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Progress Report #1; Day 3ish

By CzCacher, 2013-02-11
Well, since starting three dreads on the bottom layer of my hair on Saturday I haven't really done much to my hair. I generally only wash it once or twice a week (more than that and it gets really weird) so it's not unusual that it's Monday and the last wash was Saturday.So far things look good. I don't know how I feel about the ends of the dreads, I feel like maybe they should go further down the length of my hair than they do but no matter how much I try to redo the end they kind of naturally unloc at the bottoms.I am going to most likely add some more next week. I have been looking at different ways people do partials and will have the appropriate time to put into it. I'll probably post pics every Saturday since that's when I started.As far as products I will mostly have to give up my go to dry shampoo since I can't see that working with dreads. I've done some research and besides the baking powder/acv rinse I plan on using some essential oils for scalp care. I have read that using Lush's solid shampoo in "soak in float" is a great way to help with any itchiness that arises from having dreads.Anyone else just have partial dreads? What about people who suffer from itchy/dry scalp even when dread free? Anyone use solid shampoo?
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The beginning of my dreadlock journey

By Annina, 2013-02-10

I've started my natural dreadlock journey after all, though I had many doubts about it. Today is the 5th day of not brushing or combing my hair. So nearly a week, which isn't much though but it's an accomplishment for me. I have a couple parts of my hair that has formed tangles and even small loops but the rest of my hair is just staight. It's weird when the ends of some parts of my hair are tangled but rest of the hair is untangled. My hair gets tangled pretty easily, it has been a nightmare to brush my hair for my entire life. But I guess it's useful to have hair that tangles easily when growing natural dreads. It feels so liberating when I don't have to brush my hair anymore. I haven't had a single thought about brushing my hair and I hope that I never will.

I've now washed my hair every other day (like I always have) with an organic shampoo bar (from a Finnish brand). I think I'll start washing it less frequently, like 2-3 times a week. I've thought also about switching my shampoo into baking soda and apple cider vinegar rinses.

It's been such a short time so I'm not making an official timeline yet, though I take photos of my hair nearly everyday. :D But it's just for myself, I just love recording every minor thing that happens in my hair. Here are some bad quality photos of the very beginning of my dreadlock journey:

This was taken on the 3rd day of not brushing my hair. I don't have bald spots though it might seem like it. :D The photo was taken with flash and my hair is pretty thin.

The second photo was taken yesterday when it was the 4th day of not brushing my hair. Not much to see, you can see the length of my hair though,

Here's a loop, though it disappeared after I washed my hair so I don't think it really counts. :D

So yeah, I think this is a good start, now I'll just keep waiting for more progress. I'm feeling so happy that I decided to start the natural journey and I hope I'll get some awesome dreads in the future. :)

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By Shaun2, 2013-02-10

For me, dreadlocks were less a matter of chasing a hairstyle I'd always wanted to a desire for having my long hair again. I grew up with long hair--my mother didn't let me cut it so I experienced some pretty awful hair days for a while and defintely very awkward hair moments. I do, however, think there's something appealing about long hair. It looks good to me but because I'm mixed, long hair was always an issue. My mother was fond of vaseline as a hair product.

When I got older I began straightening it, both physically and chemically, and I liked that a lot. Growing up in suburbia, the general idea of attractive was that norm and my hair was more "party store afro" when I let it be. Although I liked the look of it aesthetically, it was a time-consuming and expensive process. Beyond that, I always had dandruff and scalp burns. My hair was just not happy.

Recently, I've been trying to go natural. I needed to come to peace with my heritage, even though a large part of it came from a mother I was never comfortable with. I grew out an afro and (to my suprise) it looked good. Not only that, the dandruff I'd had for years left with some less stringent washing routines and became softer than it had been in years. I started growing out my afro because I missed long hair but realised that there's only a finite amount one can go with that hairstyle.

Dreads became my solution. They were a long hairstyle that could grow indefinitely. I also began looking through Hindu philosophies and though Shiva, found added beauty to locks. To connect my hair with the image of the Ganges spilling over half-opened eyes was a joyful one, and my desire became concrete.

My journey began about a week ago on 1/26/13, here's hoping it continues for many years to come.

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How to start

By James11, 2013-02-09

What up!

I'm new and I want to start locking my hair, i want to make it the right way so i choosed the free form method, So I want you to tell me how I start, what i must do and what i must not do.


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And So It Begins

By CzCacher, 2013-02-09
After thinking about it forever (I over think everything) I've decided to start my dread journey. I have medium-length hair that is pretty boring. It's not straight but I have a tendency to style the shit out of it to make it appear straight. It's not curly but I sometimes use curl creme or salt water spray and let it air dry to get my naturally wavy/puffy/frizzy locks to do something other than sit in a big puff around my head.I love the look of partial dreads and will be sectioning out the underneath layer of my hair today once it has dried.My personal preference is for varied dread sizes so I'm not too worried about a uniform sectioning. I'm going to braid the individual sections to get a sense of their relative size and then I'll start TnRing away. I love the look of dreads underneath that can be used to tie back the unlocked hair or can peek to with beads, coils or just on their own.
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Sectioning help

By Alexander Andrew, 2013-02-09

I found this videos to help eith a few different ways of sectioning my hair, It really helped and has a few different ways to do it =D so simple and informative

Muchh love,


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By Tyler Clayborn, 2013-02-08
Mom used my salt water thinking it was something else...
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Thoughts on grey hair

By Patience, 2013-02-08

I've been very lucky to get into my 40s before the odd grey hair started creeping up on me. Those funny wiry ones that stick out and the ones that are mostly brown but have recently made a few inches of grey growth. I still don't notice them an awful lot but the plan has always been to find a product that would colour just the grey ones a nice golden tone while leaving my natural dark brown as it is. I don't know if they make such a product but that was the plan.

Except I say I don't notice them but actually I mean I didn't notice them because when I photographed my newly happy hair from the side the other day I could see much more grey coming through close to the roots than I ever did just peering into the mirror. No matter how fast I cropped those bits off the photos I now know they're there and that means I'm reaching that dyeing time.

Yet oddly I'm having second thoughts. On one hand I'm seriously not ready to start looking old because I still feel like I did in my 20s. Plus grey hair isn't always a pretty shade of silver and what if it turns out I don't suit the colour it turns into lol

On the other... well on the other I can't really think of a concrete reason not to dye except that it just feels right, now, to let my hair progress naturally in this way just as it is doing in other ways now that I've started this journey.

Thinking more on the subject I'm starting to quite like the idea of my locks becoming a time line over the years with brown at the ends (some of which would probably have originally grown when I was still in my 30s) slowly fading up to grey at the roots at whatever point in the future that may happen.

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Wow, time changes everything!

By Greg2, 2013-02-07

This was at 4 weeks....

...And this is today 16 weeks. 100 times better already.

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bs/acv actually works!!!

By marisue, 2013-02-07

hey thanks for the attempt on the first long reply< anyway I read what I had posted and I think I might have written it wrong but no I didnt put the acv in my hair along with the the bs, after I soaked and scrubbed my head in the sink I left it sit in my hair for about 10 t0 20 minutes and then I went to the shower and rinsed all the bs out and thenI took the acv and water I had mixed earlier and poured it over my head and rinsed real well.

again thanks for your reply and I will try to post pics real soon Im getting a new computer so hopefully it will be essier to send pics with that. I have to say I havent had clumps of hair in my hands since Ive started this journey and everyday I look at my hair and see what new things are going on with my hair its funny to see my hair changing everyday.

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