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dreadlocks shampoo


afro hair starting natural dreads

By scott corleone, 2014-09-21
i have had dead short afro hair and since i was growing my fro for winter i thought id dread. its something i wanted to do for years but never knew how to really. and thought the natural method wouldnt work due to work but i. doing it.washing hair ACV method and baking powder but my issue is as my hair is short and i havent combed for two months im starting to see bumps but wondering should i of waited till it was longer so i have more control of the sizes. and as i drive alot the back of my hair is flatter the the rest but wil this hindermy dreads??
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By Melissa3, 2014-09-21

I have mold( i am 80% sure) i am grossed out by this i did start with wax i thought i removed it all but i guess not. please help so i do not have to brush them out. my journey started 2 1/2 years ago. i have the wax remover from this site(the one soaring ) suggested. i am pretty sure i have mold, it does not smell but i dont want my hair to be ruined when/ if i want to brush my dreads in the future.


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not real dreads!

By Panga, 2014-09-16
Seems that this time round going neglect that most people are skeptical that it will work and aren't near as supportive or encouraging to me. It doesn't bother me as I'm not doing this for anyone else, but something I noticed. Just last night, my cousin who supported me through my last twist and rip dreads, basically told me my dreads weren't real last time if I was able to comb them out. That I have to be serious about the knots and really damage my hair inow order to get dreads. Now, he had backcombed dreads for 11 years and never once told me my tnr dreads were not real dreads until yesterday. I told him that any hair could dread and just because I could take them apart (it took me a month of carefully pulling strand by strand out of loops and knots) didn't mean they weren't real. Not sure where to take this conversation with him now, as he thinks he is an expert in all things dread related.
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Conditioning and smellin good!

By Sarah18, 2014-09-16

I sprayed some of the Dreadlock Shampoo salt spray on my hair tonight and immediately it felt crispy and dry, worse than it has throughout this process so far.

I broke down. I probably should have used ACV to condition it, but after gazing longingly at my Nutris Garnier citrusy smelling conditioner I became too weak.

I slathered it in my hair, inhaling the yumminess squishing through my fingers. It FELT good and it SMELLED good.

I left it on my hair for about 30 minutes and then rinsed with really hot water for about 5 minutes and then really cold water for about 5 minutes. I was curious what my hair would be like when I was done...would all my knots be gone? Would all my separations be gone?

Worries begone!! My separations are still there and my knots are probably a bit looser than they were before but those will tighten up again.

And more hair smells good! I missed that more than anything. I don't know that any dread friendly products can leave such a fragrance on my hair.

I'm weak, but I'm happy.

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Don't Laugh...

By Sarah18, 2014-09-12

I made a video of my dreads. Tomorrow is one month.

Yeah yeah...I sound nasaly because I'm sick and I'm all pudgy because, well, because I'm fat. lmao Please be kind. It's the first video I've ever made.

This iframe is not allowed

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By Psybin, 2014-09-11

I started letting my dreads grow a little over a month ago. Here are some photos so far!

Two weeks
Three weeks

One month

This is the same dread as the one in the photo above with my first loop at three weeks.

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Being sick SUCKS!

By Sarah18, 2014-09-10

Sneezing, snotty, coughing, headache, body aches. Yech. My daughter is home sick after only three days into the school year. Neither of us is happy about it but I don't want to be infecting everyone else.

Dreadlocks though...yes...a few days ago I was feeling all down about it. I've actually been wondering if synthetics braided in would be a better idea, but I know I wouldn't feel the pride of knowing they were mine and had my history inside them. Plus, what a pain in the butt-to braid them in and take them out and braid them in again. Screw that.

My hair is doing really well. I thought the Dreadlocks Shampoo was too conditioning at first because my hair is all loose and soft after washing but it still tightens up nicely the next day. I still don't love the smell of it but I'm also using the tightening salt spray and that smells really nice.

Is it possible to use that spray too much? It's got essential oils in it, can it still be too drying to use daily?

On Friday I'll be one month into free forming! Woot woot! And today, for the first time, I was able to take two small dreadlings and tie the rest of my hair back! Craziness! I'm going to have my daughter take a video of me tomorrow showing my progress tomorrow. You just can't see it in pictures.

Oooh...and a new picture of my guinea pig. I love her so much!

