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By Tyler Clayborn, 2013-02-04
Is frizzy ness ok?
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Progress noticed today!... And then tears :(

By Sarahface, 2013-02-03
So today after my shower and a couple of hours zombie movies, I went to the bathroom and realized after checking out my baby dreads in the mirror that a big chunk of loose hair had a fantastic dread forming right in the middle. Yay!! I was so stoked, because that thing definitely wasn't there yesterday. And then I started touching it up at the root. Holy cow, that fatty was FAT. I mean, the section was nearly as big as my wrist. Now don't get me wrong, I wouldn't mind a fat dread here and there, but I really had to consider the time it would eventually take to get it dry, whether or not it would suck in any more loose hair (with the spot on my head it was in, im sure it would), etc. So after my husbad inspected it and agreed that it may grow too fat, I separated it. And cried. Because it was so beautiful and knotty! :,( the two sections now have beads. And I'm hoping they dread as lovely apart as they were together.
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Parent trouble again

By Tyler Clayborn, 2013-02-03
Well my parents think that since im gonna be working this summer that it*ll be hard to get a job cuz im black and i have baby locks. For back up evidence that people with dreads can have good jobs. For those of you who have jobs with locks Could you comment what profession your in and say if you got your locs before or after you got the job?
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Hello Everyone

By Zach6, 2013-02-03
I want to say hello and thank you to everyone for welcoming me to the group:)
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Crisis mode... need help!

By Australe, 2013-02-03

So I'm less than a month away from my one year anniversary of starting my dreads. I'm in a bit of a crisis right now. I want to cut my hair. I miss feeling a brush going through my hair, being able to run my hands through my hair. My dreads are locking up really well, almost a little too well. Some of them are going really crazy... actually MOST of them are going really crazy. More so than I really want them to. I wish I had made smaller sections so as they sucked up and got crazy loopy they wouldn't be as thick as they are. I'm seriously debating cutting all my hair off and starting to regrow my hair with the intention of starting again when its a little bit longer.
I started my hair with T&R, followed by neglect. I feel like they've become part of who I am. But now I'm also working out in the real world again, a small mom and pop's computer shop. I deal with a lot of older customers and often times wonder if they don't think less of me because of how I look. I know it shouldn't bother me but it somewhat does. I didn't realize how well my hair would take to dreadlocks, really didn't want them to get as crazy as they are.
I don't know what to do, this has been a daily thought now for about the last week. Part of me loves my hair, the other part hates it. I don't regret doing it and it seems like a shame to throw in the towel at almost a year. What to do.... what to do...

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By Tyler Clayborn, 2013-02-02
I dont have the ability to get shampoo from so are there any shampoos i could get from walmart
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First Blog a week into Neglect and my introduction to the site

By JahKrishna, 2013-02-02

Well my favorite color is this light teal... hopefully this isn't to challenging to read. My name is Cinnamon and yes I am being completely serious :). Today is the first of February so happy pre-valentines day to all of you! I'm very excited about growing my own natural dreads and seeing how my hair decides to mature. Just did my first BS/ACV wash and so far I can completely feel the change in the texture of my whole head. My scalp feels a nice balance and my hair feels strong yet very textured. I followed the 1/2 cup to 5 cup water for the baking soda and the 1 tablespoon to 1 quart of water mixtures. I'm going to be posting a photo of my hair once it dries more.

Now I do understand that you can only talk about your dreading adventure so much. Here's a little more info on my day to day. I'm a mixture of beliefs... mainly I have deep roots in Indian Buddhism and yoga (I mean yoga in a practice of seeking direct divine connection.) , and a bit of theRastafarian way of life. I am very motivated byParamahansaYogananda who is a yogi originating from India. He was also the writer of Autobiography of a Yogi.

At the moment I am fully confessing to being a couch potato :/. I'm surprisingly finding pregnancy to be not all the rainbows and "glowing" sunshine promised but every kick helps it feel very worth all the effort put into your little creation. Being 5 months along I finaly get my Anatomy scan ( very intrusive ultrasound) in three days; which will show my hubby and I what we;re having. I just am not that interested in waiting to find out. Also, I am a military wife for another six months until we very happily go back home to California. Thank you for taking the time to read a bit about me and I look forward to reading a bit about all of you in the future.

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By Tyler Clayborn, 2013-02-01
Do u think that if i were to wear a sweater cap when i go to slep, that it could hold my hair in place and help with locking while asleep?
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I Dont Know

By Tyler Clayborn, 2013-01-30
Eaelier today my dad expressed his negative comments with me and my hair (8 days old) . My mom also question my hair to. But thats not even the tip of the ice berg. My grandma call and expressed her negative comments basically insulting long dreads. I dont see why my family wants me to do my hair ' their' way and not just let me do my own thing. And the saddest fact about this is that virtually none of my family supports my decision. But all of my friends support do.
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Day 3 natural/ free form dreadlocks

By michell loera, 2013-01-30

Im on day 3 and I feel like my hair is coming along kinda fast :) I have sections already and knots below the nape area. I just ordered some Lockin up liquid dread shampoo and the lock magic gel, so cant wait to see how much that helps out. Today was the first time I washed it since starting and it made the sections stand out even more, which im super stoked about! I also ordered a wool tam, i'll have to get used to wearing something over my hair since normally i never wear beanies/tams. I'll be wearing it mostly for work. I'll try and keep updating my profile every week and post a pic at 1week ..

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