Day 4 Morning Shot as I prefer to snap the photo at the end of each day. Here goes!




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ntural free form questions

By Dominique Matteo, 2012-06-23

so i havent brushed my hair in maybe about two weeks. i was wondering when should the actual dreading start ive been washing with b.s and sea salt three times a week and it just feels as if im tarting over again as i wash.. n e advice or thoughts would be greatly apreciated :) thank you

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zen and the art of dread care

By ☮ soaring eagle ॐ, 2012-06-23

there are 2 main schools of thought when it comes to dread care

1 lets call the consumer option

the other, the zen art of dread care.

the consumer buys into products, pays hundreds of dollars for kits, or spends thousands going to salons for constant maintenance.

the zen artists grows herbs for herbal soaks, smudges his/her dreads to cleanse the energies surrounding them, maybe chants the aum vibration to unite their dreads with the universal consciousness, and add a few gemstone beads or crystals to heighten the spiritual power of their locks.

the zen of dread care does not require tons of money, ot does not require hours of rubbing and rolling or twisting. there is no need for a technical degree in lockology tangleology or dreadology. it only requires love, patience and understanding, a connection with nature thats deeper then the roots that penetrate dep into the earth ..the same roots which are reflected in the knotting twisting tangles that are growing organicly, magicly and ..naturally upon the head.. the crown chakra wide open like a fountain of pure white light, but protected by the crown of roots that absorb the flow of energy and come alive with their own personalities.

the consumer on the other hand exposes the scalp thinning the mane letting that flow of creativinty and spiriuality drain from the skull unhindered ..unchecked only a thick coating of wax remaining where the once proud mane no longer remains

the zen artist preffers simplicity serenity instead of a trip to the salon they take their knots to the ocean or to the mountains they personalize each dread and want to teach them about reality and the world around them, they want to show them the beauty of the universe they may climb a mountain just to hold their dreads up to the sun on the solstice

the zen artists may shake their dreads in the rain they may ad a flower to attract a butterfly and consider that styling

the consumer hides from the drizzle afraid the water will ruin thousands of hours of hard work and tens of thousands of expences

they may shave and shape and pull the roots so tight they nearky fall off they may not wash or even wet their dreads for over a year thinking tidy and dirty are one in the same thing the "care" is not caring for the dreads but caring what others might think of the dreads if they are not all even straight round and perfect without a single loose hair

the zen artists is above such trivial things a loose hair here and there doesnt bother them, they dont care what others may think, they are nit dreading to impress, but for happiness

they spend their time not worrying about perfection, but accepting imperfections that are the essence of true well as joy

they have touched the true essence and nature of dreadiness

they have grown into and with their dreads becoming one with them they arent a style they adopted they rent something they bought made put in or got their dreads are a integral part of the soul

celebrated with every breathe with every word thought action and deed.. they are the dread the dread is them

they dont have dreads..they are dreads

they never got dreads..they grew dreads

they are at 1 with the true self..

the experience of sitting on a mountaintop meditating as your dreads grow to the ground

compared to sitting in a salon with a strahnger =yanking on your hair till your in tears and agony

for the consumer dreads are a purchase something yiu ask "how much do dreads cost" before deciding to dread or not to dread

the zen dreader doesnt think of such things they simply alow themselves to have what they desire, to become who they are

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Day #2 of Dreading: Grease Head.

By Logan Probst, 2012-06-22

Good evening!I'm two days into my transformation!

My hair is starting to look 'dirty' and Iabsolutelylove it.

(I masque with 'nappy' hair.)