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Not Feeling it Today

By Sarah18, 2014-09-05

Anyone have a little dready motivation they can pass my way?

It may be because I've got the flu and feel super shitty, but for some reason I started stressing about my hair today. Are my dreads going to be too small? What if I don't like them that small? How can I fix it later? Blah blah blah.

My hair has sectioned itself but sometimes those sections merge and I'm losing where to separate them. I take the path of least resistance and often end up with pretty small sections and worry they'll be super tiny. I know, it will do what it wants and it will end up fantastic anyway, but I can't help look at pictures and think "awww, I want my dreads to look like THAT!"

So tonight I'll dig through all the beautiful pictures of everyone on this site and tell myself that they will end up gorgeous and exactly what they were meant to be.

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TnR Timeline for Partial Dreads

By Keilaina, 2014-09-05

A little history...

On August 21st, 2013, I started my partial dreads using the TnR method mainly because I wasn't doing my entire head. I wanted a clear line of separation so I could use different shampoo and conditioner on my free flowing hair while protecting my dreads and finishing with a residue free shampoo for just the dreads. This also made it easier to keep the rest of my hair from joining the party. :)
I did all of the actually twisting and ripping myself but I had the help of my husband and a friend with the sectioning. I started with 3 rows in the back totaling 32 tiny dreads. They were extremely thin because I kept hearing about how much they would thicken up over time. One year later and they've thickened up a bit but not too much.After combining several baby dreads and adding two more rows, I now have 5 rows totaling 40 dreads. I'm considering one more row of 8 but I'm going to sit tight for a while and see how things progress....

8/21/13 - Three rows, 32 total

8/22/13 - Hair down and dreads pulled over my shoulders

8/26/13 - 5 days, after first wash

9/6/13 - 2 weeks, first loops

9/23/13 - 5 weeks, more loops

9/24/13 - 5 weeks

*Sometime between two and three months I added a fourth row and combined several super tiny ones for a total of 36 dreads.

12/8/13 - 3 months, a friend's snapchat

12/11/13 - 3&1/2 months, ponytail using my dreads as a hair tie

12/11/13 - 3&1/2 months, getting thicker

12/11/13 - 3&1/2 months, more loopies

1/28/14 - 5 months, hair up in a bun with dreads down

5/26/14 - 9 months, I added one more row and combined a couple more, 40 dreads total. I also cleaned them up a bit. I had so many loose hairs that were wreaking havoc on everyone and trying to combine themselves at the roots. Hopefully I won't have to do that again for a long time.

7/28/14 - 11 months, dreads wrapped around a bun

8/21/14 - One year! As of right now I have 5 rows and 40 total dreads.

As you can see I still have quite a lot of free flowing hair. I'm considering doing one more row of 8 for a total of 48. I want to get my hair cut first though (not the dreads). I haven't had the rest of my hair of my hair cut in over a year so I'm way overdue. I want to keep it fairly long but do something that will accentuate the dreads. Not sure what that would be... Any suggestions?

Don't mind the maternity jeans... I'm eight months pregnant. :)

Thanks for checking out my timeline! I'll be sure to update after my haircut.

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By Casey3, 2014-09-03

for a month and a half i've treated my daughter 4 xs for lice with RID, vinegar, alcohol... lathered with conditioner. comb comb comb comb. treated her again today after finding 1 adult and a couple eggs again today. I' found a knit in my roots up front when i treated her the first time and vinegar/grocery bagged my hair. couple days later did the same thing. after she came back with them again I just soaked my roots all i could with RID too. then 5 days later vinegar/grocery bag again. All this time also using a mix of essential oils that are supposed to keep them away on both our heads. right now i've a mix of vinegar/rubbing alcohol on my hair for 30 minutes and it's burning so bad after 5 i'm questioning my sanity. I've all our couch pillows/most blankets/stuffed animals in bags in garage until this all disappears. vaccuuming. changing pillow cases every day and bottom sheets. we both may end up bald after this. I CANT TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!! Tonight I will bag my hair up and put a hair dryer to it until it makes me scream for mercy. I want to keep my dreads. I don't want to cut, it takes too long to comb out I cannot do it by myself and have no one to help. If anyone is reading this please send waves/prayers of death to the lice. Thank you.

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