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How to maintain my mane a bit for school?

By Marissa Victoria, 2013-02-06

Hey there everyone!!

So, I knew going on the dreadlock journey meant experiencing some not-so-prettyhair days, especially with my hair being thin and light. Along with these messy hair days, I'm sure some funky looks are to be expected my way, knowing that some people just don't understand or agree with expression, or natural lifestyles. I'm also starting school next week, and as strong as i am staying through this beautiful process, I'm sure i'm bound to come accross those critical people, so aside from obviously ignoring it, how can I maintain my hair a bit so that it doesn't cause any attention? Some amazing helpful hairstyle recommendations or something would be super duper helpful on my journey. !!
Advice appreciated!

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Came across this site literally at the best time!!!!!!!!

By Bob Ngarly, 2013-02-06

I have been wanting to dread my hair since i was in middle school. Im 21 now. I started a set with my mom backcombed when i was a freshmen in highschool. I let my dad talk me into combing them out when I went to stay at his house. I made this set using twist and rip by myself I made sections with a mirror and rat tail comb. they range between 1-1.5 in sections.

I planned to use a crochet hook after i started them but after reading lots of posts on this site and seeing how much people love the natural route, I decided to let mine go the more natural route. My CROCHET hook and my LOOSE HAIR TOOL (DHHQ) are in my bathroom, still in their packaging. Im gonna throw them both away and go the natural route with you guys.

Thanks for all your posts it took a lot of research on my part to stumble across this website. I know i would have messed my dreads all up.

Will post pictures of my progres. there a week or so old.


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By Hope Wescott, 2013-02-06

my fiance's dreads are even worse than mine, they aren't even dreads. He's doing twist and rip and the dreads just fall out- some completely, by the next day. It's like he just has normal hair.Do we keep twisting and ripping or leave them alone?

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crinkled dreads?

By Brianna Elizabeth, 2013-02-06
okay, so my dreads are a little bit past my shoulders so I wear them up in a bun at night, it protects them fine (at least I think it might lol im not sure) but every morning when I take them out they look curly and crinkled and wild! my dreads are only about 4 weeks in and I started with backcombing before I really knew anything about dreading, im a bit confused how to like, avoid this situationany advice?
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bs/acv actually works!!!

By marisue, 2013-02-06

i finally tried it the baking soda /acv wash, and let me tell you i might not have mixed it right but man whatever I did it made my hair feel so good. Im always hesitant to do things that I have to mix cause Im always afraid that Ill screw it up but after reading so many different ways on how to mis it I was getting overloaded on info so I decided to mix and go for it. I filled a sink with a gallon of water, 1 cup of BS a tbl spoon of sea salt (only because I wanted to spray it but I didnt have a soray bottle) and (this is where I screwed up I put 7 to 10 drops of tea tree oil. I realize I should have put it in the acv afterward. So I put my head in the sink and massaged my scalp and scrubbed and took a cup and poured the h20 all over the back of my head to get it all wet (not an easy job getting my whole head on the sink). So I let put a shower cap on my head and let it soak for about 20 minutes then rinsed it in the shower with I believe 2 to 4 cups of h20 and a half cup of acv with a few drops of myrrh oil.

let me tell you I wish I could do it everyday but its alot to do everyday, so in all reality how many time a week can you wash your hair with that mix I know I will do it for sure at least once a week. its been a month since monday and its getting there have a pretty good baby working in the back but everything else is just seperated. I put my hair up everyday at work in a bun and then take it out asap after work so hopefully thats not hindering it in anyway.

oh yeah if anyone can help me post pics let me know Im having trouble posting them. sorry such a long blog I ramble especially when I get so excited about something.

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A brief photo journey of 2 weeks of our vacation: FL to CA.

By DreadfulAmenita, 2013-02-04

My husband and I finally got to leave Florida 2 weeks ago, and we've been on the road ever since. We've been from coast to coast. We pretty much booked it from FL to the West, and saw the Hoover Dam. (Pictured above.)

This is the brief version, of course, but we went to Las Vegas for a night. The next day we saw Yosemite.

Then we stopped by Monterrey and drove down the Pacific Coast Highway:

I got to hug some trees... my first time in California, and my first time to see redwoods!

We stayed near Las Angeles for 2 nights. Saw Venice Beach, Santa Monica pier, Beverly Hills, etc in a day. But for some reason, we weren't really feeling the area, so we decided to drive back towards New Mexico. We both really love the Santa Fe area. We saw the Meteor Crater in Arizona:

We stayed a few nights in Albuquerque and then went straight to Denver. We've been in Denver for 4 nights, spending a lot of time in the hotel since we both got a 24 hour stomach flu. Tomorrow we're going down to Santa Fe/Taos until the weekend when we'll make our way to Texas and Alabama to visit family. (And pick up Woobie who's been staying with my family in AL.) We'll be checking out land for sale in northern NM as we travel for a living and have no home of our own. We'd like to build a house ourselves, but we haven't decided what area of the country we love the most. A big part of this vacation has been scouting a place we both love enough to start looking for land. I'd love to hear from anyone who lives in the Santa Fe region.

At Casa Bonita... if anyone has been to this restaurant in Denver or has seen the Southpark episode, you'll understand my excitement. :)

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Parent trouble again

By Tyler Clayborn, 2013-02-04
My dad made the appointment for ke at the salon for friday D:. And didjt even consult
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By Tyler Clayborn, 2013-02-04
Is frizzy ness ok?
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Progress noticed today!... And then tears :(

By Sarahface, 2013-02-03
So today after my shower and a couple of hours zombie movies, I went to the bathroom and realized after checking out my baby dreads in the mirror that a big chunk of loose hair had a fantastic dread forming right in the middle. Yay!! I was so stoked, because that thing definitely wasn't there yesterday. And then I started touching it up at the root. Holy cow, that fatty was FAT. I mean, the section was nearly as big as my wrist. Now don't get me wrong, I wouldn't mind a fat dread here and there, but I really had to consider the time it would eventually take to get it dry, whether or not it would suck in any more loose hair (with the spot on my head it was in, im sure it would), etc. So after my husbad inspected it and agreed that it may grow too fat, I separated it. And cried. Because it was so beautiful and knotty! :,( the two sections now have beads. And I'm hoping they dread as lovely apart as they were together.
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Parent trouble again

By Tyler Clayborn, 2013-02-03
Well my parents think that since im gonna be working this summer that it*ll be hard to get a job cuz im black and i have baby locks. For back up evidence that people with dreads can have good jobs. For those of you who have jobs with locks Could you comment what profession your in and say if you got your locs before or after you got the job?
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