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vanity is a horrible thing

By Tiffany burney, 2012-06-22

ok so im gonna start this thing with a heya n hows it goin. im great thanx for asking..hehehe.. So im gonna admit i am an extremely vain person,i stress about my hair ..weight..pimples..everything.let me give u a lil back elementary school i was the girl with big teeth..ratty hair ..hand me down highschool i had finally grown into my teeth n face for that matter however something else grew as no not what u think,,my hips ..still very tiny up top (didnt get those til i had kids) i felt like i was the only girl who had the bottom half of a woman yet the top half of a child..i started wearin jncos(yea yall remember those) big shirts i became one of the guys to all my highschool friends ..i dated guys way above my age..then came the eating disorders. lets move ahead some years to the moment i met my husband...quiet soft spoken gentle modest..i had inch long orange hair ..loud n boisterious yet he saw something in me that even i at that time didnt we r married two kids livin the dream (i guess) when i told him i wanted dreads he looked me in the eyes and said 'ok when do u want to start' no drama at all(why i love him so much)..i thought i wanted to have them done by someone..i even thought i wanted them uniformed however im on my 5th day no brushing and i love my nappies ..i was scared that i would fuss about them and want them to be perfect but they are perfect the way they are..i initially wanted dreads because of how they religion or spiritual reasoning at i think no i know i want them to be of stereotypes n pressure to be a certain way..the other morning i was takin a shower for work n when i got out my husband was standing there ..he watched me get dressed..he noted that i didnt brush my hair and he kissed my neck and told me i was beautiful even with my tangled knots...Moral of this story....i know this journey is going to change me and probably change how i raise my girls..we r all beautiful in our own way...thanx guys for listening to me babble along like a brook

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Day #1 of Dreading: Let the journey begin.

By Logan Probst, 2012-06-22

As of today, June 21st, I have decided to allow my hair to naturally go through the locking process. I have always been interested (borderlineobsessed) in dreadlocks- though I never thought I would have the ability to have my own.

Within the past few months I have gone through quite a few changes- mainly regarding my 'career' path. I quit my job ofnearlythree years at a one of the largest banks (Corporate America, ZzzzZZZzzzZ) in the United States. That was the biggest relief I have felt in such a long time, I was not meant to be confined to an office. (I've got more important callings.)Since then, I have been enjoying my summer; spending time with friends & family; thinking; and learning to live more free. More free and more happily. I'm doing what I want with my life today, not tomorrow. Therefore, today is Day #1 of Dreading.

I am soooo excited!



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A Big Thank You

By Cameron Scott Bainger, 2012-06-21

I want to make this as short and sweet as I can so I don't go on and babble on about it lol. Ever since last year when I made the decision to grow out my hair and dread it, I've had constant verbal jabs and strikes in attempts of swaying me away from this journey, and now that I'm nine days in and my TnR sections aren't so poofy, I'm getting an extreme amount of hate and disdain from others, friends and family alike. I seriously can't think of more than maybe five people that fully support my journey.

But thanks to this amazing community, I'm keeping it up.

You guys are here to answer my questions when I have them. You guys are here to assure myself that what's happening isn't for the worst like how everyone else says. You guys deferred me from the wax method (I was literally a day away from ordering it before I stumbled upon this site), and you guys are gonna be the ones that pick me up when I look in the mirror and wonder when my dreads will finally mature, because this IS a test of patience and I'm fully willing to take it. So this is my way of saying thank you all for being a warm community for people like me who would probably be susceptible to the nay sayers had it not been for dreadlockssite. Thank you :)

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11 days with out a brush.

By Amanda12, 2012-06-21

forehead and neck are accumulating knots. The rest of my head might as well have been brushed yesterday :/ I dont mind. I have 2 "baby dreads" and one piece that has no knots but is on its own and staying sectioned. I think its because I used to french braid all the time and Im excited because if they dread in the form that I braid then I can continue to braid like I always have :D

A little more about me.

I have never Dyed my hair

I have no piercings (never have)

No tattoos

I havnt cut my hair in in 8 years

My daughters "Elathia" and "Cecilia" are cloth diapered :D

I am addicted to google and youtube... and maybe even facebook. Oh and Ravelry, and dreadlockssite :/ (okay the internet) AHH PINTREST! <3

I was born on July 4th ;) AND Im an American which makes my birthday cool.

I dont do much about how I look I feel strange about all of the crazy things that people do to look "good". I had never even considered dreads until like June 8th and I stopped brushing the 10th. I wonder, now, why I brushed my hair for so long. It doesnt fit in with who I am and what I believe. It makes so little since to me that I dont think I will ever brush my hair again. But we will see. :)

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